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How Much Does a Jumbotron Cost?

When you want to be in trend and have the coolest gadgets at your event, look into renting a jumbotron. This is the newest, very sought-after, and modern way to share images, presentations/promotional videos, or anything else you want to show your audience.

Jumbotrons, known as LED screens, TV Screens, or Digital OOH represent the most versatile and flexible form of outdoor advertising. Digital billboards allow the advertising message to be changed whenever and wherever desired.

The capabilities of LED panels allow, in addition to displaying advertisements, time and date display, conditional content (weather, temperature), social media integration, time remaining until an event, live updates, and more.

How Much Does a Jumbotron Cost?

The cost to rent a mobile Jumbotron (mobile LED screen) is somewhere between $4,100 to $15,100 per day. This price will depend on various factors including the distance from the vendor, the size of the screen, and the pixel pitch.

The cost of a jumbotron that is fixed (modular LED screen) would start at around $5,100 per day and increase from there. In general, modular screens are built on-site and cost much more for short-period rental times because significant labor cost is involved. As it is smaller, a mini Jumbotron would usually usually cost less than a bigger screen.

Factors affecting the cost


You may offset some of your rental expenses by selling Jumbotron advertising, even though this will not reduce the costs of your rental directly.

Screen structure

Regardless of whether you choose a modular or mobile display, the structure that supports your screen should be high quality. Usually, mobile screens come at a lower cost because they are more portable and pre-built. Also, they are limited by the space available at the venue.

These panels are made of small LED tiles which are installed with aluminum supports at the venue, allowing them to be assembled in places where mobile screens could not fit in. In case you want to rent a mobile screen, make sure there is enough space for installation at the venue.

Long term contracts

Most Jumbotron rental companies offer discounts for long-term contracts as this will save energy and time for both parties. It is recommended to ask about long-term pricing in case you are worried about paying high prices. Most contractors are able to customize their offer according to your needs.

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Pixel pitch

In general, the pixel pitch of a video board is measured in millimeters and represents the distance between two pixels on the LED display. In order to have a higher quality image, it would be ideal for this number to be low. So, if you want to get lower rental prices, you should ask for a higher pixel pitch. But pay attention to the fact that spectators have to be further away to get a clear view of the screen if the pitch is high.

The size of the screen

As you would expect, the rental price for a small screen will be lower than for a large screen. But make sure it is large enough so your audience can have a clear image. For instance, it is recommended to choose a screen that has a size of a minimum of 17 feet if you have more than five hundred viewers.


You can reduce your rental costs by working voluntarily at events that need camera operators. This will help the renting companies reduce their labor expenses during the event. But if you don’t have experience in this field, then the video quality can be affected.

Important things about screen Jumbotrons

Stadium JumbotronJumbotron screens (LED video screens) can be used as outdoor or indoor advertising panels, monitoring for events, stages, or clubs. An LED screen can be configured from modules, depending on each requirement.

The indoor ones are at a more affordable price, while the outdoor ones are more expensive, due to the advanced technology used to make them. The price also differs depending on the resolution, i.e., the distance between the LEDs. Choose a modular led screen specially configured for each application.

Jumbotrons have the great advantage that they can run an unlimited number of advertising spots, which replay at a certain time interval for the benefit of viewers and potential customers.

The impact of graphic advertising on this type of video wall is very high. Very good visibility both during the day and at night, is ensured by a high-class technology.

For what type of events can Jumbotron displays be useful?

You can use LED screen rental services for video display at corporate events such as conferences, brand promotion, product launches, partners, activations, and promotions or:

  • festivals;
  • concerts;
  • video scoreboard Jumbotron for stadiums or arenas;
  • broadcasting of films or large displays;
  • private events;
  • games presentation and sporting events;
  • sponsor panels.
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