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Last Updated on January 6, 2024
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The new harmoniously merges with the old. The friendliness of the people can be read on their serene faces. The cherry blossoms create a spectacle that pleases your eyes and reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive. Mount Fuji silently beckons you to accept the challenge of exploring it. The speed and punctuality of the trains make you wonder whether everything is real or you are experiencing virtual reality. Ramen and sushi take you out of your culinary comfort zone and expand your senses. Buddhist temples are gateways to another world, much different from the one you live in.

In short, magic is in Japan and you experience it everywhere, through every pore. Vacation in Tokyo, Japan is what you need today, tomorrow, whenever you want to get out of the everyday.

How much does it cost to travel to Tokyo?

If you are planning a vacation to Tokyo, you should budget around $150 (¥ 21,555) per day, a number we base on the expenses made by other travelers. For meals, you will have to spend around $35 (¥5,030) per day, while local transportation costs almost $25 (¥3,595) per day. Also, if you are going to Tokyo with your partner expect to pay around $140 (¥20,118) per night for a hotel. So, you should plan on spending around $2,000 (¥287,390) for one week’s vacation to Tokyo for two persons. In case you want to stay longer, you should budget around $3,900 (¥560,410) for two weeks in Tokyo with your partner.

In case you are going alone, you will spend around $1,000 (¥143,695) for one week’s vacation to Tokyo. On the other hand, if you travel slower during a longer period of time, your daily expenses will be lower. Usually, a couple who travels for one month in Tokyo will spend less than a couple who stays only one week in Tokyo.

In general, the prices per person will go down if you are traveling as a family of three or four persons because the hotel rooms can be shared and the tickets for children are cheaper.

In order to get a better idea about how much you should budget for a vacation to Tokyo, we broke down the costs by category in the following lines.

Accommodation Costs in Tokyo

One person will have to spend around $75 (¥10,777) for staying one night at a hotel in Tokyo. If you are going with another person, you should know that the average cost of a typical double-occupancy hotel room would be around $140 (¥20,118) per night. However, the accommodation costs are variable and depend on the level of luxury, location, season, and date.

Transportation Costs in Tokyo

Obviously, the cost of a taxi ride in Tokyo will be more expensive than public transportation. Expect to spend around $20 (¥2,875) per day for one person on local transportation in Tokyo. For example, the cost of a metro ticket from the airport to the city center is around $15 (¥2,155).

Flights Cost to Tokyo

The cost of a flight to Tokyo depends on the place you are leaving from and the dates. For example, for a round-trip ticket from New York to Tokyo, you will have to pay around $1,100 (¥158,065).

Rental Car Costs

The car rental costs in Tokyo will depend on factors such as your age, dates, location, and the type of car. For example, for a Honda Fit, you will have to pay around $260 (¥37,360) per day.

Food Costs in Tokyo

The meal costs are very variable in Tokyo, but you should expect to spend around $35 (¥5,030) per day on food. If you want to dine out, be prepared to pay around $15 (¥2,156) per person for an average meal. In general, breakfast costs are lower than lunch and dinner. Also, the cost of the food in sit-down restaurants is higher than the street food or fast-food costs in Tokyo.

Water Costs

The price of bottled water in Tokyo is around $7 (¥1,005) per day per person. However, it is considered safe to drink public water from Tokyo, which is free of charge.

Alcohol Costs

The alcohol costs in Tokyo would be around $30 (¥4,310) per day per person. There are various alcoholic drinks you can choose from, but for a traditional sake, you will have to pay around $5 (¥720).

Entertainment Costs

Be prepared to spend around $65 (¥9,340) per day per person for entertainment and activities in Tokyo. This cost would include various sightseeing prices, tickets to attractions and museums, and day tours.

Tips and Handouts

Expect to spend around $5 (¥720) per day for tips and handouts in Tokyo. As for the amount of a tip in Tokyo, this is zero.

