How Much Does a Brooklyn Museum Wedding Cost?

The Brooklyn Museum is located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, United States, and is built on the unceded ancestral lands of the Lenape (Delaware) people. The Museum is one of the largest and most complex in the United States.

It is well known for its magnificent venues and inspiring weddings, due to its modern and stylish space with fascinating backdrops.

How much does a Brooklyn Museum wedding cost?

The average rental fee for planning the wedding at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum is somewhere around $35,000 for a five-hour event. These costs depend on the venue you are renting, the number of guests that will attend, and standard usage fees. For instance, there will be a membership fee of around $500 and a standard event usage fee for up to 250 guests that can cost around $7,000. If you will have a larger number of guests, the cost will increase.

The fee per person is around $60, which will not include menus, decor, lighting, and music. Also, depending on the size of the wedding, a staff fee of around $7,000 to $23,000 or more, will be charged. The staff fee depends on the number of guests.

According to the well-known lifestyle website TheCut.com, the fees for renting a venue at the Brooklyn Museum will be somewhere around $40,000.

Ceremony and reception hall location options

There are two wedding venues available for rental at the Brooklyn Museum. Each one has a different capacity for guests and a unique beauty.

First, with a slightly lower guest capacity is the Martha A. Robert S, Rubin Pavilion, and Loby. For a standing cocktail reception, the facility can accommodate 500 attendees, 300 seats for a ceremony, 250 seats for a wedding dinner, or 200 guests for a seated and dancing wedding. This contemporary, stylish venue boasts an extended transparent glass pavilion overlooking the inviting public square. The main pavilion beautifully blends the building’s historical and modern components, making it a perfect place for a wedding.

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The second venue is the Beaux-Arts Court, which can accommodate even more people. With a surface of 10,000 square feet, this venue can perfectly fit 880 seats for a ceremony, and 660 seats for a wedding dinner and dancing. The venue is two floors tall, rising 60 feet above the floor to end with a stunning skylight and middle chandelier. Historically significant, the Beaux-Arts Court also provides modern conveniences such as air conditioning, and a modern lighting system. Also, they have a bridal suite available.

Extra costs related to venue rental

Brooklyn Museum wedding at nightIf you require an extra day to prepare the venue, this is possible for a fee of $7,000.

There is a five-hour facility rental policy. If the wedding event exceeds this time an extra fee of $3,000 will be charged.

An additional fee of $20 per guest will be incurred if the number of guests exceeds the initial number stipulated in the contract.

Flowers, lighting, and other decorations are definitely an extra expense to consider. Depending on the couple’s wishes, the costs can go from $3,000 up to $7,000.

Menus are also a significant expense. The Brooklyn Museum has exclusive arrangements with specific caterers, and depending on the preference of the future spouses, this fee may cost thousands of dollars for a range of 250 to 300 guests.

Also, take into consideration that you will need music. The cost will depend on the DJ that you hire or the band for live music.

For an additional fee, you have the possibility to have a wedding photo shoot inside the museum galleries.

Important things about this wedding venue

As we mentioned above, the Brooklyn Museum has a full contract with catering services such as Great Performances. Also, they exclusively collaborate with Eventlights, Inc., for lighting customization and decor. GGMC Parking, the museum’s parking provider, could make special parking reservations. If the couple has specific preferences that are not met by the Brooklyn Museum collaborators, it is possible to turn to other suppliers as long as they respect the venue’s guidelines.

When completing a venue rental application, the Brooklyn Museum demands a museum membership. When submitting the rental requirement, personal contact information is needed, as well as the date and the wedding details. After the Brooklyn Museum receives the form, the couple will be contacted by the museum’s special events coordinator in order to schedule an appointment for an in-person visit. This meeting is possible during the normal working hours.

Weddings are accepted at the Brooklyn Museum while the museum is closed to the public and not in use for exhibitions. Also, renting the venues on holiday weekends, Museum holidays, or the first weekend of the month is not possible.

Book a date far in advance to increase your chances of getting the ideal date.

There may be some restrictions when it comes to the type of music. It is recommended to check with the art museum about this aspect.

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