Bocce Ball Court Cost

How Much Does a Bocce Ball Court Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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When constructing a court, professionals will likely use a combination of a top coat made of turf, crushed stone, sand, tennis court clay, or crushed oyster shells and rocks, according to HGTV.

Regardless of where you want to build it or its size, any court will have a weed cloth installed within the coat as a way of preventing weeds from ever growing on it, a set perimeter and a type of drainage system. It can turn into a weedy, mucky mess in months if it doesn’t have a weed cloth or proper drainage.

How Much Does a Bocce Ball Court Cost?

The cost of building a bocce ball court is anywhere between $19 and $30 when a professional is hired, depending on factors like the complexity of the project, your geographical location, the features needed, the type of materials you use to build the court, its size, as well as the contractor you work with.

If instead, you choose to take the project as a DIY job, you would spend as little as $6 to $13 per square foot, depending on the materials you go for. Don’t be surprised if you end up spending anywhere from $12,000 to $40,000 or more when hiring a professional contractor who has experience.

Bocce Builders of America features its prices on its official website and according to their pricing page, the cost will depend on the surface you choose and the type of court. They say they work all over the world. The bill will also depend on factors like access to the court to haul off the materials, the depth of the drain field, as well as the excavation job.

So if you’re going to use them for your project, they will charge $18.5 per square foot for the surfaces, while the full cost of the total installation job will be between $20,000 and $50,000 when you factor everything in.

An older ABCNews article featured a professional contractor who built and designed bocce ball courts, and according to them, you will probably spend about $7 per square foot when going for a DIY job, while paying the professional contractor and landscaping fees will get the price closer to $25 per square foot.

While most contractors charge more than $20,000 according to Houzz, the final cost will depend on the design you’re going for and its complications.

Building a bocce ball court

Bocce Ball Court ExampleThe contractor will usually start with the area where you plan to have the bocce court built, for most jobs. They will need to either haul away debris or cut away the sod, in order to level the area, depending on its particularities.

To avoid the balls rolling randomly while you’re playing the game, it is very important that you properly level the area. As soon as the professional has leveled the court, it will be measured out properly and then marked using spray paint. A regulation court isn’t really recommended due to its size.

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Most contractors will recommend that you go for a 10 by 60 feet court, or bigger. The court will be framed with the material you choose after it has been marked and measured. Usually, people go for synthetic wood, as it is considered a stronger side material for when the ball bounces off it, and is durable enough to withstand the elements.

However, if you have the necessary funds, then you can go for concrete, which is considered the best, but also the most expensive framing option. After it is framed, the next step is the installation of the base rock. This should be about three inches thick. It will be tamped down using a compactor.

To create a stronger surface, another layer will be added. It will be made of decomposed granite which will be compacted and then locked into place. The last layer is made from oyster shell powder. This is added to increase the speed of the balls when rolled on the playing surface and will be one inch thick. Tennis court clay, turf, stone dust, or sand can be used instead of oyster shell powder as well.

What are the extra costs?

If you need a bocce scoreboard, you should be prepared to pay between $75 and $300 or more, depending on what it is made from.

Maintenance of the court is pretty simple and straightforward once you’re done with its construction. It will only need some standard garden tools and a seven-inch drag broom to keep it in perfect condition.

Important things on bocce courts

According to experts, a regulation bocce ball court measures an impressive 91 by 13 feet. This makes it almost impossible for most people to build one in their backyard, as the available space is pretty limited. This is why most of the time, you’ll find that people hire contractors to build smaller courts that still mimic regulation sizes. It’s very common for typical backyard bocce ball courts to have measures of 10 by 60 feet.

How can I save money?

As long as you have a decent amount of knowledge, although it might sound scary, a DIY job isn’t as bad as some people think. There are a lot of resources showing you how to build one of these courts in your backyard, even if your experience is limited.

The guide from Home Depot and the DIY Network tutorial offer step-by-step instructions for bocce ball court construction in your backyard, suitable for those with minimal experience. While you can obtain the majority of necessary materials locally, items like oyster shells and flour might require sourcing from different locations.

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