Mishaps, Robberies, and Scams

Vacations are not always only about good times and beautiful places. Sometimes, bad things like robberies, scams, or mishaps can happen. In case you have to deal with such a thing you will lose around $3 (¥430) per day.

When is the best time to visit Tokyo?

Autumn, from the end of September to November, and spring, from March to May, are the best times of the year to visit Tokyo. They offer the perfect mix of wonderful weather for sightseeing and unique natural phenomena that travelers from all over the world come to see. In addition, both seasons have calendars full of interesting cultural festivals for tourists.

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The cheapest time to go to Tokyo is usually January – February. Tourism decreases in Japan during the winter, along with the temperatures, and this makes it easier for hotels and airlines to offer tourists good prices for accommodation and plane tickets. In any case, planning a vacation ahead of time can create countless opportunities to visit this amazing city, regardless of the time of year.

How do we get to our destination and how do we move within the city of Tokyo?

The best way to get around Tokyo is by subway. This extensive and efficient transport network will take you anywhere in the city, in the shortest possible time. The subway also connects with Narita International Airport (NRT) in Tokyo. The bus system is even more widespread than the metro. However, it is subject to traffic delays and is difficult to use for tourists who do not know the Japanese language. Taxis can be expensive, but necessary when the subway is closed late at night and early in the morning.

What to visit in Tokyo, the capital of Japan?

Tokyo Best Time to VisitFrom the moment you arrive in Japan, you will notice that the cities of this country are large and full of locals and tourists eager to discover as many tourist attractions as possible. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the world’s most populated metropolis, including the islands of Izu and Ogasawara.

In the center of the city, you will discover the Imperial Palace, the main residence of the imperial family. There you will also be able to admire the famous Imperial East Gardens park, located on the former territory of Edo Castle. The way the many gardens in this metropolis are maintained will surely impress you.

Right next to the famous Rainbow Bridge there is a green area where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, admiring the formidable sunsets among the many skyscrapers.

If you like to discover the great metropolises of the world by admiring the most hidden districts, you must deviate for a few hours to the Shinjuku district, where you will discover games of lights, shops, restaurants, cafes, and themed bars and where you will be able to relax.

If you are interested in purchasing souvenirs for your loved ones, you can opt for the shops in Harajuku, which sell various products at affordable prices. Instead, Omotesando is a boulevard where you will find products from the most expensive brands in the world.

You cannot spend time in Tokyo without admiring the famous Sky Tree, the tallest tower in the world, which will impress you with the play of lights it displays at night. It seems to compete with the one on the top floor of the Metropolitan Government building, where you can also enter at night to admire the unique view of the city.

Roppongi Hills is the place to go to discover Japan’s most futuristic buildings. Yoyogi Park is home to temples specific to Japanese culture and centuries-old trees, and Tsukiji Fish Market is always full of tourists. In addition, the Akihabara district is the ideal location for parties that don’t end until morning.

Quick trips around the city of Tokyo

  • Lake Kawaguchiko – It is the place where you will get the best photos of Mount Fuji. Dotted with hot springs, ryokans, and tourist attractions such as the Fuji-Q Highland theme park, there is so much to do around the lake that you could very well set aside an entire weekend to visit the area.
  • Kamakura City – This small coastal city is often referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan for its multitude of temples, shrines, and historical monuments. It was the political capital of the country during the Kamakura shogunate. A visit to the Great Buddha in Kamakura must be on your priority list.
  • Mount Hakone – Located approximately 90 minutes by train from Tokyo, it is the ideal place for a weekend getaway from the capital. It had a long and illustrious history as a town with thermal springs, its name appearing in the ranking of the best onsen from the Edo era.

What can you do for free in Tokyo?

  • Find out how the washi paper used for origami is made, directly in the workshops of the artisans.
  • Participate in the famous tuna auction in Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, in the early hours of the morning.
  • Attend a sumo training session at Arashio Stable.
  • Take a stroll along the charming boulevard of luxury boutiques Omotesando in the Harajuku district.
  • Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims and visit the most famous Buddhist temple in Tokyo – Senso-Ji.
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