Skywalk Grand Canyon Cost

Grand Canyon Skywalk Cost

Last Updated on March 14, 2024
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Stepping on the U-shaped glass bridge, suspended 1450 meters above the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is – in all modesty – a testament to great courage! Because the feeling of floating over steep cliffs takes your breath away, while the deep silence is interrupted only by the sound of gravel falling into nothingness and the whistling of crows.

Dozens of pages can be written about the Grand Canyon. The geological formations over two billion years old, dug by the Colorado River, which stretch for a length of 446 km and reach altitudes of 1800 m, attract the imagination of geologists, always debating the Grand Canyon, but also about five million tourists annually.

Skywalk is located in the Grand Canyon West, in a territory belonging to the Hualapai Indian tribe. Opened to the public on March 28, 2007, its construction cost $31 million and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

How Much Does the Grand Canyon Skywalk Cost?

The cost of skywalk admission is influenced by the way you plan to visit the Grand Canyon, as the Grand Canyon Skywalk can be tied as an add-on with some tours or within a package. For instance, you will have to pay more than $85 for a ticket to walk the skywalk, receive an official visitation certificate, eat a meal and take a photo with tribal members.

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In case you only want to visit the skywalk, you will have to pay around $25 per person. Though, in order to take advantage of this price, you will have to buy the Hualapai Legacy entry package from the Welcome Center, which is another $50, bringing to a total cost per person of $75. While doing our research, we found that this is the lowest cost you can take advantage of without taking advantage of any promotions and/or discounts.

In the table below you will find the average costs of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Professional pictures (optional) $30 each, with most reported paying $100 for 3
Entering the skywalk $25 a person
Price to enter the reservation $55 a person
TOTAL to budget for $100 a person

Grand Canyon Skywalk overview

Skywalk is a building situated one and a half km above the Grand Canyon and offers a view of Eagle Point (a piece of eagle-shaped canyon wall with outstretched wings).

The glass bridge is located at an altitude of 1450 meters above the Grand Canyon, in a very steep area. The word vertical takes on a completely different meaning in these circumstances.

Despite the objections of a part of the Indian tribe (related to the environment, the exploitation of resources, and a million-year-old territory, among others), the glass bridge brings significant sums of money to the Hualapai Indians, mostly because around the impressive building are all kinds of tourist attractions (restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.).

The Grand Canyon Skywalk looking down – first-person view

What are the additional costs?

If you want to take photos, consider the fact that you will not be able to take your own camera out on the skywalk. Though, if you want a professional photo, you will have to pay another $25 or something along these lines.

You may want to take into consideration extra package add-ons such as an overnight stay at the Hualapai Ranch (around $150), mechanical bull rides (approximately $7), stagecoach rides (almost $18), and/or horseback rides (anywhere between $12 and more than $85).

Wealthy tourists can go rafting on the Colorado River, ride the Hummer, or helicopter over the Grand Canyon. They cost between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

Important things to consider

Grand Canyon SkywalkOn Skywalk you are not allowed any luggage or a camera (probably for commercial reasons) and, in order to protect the glass, it is mandatory to wrap your shoes in plastic wrap.

In spring and summer, the temperatures can reach very high values in the Grand Canyon, so it is good to protect yourself from the sun and heat. Take water, sunscreen, and something to put on your head.

Skywalk can be reached from Las Vegas, through organized trips, by bus (starting at $100), which takes you from the hotel and brings you to the location. It can also be reached by car if you prefer to rent.

If you put on GPS Skywalk Eagle Point View, you will get in the immediate vicinity of the tourist information point, where there is also a huge, free parking lot. Cars are not allowed outside this area.

There is no telephone signal in the whole area, only WI-FI in the information center.

Is it worth it?

Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the experiences worth living. Even if you are afraid of heights!

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