European Mounts Cost

How Much Does a European Mount Cost?

A European mount, called a skull mount by many, is ideal for the sportsman who likes hunting. It can be done in a short period of time, takes up less room and it’s not that expensive. These have gained so much popularity in recent years thanks to these factors and the creativity of the taxidermist.

How much does a European skull mount cost?

Some years ago, the cost of a European skull mount was around $350 and the entire job would take four and a half to five months to be completed.

Nowadays, the average price to have a shoulder mount for a white-tailed deer in the United States is at least $550, in general being almost $700. Though, the average price for a skull mount is just $200, including a plaque and other mounts. In case you choose to have only the skull mount itself done, you will have to pay around $90.

As you can see, it can become costly for a serious hunter who consistently harvests mature bucks every year. Moreover, full shoulder mounts take up much more space than skull mounts.

Skull mounts overview

Skull Mount ExampleSkull mounts are very popular also for how fast the turnaround is. Usually, only the preparation of a shoulder mount takes several months before it is completed. To get an idea, the buck is harvested in the fall and the hunter has to wait until spring to be ready for the taxidermist. But the waiting is well worth it.

On the other hand, a skull mount can be completed in a few days. Most hunters enjoy this thing because the hunt’s excitement is still there compared to several months when their attention is focused on other things like spring fishing or turkey hunting.

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According to most taxidermists, skull mounts gained popularity in the last ten to twelve years. However, the number of shoulder mounts is still higher. For instance, the average number of shoulder mounts realized in one year is 150, while the number of skull mounts is almost 40.

The greatest impact the quick turnaround has is from the people who do skull mount as an additional income source and for the do-it-yourself individuals. One individual does anywhere between forty and fifty mounts per season. Some individuals use a bug box for setting the skull down in and letting the bugs clean the skull, while others use a sharp knife and power washer before the skull’s whitening process. No matter which route they chose, the process is completed fast, enabling them to earn some extra money.

All-round display

Last but not least, European skull mounts became so popular thanks to the versatile options for displaying the trophy.

A skull mount can be displayed in many ways. Some can be simply placed on the top of kitchen cabinets for decoration, while others are placed on coffee tables or on various natural pieces like handmade wooden plaques, old fence posts, and driftwood.

Also, you can purchase a manufactured mount and display the skull mount on it. For example, you can choose between the Skull Hooker Desk Mount or Skull Hooker Wall Mount models. Both of them stay secure and are easy to display or hang on a solid surface. Plus, they look stylish for your family, visitors, or friends to admire.

Final words

Hunting is not just about harvesting the animal. It is more about making memories, respect for the harvest, and showing recognition that you have been lucky enough to bring a trophy home and have something to present to your family and friends. So, the next time you are thinking about throwing away those horns, you should consider a European mount because it is a cost-effective way to display your harvest.

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