Universal Studios Orlando Vacation Cost

Universal Studios Orlando Cost
  • One-Day Ticket: $82-$88 Each
  • Multi-Day Ticket: $110-$146 Each
  • Yearly Pass: $165-$350 Each

The Universal Studios amusement park in Florida celebrates previous and present motion picture hits with a series of tourist attractions and rides.

Normal expenses

One-day tickets to Universal Studios Orlando will cost $88 for grownups and $82 for kids. A household of 4 should be ready to pay about $340.

A two-day pass in the Universal Studios Orlando will cost about $120 per grownup and $110 for kids. Three-day single-park tickets cost $136 per grownup and $124 for kids, while a four-day pass will cost about $146 for grownups or $133 for kids. A household of 4 should pay $460-$558, depending upon the number of days they opt for.

One-day, park-to-park admission is priced $123 for grownups or $117 for kids and consists of both Universal Studios Florida and the surrounding Universal’s Islands of Adventure. A two-day pass to both parks costs about $140 for adults and $130 per kid. Three-day passes will have a price of about $153 per adult or $141 for kids, while four-day park-to-park admission costs about $160 for adults and $147 for kids. Depending upon the number of days you opt for, a household of 4 should be ready to pay about $480 to $514 for the two-park tickets.

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A few yearly pass alternatives to Universal Studios Florida are readily available. The Power Pass is priced at about $165 and has black-out dates. The Preferred pass costs $225 and consists of parking and chosen in-park discount rates. A Premier Pass will cost $350 per individual and consists of valet parking, a Halloween Scary Nights ticket, City Walk Club access, and totally free water.

What will be included?

Many tourist attractions and rides at the park are usually included in the ticket rate.

Extra expenses to think about

Food and drinks from outside are not allowed in the park. A number of dining alternatives are offered from hamburgers priced at $7-$9, to pizza pieces at $6.50-$7, or hotdogs at $7.50. You should be ready to pay about $40-$50 for a family of 4 on food, depending upon what you like to eat and drink. Universal Meal Deals will give you all-you-can-eat dining choices at numerous areas in between both parks and will have a price of about $21 per adult and $10 per kid with a $9 limitless beverage add on. Beer prices are anywhere between $5.50 and $7.
Universal Studios AttractionGeneral parking costs $15 for vehicles, $20 for preferential parking, and $20 for RVs or buses.
Hotels on the Universal Studios Orlando property have costs of about $220-$650 per night, depending upon the area and travel dates, and provide the benefit throughout multi-day stays of not needing any driving at the end of a long park day and fast access to tourist attractions in the early morning. For instance, the on-site Hard Rock Hotel offers rooms for about $280 to $650, depending upon the travel date and the size of the room. Travel a couple of miles from the park for a hotel priced at about $40-$350. For instance, the Orlando Metropolitan Express will charge double occupancy rooms at about $65-$85, depending upon space size and travel date.
Kennels are readily available outside the park gates for visitors traveling with their animals. The price is $15 and the running hours are the same as the park. Overnight stays are not permitted.

Discount rates

  • Purchase multi-day passes for cost savings of about $24 for adults or $54 for kids versus purchasing 2 different day entries. Yearly passes provide the best per-visit discount rates, depending upon the plan and the anticipated number of visits throughout the year.
  • Military discount rates and unique multi-day tickets are readily available, however, tickets should be acquired before you get to the park.
  • Online cost savings differ from $20 off per multi-day ticket acquired to discount coupons good at your selected park dining establishments and souvenir shops.
  • AAA members can save about $10-$35 on park tickets, depending on the number of days they opt for. Members can also get discount rates on yearly passes.
  • Off-season ticket discount rates might be found by buying the yearly pass for the next year throughout the late fall or early winter season. Winter season hotel rates, omitting vacations, are normally lower than the exact same length of stays throughout the summer season.
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You can purchase tickets online through UniversalOrlando.com, their official website.
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