Yorkie Cost at Petsmart

How Much do Yorkies Cost at Petsmart?

A cheerful and loving dog, the Yorkie is a reliable companion that easily adapts to life in an apartment. It is one of the most beloved dog breeds, that has an elegant appearance and always attracts attention wherever it goes.

One of the most beautiful dogs, the Yorkie is the breed that holds the world record for the smallest dog in the world. It has a characteristic fur that differentiates it from other small dog breeds, but also a specific color, which is not found in other dog breeds.

How Much do Yorkies Cost at Petsmart?

Yorkies cost on average $1,300 to $1,600, but at PetSmart, you are very unlikely to find a dog for sale, or any other live pets for that matter. However, you can purchase food, treats, and toys for your dog, and pet supplies and necessary items for their training from Petsmart stores.

But if you are looking into getting a Yorkie, you can search through their online database, which you can find at PetSmart Charities. You can enter your zip code and you will instantly get a list of the dogs available for adoption in your area.

There will be information about the dog’s ID, location, size, name, color, age, and gender. If you are lucky enough, you can find a Yorkshire Terrier put up for adoption.

How much does a Yorkie cost in general?

The cost of a Yorkie starts at around $850 and goes up to $11,000. Though, the average price range is $1,300 to $1,600. When we are talking about the high prices, at the top of the scale are the Yorkie puppies with an aristocratic pedigree which are the offspring of champions of the American Kennel Club (AKC). These dogs are so expensive because they are considered a royal breed.

Yorkie overview

Its small, compact body is covered in long, smooth, fine, characteristic fur that almost completely covers its straight legs. Even though the hair of some show Yorkies reaches the ground, it should never impede the dog’s movements.

As for the color, the standard allows only one combination. Golden tawny on head and chest, with steel blue fur extending from head to base of the tail. Brown hairs should be dark at the root and lighter towards the tip. Other coat colors are classified as inappropriate by the breed standard.

Even though Yorkie is a small dog, it has a strong personality. He is a very cheerful and loving dog, devoted to his master, smart, and very daring. He is suspicious when it comes to strangers, which is why he often barks when he hears noises or sees new people. He is eager to follow his master wherever he goes, but if pampered too much he may become mischievous and disobedient.

A Yorkie can learn commands very quickly, but depending on how it perceives training, it may refuse to respond to commands. The secret to training is patience and persistence. The dog must be trained gently and the exercises must be consistent to get the four-legged friend to learn new things.

For this dog breed, bathing is mandatory and depends on the type of fur they have, but also on the environment they live in and how often they get dirty. Generally, a Yorkie is bathed once every two weeks or once a month. A special shampoo for dogs is used and, if necessary, a special conditioner for long or short hair is also used. If you want to keep its hair in great shape you can take it periodically to a professional groomer for a haircut.

Adopting vs. purchasing a dog

While the arrival of a pup into the life of a pet owner can be an exciting and challenging event, adopting an adult dog can also be a rewarding experience and, for many people, a more suitable option that they may not always consider.

Adoption of a dog

An adult dog may not be as adorable as a puppy, but it can prove to be easier to care for. A dog given a second chance often has the capacity to give unlimited love and will have already passed the early stages of training, which can be challenging with puppies.

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Advantages of adopting a dog

It is likely that an adult dog has already received basic training, although this is not always true and it is best to discuss this with the rescue shelter staff.

In adult dogs, their personality is already evident, so you can have a clearer idea of how such a dog will fit into your family.

Adopting a pet from a shelter means making room for another animal that can benefit from the shelter’s care. So, when you adopt, you save not only the life of your new companion, but you give another soul a chance at life.

The challenges of adopting a dog

If an adult dog needs a new home, it may mean that he has had a traumatic past, which can lead to difficult behaviors.

Older age can mean health problems, especially if the animal has not been well cared for, which can be costly. For example obesity, diabetes, vision or hearing loss, and dental problems.

Purchasing a dog

When you decide to get a puppy, there are several places you can go. For example, you can decide whether to go to an adoption center or a breeder for a purebred dog; if you decide to buy a puppy from a breeder, it’s a good idea to do your research to make sure they’re a registered and responsible breeder. You can find breeders through your local vet’s office or by contacting a kennel club. In general, it is recommended to avoid buying puppies from pet stores.

Advantages of buying a pet

If you choose a purebred puppy, you will be able to better predict his size and physical attributes for when he becomes an adult.

Training a puppy can be an important part of your bonding process.

You and your dog will likely have many happy years together.

The challenges of purchasing a puppy

Puppies are adorable but also destructive and exhausting. Don’t underestimate the time and dedication a puppy needs, nor the amount of work involved in training.

Puppies learn from every experience, which can be a very good thing, but it also means that they need your constant attention.

Puppies can be wonderful for children, but they need consistency. Children must understand that a puppy is not a toy and treat it with respect so that it does not develop bad habits.

Things to keep in mind if you want a dog

From the moment you decide you want a dog; you have to decide whether you will adopt or buy it. This is one of the essential questions: will you buy or adopt?

Once you have decided where you will pick up the much-desired puppy, you must prepare food and accessories. Dogs eat mainly wet and dry food, and wet food will be especially useful as a reward because puppies love it.Does Petsmart sell Yorkies

If you do not live alone, choosing a dog suitable for everyone in the family is important. If you have children, keep in mind that some dogs can be around children of all ages, some are better suited to older children, and some have no business in a home with children.

If you have other dogs or cats, you should choose a dog that gets along with them. Think about the personalities of your current pets and how they will get along with your new dog.

Final Thoughts and FAQs

How do I get a puppy?

Take into consideration adoption first, if you want to get a puppy. Ask your friends if they know anyone who can give a puppy for adoption or check at local animal shelters.

Is it worth owning a dog?

Absolutely yes, but only if you are ready to commit because you will have to sacrifice some things and you should be fine with that.

Does PetSmart sell puppies?

No, PetSmart does not sell puppies, but you can adopt a dog from PetSmart charities. You should ask your veterinarian or your local PetSmart shop about this option.

How can I get a dog at PetSmart?

If you want to get a dog at PetSmart, you have to check online whether any dogs are available for adoption at your local PetSmart charity.

How long does it take for a dog to adapt to a new owner?

A dog would need around three months to adapt to a new owner.

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