Diamond Earrings Cost
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Diamond Earrings Cost

If we were to balance the beauty of diamond earrings vs. their price: what would be the best combination? Better quality diamonds are brighter and more beautiful, but certainly more expensive.

For those who can afford it, we recommend an excellent G-H color diamond with clarity without internal inclusions visible to the naked eye. This is a diamond at moderate prices, but earrings of this quality produce the same bright reflections of light as those whose prices start at a few thousand dollars and go up.

The finest diamonds are colorless, rare, and expensive. On the GIA classification scale, D-F is considered colorless, G-I almost colorless, and any class J or lower has an increasingly yellowish hue. Beyond the preference for colorless crystals, the color of a diamond does not affect its brightness or brilliance.

Most experts agree that when mounted, “G-H” diamonds appear colorless and represent a much better value than “D-F” stones that can be purchased at significantly higher prices.

How Much Do Diamond Earrings Cost?

If you are thinking of buying a pair of diamond earrings then be prepared to spend around $8,200 for a large single diamond stud earring set of 2 carats, which is one carat per earring. But you can get the same quality from a set of diamond earrings of 1.5 carats (0.75 carats per earring) for almost $4,000.

As you can see the price of diamond earrings is greatly influenced by the number of carats a single diamond has, more carats meaning more money. This is because of the rarity of the large single diamonds. It is easier to find a cluster of small diamonds that look like only one large diamond.

The cost of the diamond earrings by style

Even though the classic stud earrings will always be in style and are perfect for every woman’s jewelry collection, you may be interested in some other styles.

You may also want to have diamond drop earrings set, colored diamond earrings, diamond hoop earrings, or diamond fashion earrings.

The most eye-catching and unique are the diamond hoops earrings. These are an interesting combination of the very popular street look of hoops and ultra-luxurious diamonds.

Get informed on how to wear a pair of diamond earrings before buying it

Although they have been present on the red carpet for more than 60 years, diamonds continue to create controversy every time a star wears them. Either the earrings are too big, the tennis bracelet diamonds are too small, or they are not expensive enough for the diva’s financial level. The critics always have something to add.

Whether worn on the red carpet, at a wedding, or a romantic dinner with your boyfriend, the jewelry should complement the chosen outfit nicely. A pair of diamond earrings will always attract attention, so you need to wear them correctly.

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The combination of two elements containing diamonds will always look good. To highlight them, opt for a simple outfit without too many accessories.

When wearing diamonds, be careful with the other jewelry you include in your outfit. Avoid other stones that may seem inappropriate. Make sure the rest of the accessories are of good quality. Never combine a pair of diamond earrings with a plastic or patterned bracelet. The latter can make the diamonds look… fake.

Choose a simple, non-loaded make-up if you want all the eyes to be focused on the gemstones you wear. As for the hairstyle, opt for one that leaves both your face and neck free.

The short history of diamonds

Diamond Earrings SetThe history of jewelry, in general, is fascinating and surprising. But when it comes to diamonds, historians tell us that the approximate date of the first historical record of diamonds appears in India, in 800 BC, under the name “vajra”, which in ancient Sanskrit means “thunder”. Many years later, in the 1450s, there was talk of cutting diamonds and grinding them. It is this cutting process that triggers the light and the special shine of the stone.

What the history of diamond jewelry also tells us is that the first diamond engagement ring ever presented was given to Duchess Maria of Burgundy by Emperor Maximilian I. The Renaissance period (1500-1800) brings with it a flourishing of jewelry in all Europe. During this period, there is a significant increase in the popularity of diamonds, with new cuts such as the rose, the appearance of the first European laboratory for smelting ores, and the first mention of the Beau Sancy diamond.

A diamond is forever!” was the brilliant slogan of an American advertising company that devised an action plan to sell diamonds in America. It has proven to be one of the most inspiring slogans in marketing history of all time. In just a few years, sales of engagement rings increased so much that by 1968, more than 80 percent of American women who were engaged and were about to get married wore a diamond ring.


Go to your favorite jewelry store and choose the diamond earrings you can afford and like, and your partner will be happy. In the case of diamonds, most of the time, the bigger they are, the better. The imperfections, both in the case of jewelry and in the case of the people we love, do not detract from their beauty. On the contrary, it gives them even more personality and mystery. The most important quality of a diamond is the cut as this will animate the jewelry, sending in the eye of the beholder bundles of color, fire, and brilliance.

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