How Much Do Kunekune Pigs Cost?

Last Updated on May 19, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With their distinctive pot-bellied body shape, forward-facing ears, and endearing personality, kunekune pigs have captured the hearts of small farmers and homesteaders worldwide.

Originally from New Zealand, these adorable pigs are now kept as livestock and pets worldwide. But for those considering adding some kunekune pigs to their farm or homestead, an obvious question arises: what is the typical cost to purchase and care for these special pigs?

Understanding typical kunekune pig prices and additional care expenses allows prospective owners to budget properly before embarking on this rewarding agricultural endeavor.

Their purchase cost represents just a fraction of the overall investment required to properly house, feed, and care for them over their 10+ year lifespan.

Doing research on kunekune pigs’ unique needs and characteristics, along with costs involved, ensures you can provide the best possible environment for these charming pigs to thrive.

How Much Does a Kunekune Pig Cost?

Kunekune pigs can cost a few hundred dollars, $200-$500, while a proven Kunekune adult, for show quality and ready for breeding, costs between $800 and $1,500. Major pricing factors include age, pedigree, registration status, location, gender, and breeding potential.

Kunekune pig prices can vary substantially, but here are some general averages to provide a spending framework:

Weaner Pigs – $200 to $500

Newly weaned pigs removed from the litter at 8-10 weeks old represent the most budget-friendly option for getting started. Pet-quality weaner pigs fall at the lowest end of pricing.

Started Pigs – $400 to $800

Older pigs around 6-12 months of age with some basic halter training and socialization offer a compromise, being more mature but less expensive than proven breeders.

Proven Adult Breeders – $800 to $1,500+

Top-tier registered breeding sows or boars from champion bloodlines ready for mating are the most prized and therefore carry premium pricing.

According to, piglets from established, reputable breeders generally range from $750 – $850 per pig for registered, purebred Kunekunes.

On you can find weaned piglets for $200 per piglet.

According to some Reddit users, reported prices for Kunekune pigs include $250-$500 depending on the area and the specific breeder.

Regional availability and individual breeder pricing can shift costs higher or lower. Be prepared to invest more for pigs excelling in pedigree, conformation, temperament and health.

An Overview of Kunekune Pigs

Before diving into pricing details, it helps to understand some background on kunekune pigs and what makes them so special. Here are some of their notable qualities:

  • Small heritage breed originating from New Zealand
  • Docile, friendly temperament, good pets
  • Distinctive pot-belly body shape
  • Short legs, forward-pointing ears
  • Range of color patterns including black, cream, red, brown
  • Average lifespan 10-15 years
  • Omnivores but can thrive on pasture and forage
  • Good mothers with average litter of 6-10 piglets
  • Versatile for small scale meat and lard production

Their petite size, colorful looks, and winning disposition make them a favorite among homesteaders seeking multipurpose micro-livestock. Kunekune pigs can provide companionship along with supplemental meat and fat production with minimal inputs. Their rising popularity is easy to understand!

What Factors Influence Kunekune Pig Prices?

The specific price point for any individual kunekune pig depends on several influential factors. These include:

Age of the Pig – Young weaner pigs will be the most affordable option, while proven adult breeder pigs tend to be the most expensive.

Pedigree & Breeding – Well-bred pigs descended from champion show bloodlines with excellent confirmation will command much higher pricing than unregistered or pet-quality pigs.

Registration Status – Registered purebred kunekune pigs have more verified pedigree value than unregistered individuals.

Location & Availability – Widespread availability tends to bring down costs, while scarce pigs in high-demand areas fetch higher prices. Transport costs also vary based on location.

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Gender – Female kunekune breeding sows tend to be more sought after and pricier than male pigs in most cases.

Health & Temperament – Pigs from proven healthy herds with excellent dispositions hold much greater value than poor temperament or unknown health status pigs.

Breeder Reputation & Experience – Established, reputable breeders can justify higher pricing than backyard or hobby producers.

As with any major livestock purchase, taking the time to understand how these dynamics influence kunekune pig pricing in your region sets realistic expectations.

Costs of Raising Kunekune Pigs

KuneKune PigletThe purchase price of your pigs is just the initial outlay. Responsible ownership also requires substantial investment in housing, feeding, health management, and care over their decade-plus lifespan. Some pig-keeping costs to budget for include:

Housing – Barns, sheds, or huts offer protection from sun/rain. Outdoor space to root and wallow. $500-$2,000

Fencing – Sturdy perimeter fencing is vital. $300-$1,000

Feed – Quality bagged feeds or pasture and forage. $200-$500 annually

Vet Care – Check-ups, vaccines, deworming. $100-$300 annually

Supplies – Bedding, feeders, waterers, wallows. $100-$500

Unexpected Medical Costs – Be prepared for potential emergency vet care. $500+

Proper facilities, nutritious feeds, and proactive health management ensure your pigs thrive in your care. View their purchase price as a long-term investment.

Selecting Healthy Kunekune Pigs

When evaluating potential kunekune pigs to purchase, look for:

  • Clear, alert eyes and nose
  • No signs of limping or lameness
  • Clean, dry skin and hooves
  • Alert, social behavior
  • Proper weight and body condition
  • Health history from breeder

Also ensure the breeder is trusted, experienced, and willing to answer your questions. Opt for established registered breeders over backyard operations or online sellers.

While bringing home your new kune kune pigs requires significant upfront investment and preparation, their wonderful personalities make them worth every penny for the joy they bring. Do your homework to set realistic cost expectations before jumping in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence the price of kune kune pigs?

The main factors affecting kunekune pig pricing include the age, pedigree, registration status, breeder reputation, location, gender, breeding capability, health, and temperament of the specific pig. Higher-quality pigs command premium pricing.

How much do kunekune piglets typically cost compared to adults?

Kunekune piglets typically range from $200-$500 based on registration status and breeder. Adults with champion breeding potential usually cost $800-$1,500. Adults are more expensive but offer known temperament and breeding ability.

Are there additional costs involved in raising kunekune pigs?

Yes, the purchase price is just the initial outlay. Ongoing costs for quality housing, fencing, bedding, feed, veterinary care, supplies, and potential medical needs also require substantial investment to properly care for kunekune pigs.

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