Diamond Mounting Cost

Diamond Mounting Cost

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First Published on September 11, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Mounting a diamond means picking from a number of settings that can hold the gem in location and a band that, in turn, holds the setting.

While the diamond is the most fundamental part of an engagement ring, there is excellent significance in picking the ideal setting in addition to who carries out the installing job because it can have an effect on your whole spending plan for both the diamond and the setting.

Just how much will diamond mounting cost you?

Depending upon the kind of setting, it shouldn’t normally cost more than $300, with a minimum expense of $50 for the complete task. Bear in mind that this is only for the setting of the diamond and will not include the cost of the diamond itself.

For instance, one online diamond handler provides gem setting services that start at $50.

According to an eBay guide, the expense of mounting a diamond inside a prong setting with the help of a retail jewelry professional can vary anywhere from $5 to $10 per stone.

Online forum members on a very well known forum discussed this, and one member, specifically, had noted that they were charged $300 to have their 5.5 mm stone mounted. This cost, according to them, was the biggest out of the quotes they got. On another online forum thread, one member stated the expenses would depend upon the shape and the size of the stone, however, for a 0.3 carat-sized stone, the expenses would stay in the $120 range.

Elements that impact the final cost

  1. Labor and craftsmanship. Labor rates will considerably depend upon the specialist you go with and where you live.
  2. The type of setting. There are a lot of different types of diamond settings. The more complex the making will be, the greater the expense. An unnoticeable diamond setting, for example, is pricey since it needs a very special preparation procedure and you will be required to use only bigger and heavier stones. At the same time, it is a lot of work – and a time-consuming process that needs the skills of an extremely competent and knowledgeable stone setter.
  3. The size of the mounting. The size of the installing might not always fit the dimensions of the diamond, particularly if the stone was purchased from a different shop. If the setting is not the same size as the diamond, the jewelry expert will need to remodel the metal, which implies additional labor and, for that reason, a higher price. If you mount a diamond on an empty mounting that is already made in the ideal shape and size typically costs much less.
  4. The design. Bands with complex designs need a lot more metal and time to finish and, at the same time, will cost considerably more.
  5. The type of metal. Some kinds of metal settings, like platinum, can amount to 30% to the rate of the band.
  6. Any additional stones. Adding side diamonds, which are utilized to highlight the center stone, can double the expense of the setting.
  7. Liability. Some jewelry experts charge more due to the liability included when dealing with any decent diamond.
  8. The season or part of the year. Throughout the holidays, the expense of mounting a diamond is normally bigger, with some jewelry experts giving a price quote of as much as $30 a stone.

Diamond mounting details

Prior to having your diamond installed in a specific setting, you might have to choose a setting, and as already noted, there are different kinds of settings you can pick from, with the 2 most popular ones being a prong and a bezel. The mounting procedure is relatively easy. The jewelry expert cuts prongs and files them before the stone is installed on the jewelry.

Here is the cost of jewelry pieces like engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding tiaras.

You can always bring a loose diamond to a jewelry handler and pick a mounting that fits your stone and is right for you. The jewelry handler generally will then determine the size of the diamond, its general characteristics and as a next step, will use their abilities to make a quality mount to showcase the diamond, ensuring that the jewelry fits the size of the stone and that everything is as it should be.

During this process, the jewelry expert will re-set the diamond, prepare, polish, and clean the ring.

What are the additional expenses?

You might have to spend on a diamond appraisal, which could be useful for the insurance coverage, and in case you lose the stone or it is taken while in the care of the jewelry expert, you can get the money back.

Some jewelry experts might charge you for the basic materials required to finish the mounting job.

Tips to remember

Diamond Ready to be MountedWhen a diamond is cracked while being set, your insurance coverage will not likely cover it. It is the duty of the jewelry expert to guarantee that your diamond is safe and in great condition while it is being mounted. To be sure, you need to clarify the liability problem with the jewelry expert before the diamond is installed.

Ask the jewelry expert to offer you a written record revealing the forecasted expense and the date when the job of installing the diamond into your the setting of your choice, is done.

Have the diamond’s distinct ID number or its special fingerprint of symmetry and inclusions written somewhere. This is to make certain your diamond is not changed with a different one during the mounting procedure.

The majority of jewelry experts choose to mount a diamond purchased from their shop due to liability concerns. Having the exact same jewelry expert provide everything that might be useful for the client considering that it keeps the chain of responsibility extremely transparent.

There are some reliable jewelry experts who will install a diamond for no charge if both the setting and the stone were purchased from them.

You should always ask a possible jewelry handler what adjustments and modifications have to be done to be made for the stone as these will typically have an impact on the overall expense.

Some jewelry experts might include the shipping charge, if one is needed, in the rate of the diamond.

Get a copy of the certification for any diamond you want to buy.

Things to ask an expert jewelry hander:

  • What setting services do you provide?
  • Do you have a minimum order requirement?
  • What is your shipment timespan?
  • When did you start working in the diamond installing business?
  • Do you have alternatives in case I do not like the setting or mounting?
  • What is your warranty on the installing work?

How can I save some money?

Do a lot of research. Compare costs from different jewelry experts, both online and local jewelry experts.

Make a list of jewelry experts that use the least expensive cost warranty. They generally match the rate of the product with the lower cost.

If you purchased the ring from that specific jewelry expert in the past, some might do the mounting free of charge or at a lower rate.

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