How Much Do Rucci Rims Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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Rims are sometimes treated with utmost attention by car owners who want to impress from the point of view of the car’s visual appearance, and sometimes they are put in the “and other” category of the secondary components of a car.

The approach of a car driver should be a balanced one, taking into account that rims have both an essential role in the movement, being essential components of the vehicle’s undercarriage, as well as an aesthetic role, adding or completing the overall looks of a car according to the style each driver approaches it individually.

How Much Do Rucci Rims Cost?

Rucci rims cost, on average, anywhere between $700 and $900. These rims come in different sizes, ranging from 20 to 32 inches, and in piece formats two and three. Though, Ruci rims feature 16 styles, that are great for all cars, like exotic and high passenger vehicles, passenger vehicles, and SUVs.

Rucci offers a huge selection of different types of rims, that range from classic and custom to forged and racing. Each of these comes at a different price.

Factors affecting the cost of Rucci rims

There are many important factors you need to take into consideration before you purchase Rucci rims:


It is the distance that separates the bearing surface of the disc from the center of the rim. The offset is important because it defines the position of the rim in relation to the axle. Too much offset and the rim risks touching the inside of the axle and the brake system. Too little offset and the rim will stick out and touch the body. The ideal offset depends on each individual vehicle.


Backspacing is almost the same as the offset. Though, backspacing relies on the standard width of the wheel. The backspacing is the stretch from the wheel’s inside lip to the mounting surface.


Red Rucci RimsUsually, tire manufacturers recommend a range of wheel widths for every tire. In general, it is recommended by the manufacturers to buy a narrower wheel than the tire by two to three inches.

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It is good to remember that the width of the rim is measured from one edge to the other and the numerical result is expressed in inches. Thus, 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm, which means, for example, that for a rim of 7 inches inner width, you could go for tires with a width of 205 mm or 215 mm – these dimensions being optimal.

Center bore

The center bore is the hole located in the middle of the wheel. It will be bigger if the bolt pattern is bigger. The center bore is crucial when fitting over-locking hubs and full-floating axles. So, you should check the center bore before purchasing Rucci rims.

Load rating

Usually, both wheels and tires are load rated. The wheel construction and the bolt pattern are responsible for load rating.

Bead seat

The tire’s bead seat is maintained by the wheel’s bead seat with the assistance of air pressure. You will likely experience reduced air pressure if the seat bead is taller and wider. This means that you can comfortably ride your car without worrying that the tire will get off the wheel.


Once you have found out the dimensions of the rims suitable for your car, the next step is to inform yourself as accurately as possible about the dimensions of the tires that you will be able to mount on the model you have decided on.

When you visit a tire store, it is advisable to already know what sizes you are looking for and whether you need summer tires, winter tires, or multifunctional all-season tires because choosing tires that are not suitable for the type and size of rims you own it is not recommended for reasons related to traffic safety, as well as because the tires will deteriorate much faster.

Advantages of using Rucci wheels


Rucci rims are made of high-quality materials, resistant to the rigors of daily driving. Drivers will not have to worry about breaking or cracking the rims as it happens in the case of low-quality pieces.

Improved appearance

The appearance of your vehicle will be improved once you install Rucci wheels on it. Your car will get a unique look as there are many different design styles you can choose from.

Affordable price

Rucci forged wheels come at an affordable cost, despite their high quality. These cost a fraction of the price of other high-end rims on the market.

Enhanced performance

Rucci rims are made to improve the performance of your car. Your car’s braking and handling can be improved thanks to their construction and design.

How to install Rucci rims on your car

You need to follow the next steps in order to install the new set of Rucci rims on your car:

  1. Remove your old rims
  2. Clean the wheel wells
  3. Install the new rims on your vehicle
  4. Test-drive your car

How to choose the right style and size of Rucci forged wheels?

Take into consideration the specifications of your car

Most of the time, it is advisable to consult the car’s manual to orient yourself in the safest way when you want to purchase a set of rims for your car. There are, however, many situations in which this document is no longer available, and then the only solution could be to inquire at a dealer or a car showroom of the vehicle brand you own to obtain information about the right type of rims.

Get help from an expert

You should ask for the advice of an expert if you are not sure which style or size of Rucci rim is suitable for your car. Considering your personal preferences and the specifications of your car, a professional may help you choose the right set of rims.

Take into consideration your budget

It is very important to take into consideration your budget when you are shopping for Rucci rims. You must make sure that you can afford the set of rims you want. However, many options are available, so you will surely find a set of Rucci rims that fits your budget.

Choose a style that matches your personality

Choosing the right rims for your car is an action that must be looked at with due care, on the one hand, to choose the rims that are technically suitable for the vehicle you drive, and on the other hand to choose a type of rims which can perfectly combine with the preferred visual style of the car and with that of driving.

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