How Much Do Grave Blankets Cost?

Last Updated on January 14, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Grave blankets are an important part of memorial services and ongoing grave decoration. But how much do these funeral accessories cost? This guide breaks down the pricing for floral and evergreen grave blankets.

When planning funeral arrangements, costs quickly add up. Headstones, caskets, funeral services – it’s easy to spend thousands on end-of-life expenses. Grave blankets and other cemetery decorations represent one more line item to budget for.

While not as pricey as some funeral goods, grave blankets still range widely in cost. Prices depend on materials, size, custom designs, and seasonal factors. This article explores the pricing and costs around these memorial blankets. Read on to learn what goes into the price tag.


  • Standard grave blankets range from $80-$150, with premium custom designs up to $400.
  • Prices vary based on size, materials, complexity, seasons, and custom details.
  • Local costs depend on regional flower/evergreen supply and cultural traditions.
  • Shop funeral homes for customization, online for convenience, or wholesale for deals.
  • Budget options include DIY, rentals, eco-materials, and off-season purchasing.

How Much Do Grave Blankets Cost?

Most standard floral grave blankets fall between $80-$150, depending on factors like your geographical location, the materials used, their size, and so on. Smaller keepsake-sized blankets trend cheaper, from $30-$60. For evergreen winter blankets, expect to pay $50-$100 on average.

Oversized or premium blankets with intricate details can cost over $200. Very large custom blankets 6 feet and up may even exceed $300-$400.

To compare, caskets average $2,000-$4,000 for a traditional adult burial. Basic headstones average $1,000-$3,000. Grave blankets represent a smaller, but still significant, funeral expense. Their pricing fits below caskets but above small urns or markers.

On Amazon, the prices for grave blankets range from $24.99 to $39.99.

At Dayton Nursery, live greens grave blankets are priced between $84.99 and $179.99, depending on the type.

Designs By Judy offers a grave blanket at $72, with decorations starting at $20 and up.

Delta Flowers provides standard, deluxe, and premium grave blankets at prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99, with additions costing extra.

Kitty’s and Family Florist offers standard, deluxe, and premium grave blankets at prices ranging from $85.00 to $130.00.

How Prices Vary by Region

Grave blanket prices fluctuate across different cities and countries. In the United States, costs closely align with local prices for flowers and evergreen trees. Floral blankets tend to be cheapest in temperate zones with ample flower agriculture, like Florida, California, and the Pacific Northwest.

Pricing also depends on local funerary customs. In the Muslim tradition, flowers are often not used on graves. Thus, demand is lower in Muslim-majority countries. Orthodox Jewish customs prohibit flowers during Shiva mourning periods, also reducing blanket demand.

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Regions that import grave blankets or materials face higher costs due to shipping fees. Buying locally tends to yield better prices in most areas. However, some regions lack their own supply chains, making imports necessary.

What Are Grave Blankets?

Before delving into costs, let’s review what grave blankets are. These blankets, also called funeral blankets, are used to decorate gravesites and memorials. Two main types exist:

  • Floral grave blankets: These feature fresh-cut or silk flowers arranged into a blanket-like covering. They are often laid over the grave at memorial services.
  • Evergreen grave blankets: These blankets contain evergreen branches and cut greenery. They are a popular winter grave decoration.

Grave blankets serve both symbolic and practical purposes. The blankets decoration graves with colorful flowers or seasonal evergreens. They also protect headstones from weather and provide warmth over the burial plot during winter months.

Factors That Impact Grave Blanket Prices

What makes some grave blankets cost more than others? Here are the key factors that go into pricing:

Materials Used

The materials used affect the cost. Natural flowers and evergreens are more expensive than artificial silk flowers. However, real materials may not withstand long-term outdoor exposure as well.


Larger grave blankets take more materials and labor to produce. A standard adult size may run 3 feet x 5 feet. But oversized blankets for prominent gravesites cost more.

Design Complexity

Expensive Grave BlanketMore elaborate floral arrangements or intricate evergreen patterns drive the price up. Unique designs and custom details also bump up costs.


Around major holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day, floral grave blankets command higher prices due to higher demand. Evergreen winter blankets also require seasonal evergreens.


For online or long-distance orders, shipping costs will apply. These can range from $10-$50 depending on distance and blanket size.

Where to Shop for Grave Blankets

Funeral homes represent the most traditional place to buy grave blankets, especially for custom orders. However, today’s online retailers also offer convenient at-home shopping:

  • Funeral homes – Established relationships with florists and evergreen suppliers. Offer packaged deals with other funeral goods. Provide customization. Higher prices.
  • Online retailers – Wider selection of mass-produced blankets. Lower prices but less customization. Compare,,
  • Wholesale florists – Work directly with local florists for custom natural floral blankets without retail markup. Limited to regions with flower suppliers.

When purchasing grave blankets online, be sure to account for shipping costs. Order 1-2 weeks in advance of the service date to ensure timely arrival.

Save Money With These Grave Blanket Alternatives

For those on a tight budget, a few money-saving options exist:

  • DIY blankets – Make your own blanket from purchased evergreen branches or silk flowers. Watch tutorial videos online.
  • Eco-friendly options – Look for biodegradable blankets made of real pine, cypress, and laurel. These avoid chemicals from silk flowers.
  • Renting – Some retailers offer blanket rentals for temporary use. Returns then allow re-use. Lowers costs.
  • Grave vases – Cut flowers in a grave vase cost less than a full custom blanket. Easier for DIY memorial decor.
  • Time of year – Buy off-season, like winter evergreens in the spring. Avoid peak holiday dates.

The Importance of Grave Blankets in Funeral Customs

Despite the costs, grave blankets remain a time-honored bereavement tradition in many cultures. The symbolic value and visual memorialization bring comfort to grieving families.

Like headstones, the grave blankets decorate last resting places with beauty and color. They express care for those we’ve lost. They ease grief journeys by decorating the inevitable with living plants.

For many, memorial blankets represent a beloved visual tradition and important funeral expenditure. With thousands spending over $100 per blanket, they remain an established part of end-of-life rituals.

Final Words

Though not the largest funeral expense, grave blankets represent a meaningful memorial investment. Knowing typical costs can ease decision-making for families planning services. With some savvy shopping, beautiful customer tributes can stay within most budgets.

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