Elks Club Membership Cost

Elks Club Membership Cost

The Elks Club was founded in 1868 and is one of the largest and oldest fraternal organizations in the United States of America. It has over 1.2 million members who have joined in more the 2,000 communities.

This club is open to American citizens who are older than 21 and believe in God.

How Much Does an Elks Club Membership Cost?

The geographical location greatly influences the cost of an Elks Club Membership. During our research, we found that the majority of the locations have an application fee which is anywhere between $60 and $85, and an annual fee that will start at around $40 and will go up to more than $550. For the initiation fee, you will have to pay between $60 and more than $1,050. As we already mentioned, the cost of the initiation fee will be affected significantly by the place where you are living, but in most situations, the initiation fee will be less than $250 and the monthly costs will rarely exceed $30.

For instance, the initiation fee at the Elks Club in Pennsylvania is around $85 and the annual costs are almost $50.

On the other hand, according to a Yelp member, the initiation fee at the Elks Club in Honolulu is around $1,050, while the monthly costs are almost $35.

Elks Club membership details

As an Elks Club member, you will take advantage of many benefits such as lunches throughout the week, dinner on different nights, cheap drinks, and occasional karaoke music and dancing. However, the amenities will vary from one club to another and it is recommended to check the official website of the Elk Club you joined to see your benefits. The majority of the clubs post on their website their events and amenities. For instance, the members of Elks Club #496 are offered dart boards, dining options, a shuffleboard table, karaoke, a game room with a pool, and flat panel televisions.

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What are the additional expenses?

You may have to pay for the drinks and meals, but the Elks Club is well known for the low prices it charges for its food and drinks. For instance, you will have to pay less than $5 for a wine or beer.

In case you want to organize a private event such as a birthday party or even a wedding, then this will come with some costs that you need to take into consideration.

Important things to consider

Elks Club Lodge HawaiiIn order to become a member of the Elks Club, you need an invitation. It will take around two months for the club to approve your application. The first step in this membership application process is to appear in front of the Elks Investigation Committee and once you are admitted you will have to undergo initiation and indoctrination. Also, another condition to becoming a member of this club is to have two co-sponsors who are current members and to live in the jurisdiction. After you pass the verification, you will get in front of the Investigation Committee, and a date and time will be set up for the interview. The majority of the applicants will receive a response somewhere between 10 days and 2 months after the interview is conducted.

Elks Club offers awards of more than $3 million every year for college scholarships as part of the Elks National Foundation. Among these scholarships, the Legacy Grants, the Most Valuable Student Grant, the Emergency Grants, and the Vocational Grants are included. Members who would like to save money on their education are allowed to apply for these scholarships.

Also, Elks Club creates many opportunities to provide better education and enrich student lives through many no-cost programs. The young members of the Elks Club are partners in different community service programs. For instance, the Drug Awareness Program offers materials to communities and schools to encourage young people to take smart and healthy lifestyle decisions regarding alcohol and drug abuse.

Moreover, Elks Club supports the Boys and Girls Clubs, arts programs, 4-H programs, and youth athletics, as part of the community outreach program. Often, the Elks Club is a meeting spot for the Scout troops. According to the club, the aim of these programs is to make sure that no child is ignored or forgotten.

If you want to find an Elks Club location close to you, visit their official website.

You can see what happens at the Elks Club initiation ceremony in the YouTube video below.

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