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An excellent beef steak is in itself a special occasion. A piece of noble meat, appetizing pink, beautifully marbled, incredibly tender, and cooked exactly as it should be – it’s certainly not an everyday food, especially since it doesn’t come at a very affordable price either.

Though one of the cheapest cuts and one with a lot of flavor is flank steak, the London Broil is one of the most popular dishes to use as flank steak. It’s referred to as “over the belly” because it lies right above that part of a cow and comes from its abdominal muscles. You can stir-fry or carne asada this cut for an intense flavor with low costs.

This tough cut is a great choice for fajitas, but it needs to be prepared properly. It comes with an attached membrane and has lots of fat, so consumers need to remove this before cooking.

How much does flank steak cost?

Flank steaks are a cut of beef that typically costs around $9 to $14 per pound. Flank steak is great for grilling and can be purchased from most grocery stores or butchers at local places.

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The meat costs at Sam’s Club and Costco are usually in the low $9 to $11 per pound range.

Wiencek’s Meat is a popular butcher that offers some of the best meats in town. Their official website states they charge $13 per pound, but you can also stop by their store to purchase the products in person.

Flank steak details

The flank steak is a cut of meat that can be used for grilling or marinating, according to TheKitchn.com, and it has tough fibers running throughout with little fat content. It’s thicker than most steaks but only slightly wider compared to the skirt steak, which is similar in shape and size as well as texture, according to SeriousEats.com. Despite its beefy texture, the steak can be a little tough. According to chefs, the best way to make sure your beef is tender and juicy is by slicing it thinly against the grain.

There are butchers and grocery stores that sell flank steaks, five to six inches wide on average. They can be up to a foot long, though.

Important things to consider

Flank Steak CookedThe flank steak is red because it is cut from a strong, well-exercised part of the cow. It is also a healthier choice compared to other portions of meat because it has a lower fat content. Often, the meat is left to cook until a dark brown exterior, while the interiors are left from rare to medium-rare.

Flank steaks are often not very thick, but when shopping for them, you should pay close attention to the width of your cut. A thicker end and thinner end of a cut may lead it being hard to cook evenly.

Grilling up a delicious flank steak is easy, but you can also opt to bake it in the oven if desired. All in all, it is best to marinate and then quickly grill flank steak until there’s a nice char on the outside. This will allow you to enjoy juicy meat that hasn’t been cooked dry with your preferred seasoning or sauce. If you choose to bake it, cover it in foil after seasoning and oiling the meat to create a steamy oven. The heat from the hot pan will help tenderize your cut of beef.

Skirt steaks are flavorful and work well with many rubs. Even the most basic seasoning, like salt and pepper, can turn it into something tasteful.

Try out a skirt, hanger, or flat iron steak if you’re looking to substitute flank steak with something else.

How can I save money?

Suppose you find a store on sale with flank steak, stock up. When meat goes on sale, make sure to compare stores for availability in your area because it will save even more money. If you have freezer space, then buy bulk amounts of meats when they are cheap so that it’s there later if needed without having an unnecessary expense during other times throughout the year.

When you buy a larger steak, most meat departments will cut it into sections so that you can store them better.

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