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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Menu Prices

Last Updated on March 16, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a well-known pizza restaurant chain in New York City area, United States, with many locations all over the world. This restaurant was rated as the No. 1 Pizzeria in New York by the Zagat Survey in 2007.

One of the specifics of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is the fact that it sells only whole pies, not slices. Pizza is cooked in coal-fired brick ovens. Besides pizza, Grimaldi’s offers also calzones, appetizers, desserts such as tiramisu, New York-style cheesecake and cannoli, and wines.

If you like to get an idea about how much you would spend at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, you should look at the table below where you can find their latest menu prices.

Item Price  

Starters & Salads

Antipasto $14.89  
Caprese $12.39  
Prosciutto $5.99  
Bruschetta Trio $14.89  
Spinach Salad $13.79  
Lemon Arugula Salad $13.89  

Coal Brick-Oven Pizza

Topping prices are the same whether on whole or half  
12″ Traditional $15.09  
16″ Traditional $18.39  
12″ Pesto $16.09  
16″ Pesto $23.19  
18″ Pesto $25.19  
12″ White with Garlic $16.09  
16″ White with Garlic $23.19  
18″ White with Garlic $25.19  

Chef’s Selections

Prosciutto Arugula $25.09  
Prosciutto Arugula Pizza $24.29  
Garden Pesto Pizza $24.29  
Garden Pesto $25.19  

Gluten Friendly Crust

12″ Gluten Friendly Traditional $19.09  
12″ Gluten Friendly Pesto $20.09  
12″ Gluten Friendly White with Garlic $20.09  


Pesto Pizza $16.29  

Picked For You

Traditional Pizza $14.29  
Margherita Pizza $17.59  

Popular Items

18″ Traditional $20.39  
The Don $24.99  
Grimaldi’s Famous Cannoli $5.59  
Margherita $18.09  
Brooklyn Bridge $23.99  
Grimaldi’s House Salad $9.99  
Quattro Formaggi $19.99  
Mediterranean Salad $13.89  
Caesar Salad $12.79  
12″ Calzone $14.29  


16″ Calzone $23.19  
18″ Calzone $25.19  

Seasonal Selection

Chocolate Cheesecake $6.99  
Caramel Apple Cheesecake $6.99  
Sausage & Wine-Braised Onion Pizza $23.99  
Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake $6.99  
Strawberry Lemonade $5.39  
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $23.99  
Watermelon Lemonade $5.39  
Strawberry Italian Soda $5.39  
Red Velvet Cheesecake $6.99  
Watermelon Italian Soda $5.39  
Winter Harvest Salad $13.99  
“Wedge” Salad $13.99  
Strawberry Iced Tea $5.39  
Watermelon Iced Tea $5.39  


New York Style Cheesecake $6.99  


Fountain Drinks $3.39  
Grimaldi’s Signature Italian Sodas $5.29  
Bottled Water $5.69  
Grimaldi’s Signature Iced Tea $5.29  
Espresso $3.29  
Grimaldi’s Signature Italian Lemonade $5.29  
Lemonade $3.99  
Diet Pepsi $3.99  
Hot Tea $3.29  
Peach Lemonade $5.49  
Green Apple Lemonade $5.49  
Pepsi $3.99  
Latte $4.59  
Sierra Mist $3.99  
Dr. Pepper $3.99  
Mug Root Beer $3.99  
Peach Italian Soda $5.49  
Green Apple Italian Soda $5.49  
Mountain Dew $3.99  
Tropicana Lemonade $3.99  
Apple Juice $3.99  
Peach Iced Tea $5.49  
Green Apple Iced Tea $5.49  
Iced Tea $3.99  

Brand History

The history of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria starts back in the 1940s with Patsy Grimaldi and his uncle Patsy Lancieri, who owned a restaurant in Italian Harlem. Patsy Grimaldi was only ten years old when was taught how to prepare pizza in his uncle’s restaurant. After some decades he took the decision to start his own business and open his first restaurant in Manhattan. Patsy Grimaldi believed that the best pizza is cooked in coal-fired brick ovens, but coal ovens were not legal in Manhattan. So, he started to plan the opening of a restaurant in Brooklyn.

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In 1990 Grimaldi opened his first restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. It was located under the Brooklyn Bridge, on 19 Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn. He named the restaurant Patsy’s Pizzeria, but with no connection with the Patsy’s Pizzeria from East Harlem where Grimaldi worked in his youth. Even though they were only selling pies, not slices, they became very popular among customers and expanded in the Hoboken area. This restaurant became famous for having lines around the block for customers waiting to order.

In 1996 Grimaldi had a conflict with I.O.B. Realty, the owner of Patsy’s Pizzeria, referring to the naming rights. Grimaldi was sued by I.O.B. Realty for using the name “Patsy’s”. So, in October 1996 the name of the restaurant was changed to “Grimaldi’s Pizzeria” to finish the court fight.

Patsy Grimaldi retired in the late 1990s and sold Grimaldi’s Pizzeria name and franchise (not including the Hoboken restaurants) to the restaurateur Frank Ciolli.

In 2010 Grimaldi’s Pizzeria was named by BBC as one of the best pizza restaurants in the United States of America. In early 2013 this restaurant expanded into the Southern California area and opened a location in El Segundo, and in 2017 they signed a contract with Tablez Food Co. to open five new locations in the United Arab Emirates.

Nowadays there are more than 40 Grimaldi’s Pizzeria restaurants located in several states of America including Texas, Idaho, Wisconsin, Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, New York, Arizona, Kentucky, Florida, and Kansas.

Our review

Grimaldi's Pizzeria PizzaGrimaldi’s Pizzeria offers its customers both possibilities, to dine-in or to carry out. Their restaurants are decorated in a New York Italian style, with coal-brick ovens which are displayed in the center of the location, so the clients are able to see how the pizza is being prepared through a glass window.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria crust is well-known for being “cracker-crispy” and thin, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This crust is so good and different from any others thanks to the fact that the sauce and cheese do not drip with olive oil. On the other hand, their pizza can not be reheated because it will char.

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $12 and $15 for an appetizer such as Portobello Napoleon, Eggplant Rollatini, or Antipasto. On the other hand, appetizer selections are priced from $60 to $75. Some of these include Assorted Baked Pinwheels, Antipasto, Vegetable Platter, Tomato Mozzarella, and Bruschetta. Salads cost anywhere between $8 and $12, and you can choose between Caesar Salad, Chopped Salad, Spinach Salad, and many more.

Depending on the pizza you choose, you can pay $10 to more than $25. Specialty pizzas, which are the most expensive include the Eggplant Delight, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Vodka Pizza, Primavera Pizza, and Chicken Parm Pizza, to name a few.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria FAQs

At what time does Grimaldi’s Pizzeria open?

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is open every day at 11:30 a.m. However, it may vary from one location to another and it is recommended to check the schedule of the restaurant you are interested in on their official website.

At what time does Grimaldi’s Pizzeria close?

In general, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria closes at 10:00 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday, and at 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. But again, it depends on the day of the week and the location. You should verify this information on their official website.

What is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria famous for?

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is well-known for its coal-burning ovens, which are heated to a temperature of up to 1,200 degrees for getting a unique smoky-flavored thin crust.

What type of cheese does Grimaldi’s Pizzeria use?

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria uses fresh mozzarella for cooking most of its pizzas, but they also use other types of cheese.

What is the white pizza made at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria?

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria’s white pizza is made with mozzarella, olive oil, and garlic.

How many slices are in a large Grimaldi’s Pizzeria pizza?

A large Grimaldi’s Pizzeria pizza contains eight slices.

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