How Much Does a Birth Certificate Cost?

The birth certificate is one of the most important documents a person will ever have, as it has information about their birth and is the original document that will be able to certify their birth circumstances. Many things in life can only be done if you have a birth certificate, like getting a passport or a driver’s license.

A replacement of your birth certificate can be issued by the responsible government entity if you ruin or displace it.

How much does a birth certificate cost?

The cost of getting a birth certificate copy from your state is, on average, anywhere between $5 and $50, although the exact fee will depend on each individual state. When you want to get a birth certificate copy, you will need to submit your social security card, as well as two forms of identification. Based on our research, each state has its own fees and you can check out the fees in the table below:

State Fees
Alabama $15 / $6 for additional
Alaska $30 / $25 for additional
Arizona $20 / $20 for additional
Arkansas $12 / $10 for additional
California $20
Colorado $17.75 / $10 for additional
Connecticut $20 / $15 for additional
Delaware $25
Florida $20.25 / $9 for additional
Georgia $25 / $9 for additional
Hawaii $10 / $4 for additional
Idaho $25
Illinois $10 in person or $15 online/fax/mail
Indiana $10 / $4 for additional
Iowa $20
Kansas $15
Kentucky $10
Louisiana $34
Maine $15 / $6 for additional
Maryland $24 / $12 for additional
Massachusetts $12
Michigan $8
Minnesota $26 / $19 for additional
Mississippi $34
Missouri $15 / $15 for additional
Montana $12 / $5 for additional
Nebraska $17
Nevada $33 / $20 for additional
New Hampshire $15 / $10 for additional
New Jersey $25
New Mexico $10
New York $15
North Carolina $24
North Dakota $7 / $4 for additional
Ohio $20 / $20 for additional
Oklahoma $15 / $15 for additional
Oregon $25 / $20 for additional
Pennsylvania $12 / $10 for additional
Rhode Island $25
South Carolina $12 / $3 for additional
South Dakota $20
Tennessee $12
Texas $10
Utah $24 / $12 for additional
Vermont $23
Virginia $15 / $15 for additional
Washington $20 / $15 for additional
West Virginia $23
Wisconsin $20 / $3 for additional
Wyoming $10 / $4 for additional

Keep in mind that the prices can also differ between different counties of the same state. The prices, although similar, can differ by small amounts between counties even though they look similar across the board for each state. For exact prices, you should get in touch with your local Health Department. The prices in this article are taken from the official websites of the Health Department.

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Birth certificate overview

Birth Certificate TemplateYour birth record is available at the local Department of Health building. Depending on your state, they might be able to release it via mail, fax, or email as well. You can use the CDC search as a way of finding where you can get your birth certificate.

There are similar protocols across states, although there are similar legal requirements to obtain a certified birth certificate in most states. Among the most important steps are filling out an application either in person or online, signing the application, showing a valid form of identification, and giving a reason why you need the certificate.

The average turnaround is between 30 and 60 days on average, although this will depend on each state’s rules and the demand.

The birth certificate includes important information like the full name, city or county you were born in, the time and date of birth, as well as the full name of your parents and your mother’s maiden name.

Depending on your state, there might be additional information on your certificate, like the name of children your parents may already have when you were born, some additional information on your parents, as well as the birthplaces of your parents.

Extra costs of the birth record

You will spend additionally if you need additional copies of each record. The fee is around 20 to 40 percent less than the first copy.

Some states offer rush orders. If you have this option, it will cost three to four times more, depending on each particular state’s rules.

Important things to consider

When you want to receive your driver’s license, claim benefits, join the military, enroll in some schools, apply for government benefits, apply for a passport, you will need to have your birth certificate.

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