A Yorkie Poo, also referred to as Yorkiedoodle or a Yo-Yopoo, is not a pure-bread it’s a 50/50 cross in between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Small Poodle.

Due to the cross-breeding, it’s tough to predict the precise look of the small puppies. Some pups will get the Yorkshire look, while others may look more like the poodle.

This means that not every Yorkie poo will look or act the same.

yorkie Poo colorsUsually, a Yorkie Poo puppy is most likely to set you back anywhere from $400 to as high as $1,000. The costs will certainly depend upon its parents’ history, family, quality, colors, age, dog breeder, geographical location as well as additions with the fostering. A dog breeder with documents will always cost more than a backyard breeder with little documentation.

On online marketplaces, you might see the terms: F1, F2 or F3. F1 refers to half Yorkie and half Poodle, whereas an F2 refers to an F1 Yorkie-Poo reproduced with an F1 Yorkie-Poo. Finally, an F3 describes an F2 Yorkie-Poo reproduced with an F2 Yorkie-Poo. The higher the number, the more you’re likely to pay.

How much will the Yorkie Poo Cost?

One online animal classifieds site, has a number of Yorkie Poo listings, with prices varying anywhere from as low as $350 to as high as $850.

On another pet dog niche website, the costs range from $500 to $1,500.

What is going to be included in the fostering cost?

A reputable dog breeder should always, at least, include the registration documentation, updated inoculations, a health and wellness check, and a vet check-up from a registered veterinarian. If the dog is being delivered, your breeder should take into account the traveling dog crate also.

What are the additional costs?

If the pet dog needs to be delivered using an airline company or by ground, plan on spending an extra $200 to $300.

Just like any pet, be sure to factor in the reoccurring expenses such as food, accessories, veterinarian checks, brushing, obedience courses, canine resting, and medicine. Even if your dog is 100 percent healthy and balanced, it can still cost you well over $600 a year or much more if the pet were to come down with a disease.

Tips to know:

A Yorkie Poo generally is between six to 9 inches high and weighs around 4 to 14 pounds, depending on its genes.

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The average lifetime, if healthy and balanced, is close to 12 to 15 years. Because of being a reasonably brand-new breed, however, there is little data in regards to their health and wellness background.

The fur can be a white, black, grey, silver, or a mix of these colors, mostly relying on the genetics, but as they age, their fur slowly ends up being gray. Their tail can stand high or low, and once again, depending on its parents, the size and head will differ in dimension, similar to that of either the Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier.

This breed is not recognized by the AKC because it is deemed a “hybrid.” To put it nicely, it’s an overpriced “pooch.” It is recognized as a breed by the American Crossbreed Canine Club, Designer Pet Kennel Club, International Developer Pooch Registry, and the Designer Type Pc Registry.

It’s known as a great watchdog and will often tend to bark at any type of unidentified noise; nevertheless, they can be calmed down with training at a smaller age.

As a result of their small dimensions, you should carefully check your dog as it plays with children. The very same can be said about this dog and larger pets as the Yorkie Poo has a tendency to overestimate their size, testing various other dogs, regardless of how intimating they might be.

Even though they are known as hypoallergenic, you should still brush their hair to keep it free of any tangles and particles.

Although the dog is smaller than average, they still require enough time to play outdoors. Suitable for an apartment, be warned that they can bark regularly if they, once again, aren’t educated effectively.

As for its character, the Yorkie Poo is known to be proud, full of power, boldness, and knowledge. Also, gentle, loving as well as caring, they enjoy being around its proprietor at all times.

Common health issues that might arise consist of cataracts, dry eye, keratitis, dynamic retinal atrophy, and endocarditis.

How can I save cash?

Why invest close to a thousand bucks when you can invest less than $150 at a neighborhood shelter? Before thinking about a “breeder” dog, consider a neighborhood rescue and/or sanctuary to see if you can locate a dog that closely resembles this breed. It’s a wonderful way to support a neighborhood cause and also assist a dog genuinely in need.

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