How Much Do Dice Cost?

Last Updated on January 23, 2023
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As you surely already know, there are quite a few games that require dice rolls to determine who wins and who loses. Among the most popular ones are those using 6-sided dice, like craps, and games using dice with multiple faces, like D&D.

People have used dice to decide winners and losers, and play all kinds of games for thousands of years, having their own place in history. They are an integral part of all kinds of games from gambling games to board games.

So what exactly are dice? A die (yes, weirdly enough, the singular of dice is die) is a small cube with different things on each of its sides. Most dice will have six sides with dots on each side, numbered from one to six. These dice are usually tossed or rolled by players and the side facing upwards will be the one counted for each toss or roll.

But dice also come in other shapes and sizes. The usual six-sided die that everyone knows is the most common type, yes, but there are also four-sided dice, twelve-sided dice, eight-sided dice, or even twenty-sided dice, each of them required for different games. Some dice are even used for card games.

Different games will have different rules when it comes to winning numbers. Some games just require players to add the numbers from two dice and the highest number wins, while others require them to toss doubles (meaning the same number on both dice) and some have complex rules requiring a certain combination of dice on each roll.

One example is Yahtzee, where you should aim for the highest possible combination on the dice to win. But how much do dice cost?

How Much do Dice Cost?

To cost of dice will depend on their shape, size, their brand, and how many you’ll get in one buy. Most of the time, you won’t spend more than $.30 to $2 for one normal, white, dotted die.

Amazon, for example, sells a set of 18 colorful assorted six-sided dice for $5.99, a set of 6 large jumbo wooden dice for $8.99, and a set of 10 Bicycle-branded dice for $5,99.

Walmart, on the other hand, sells a pack of 18 normal six-sided dice for $9.46, a set of 12 multicolor dice for $8.98, and a pack of five waterproof crystal dice for $7.93.

Of course, there are also websites selling dice in bulk. DiceGameDepot, for example, sells a pack of 100 white dice for $17,98, while sellers on Alibaba will charge as low as $.10 per dice when you buy 500 to 5,000 pieces, and as low as $.02 when you order over 100,000 pieces.

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Of course, there are limited-edition dice or pieces with weird shapes or messages on them that will be worth a lot more than that. You can find on Amazon, for example, a pack of 6 Element dice, made of Titanium, Tungsten, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, and Chromium, for $199.99. You can also buy a set of two Swarovski Crystals for $112.50, from the same marketplace.

When it comes to D&D dice, things are slightly different, but we’ll go over this in the section below.

D&D Dice Overview

Since its creation, the Dungeons & Dragons game has always been centered around a single component, and that is the dice set. You can’t play this game without these unusual dice. At first, these dice were only used as colored math rocks that would decide the fate of your character during the game.

They were initially made simple, without too much thought put into them, and used for a simple roll in games. Nowadays they are designed in all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, which makes them very collectible for ttrpg fans.

The D&D dice come in 7 mystical shapes, each of them linking your in-game character’s fate to your decisions. Your character will advance depending on the roll you’re getting.​

These seven dice are made by the Dungeons and Dragons creators as an unstoppable combination. You will use the D&D dice set as you do in most tabletop games with role-playing rules. ​

The standard set has one of each type: D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4, with each number representing the number of faces the dice has. You will need all of them to start playing a game. Most standard sets of 7 dices for D&D will also come with a second D10 that is used for rolls on percent. Gamers that play D&D often will also use multiples of the same die so that they can roll dice in pools, like 3 D6 in a roll instead of doing 3 individual rolls with a D6.

Most games will have the D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4 pieces played for healing amounts, spells, attacks, and damage. Most of the time, the D20 die will only be used to check whether an action is successful or not.​

How Much do D&D Dice Cost?

The price of D&D dice will depend on where you get them from, their type, and whether they are considered collectible or not. As long as you’re looking for a basic D&D set, you will only spend between $5.99 and $36.99 for all 7 pieces.

For example, Amazon offers a set of all 7 Red Blue Polyhedral Dice for Dungeon and Dragons for $5.99, a set of 7 Jade dice for $9.99, and a set of glow-in-the-dark pieces for $35.99.

Walmart has pretty similar prices. You will have to pay $5.78 for a basic translucent polyhedral dice set with all 7 pieces, $17.89 for a metal set, and $20.65 for a premium metal set with a great design.

Other smaller websites, like GameNerdz, have sets of DND dice for anywhere between $5.78 and $99.99, as long as they are not rare and desirable collectibles.

So what about collectible sets?

How Much do Some of the most expensive DD Dice Cost?

Diamond DND Dice ExpensiveModern-day dice collectors and long-time D&D players are very interested in extravagant sets that are made from exotic, rare materials. This, along with the creativity of dice artists and the materials they use, has made the price tags go really high for some packs. So here are the prices of some of the most expensive sets to ever be sold:

  • Master Set by Precision Play Dice was sold for the impressive price of $32,000
  • Solid 9ct White Gold Polyhedral Set by Casting Boutique was bought for no less than $18,587.36
  • 14kt Solid Gold Skull Dice With Diamonds by Sterling Kisses has a price mark of $7,000
  • Memento Mori Polyhedral Set by Artisan Dice is priced at $2,691

How Can You Spend Less on Dice?

If you know you’ll need more than a pair or a set, then getting dice in bulk will be the best way of reducing the price per die. If instead, you know you won’t need more than a set, then getting the least amount of dice will ensure that you’re not overspending on pieces you will never use.

You should always look around before buying a set, both in physical stores and on online marketplaces.

Also, be on the look out for discounts, as game accessories are more often than not discounted through coupons or promotions.

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