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How Much Does a Peacock Feather Cost?

Unexpected and extravagant, the peacock feather print immediately attracts all eyes, whether it appears on clothes or accessories. The extravagant mix of colors of the peacock feather could not fail to attract the attention of designers who have been using this motif for a long time on their clothes and accessories. And as the stars have to attract all eyes, this particular trend conquered them immediately.

If you don’t want to go unnoticed at the next party, you can rely on outfits that include peacock feathers.

How Much Does a Peacock Feather Cost?

The price of a peacock feather will be affected by factors such as the place you buy it from, the number of feathers you need, and the type of feathers. The average cost of peacock feathers is between $5 and $80 per one hundred pack of feathers which means that just one peacock feather costs somewhere between $.05 and $.8.

For instance, you will find shops that sell a 100-pack of peacock eye feathers, that measure more than 35” for anywhere between $80 and $100, while for a 12-pack of natural peacock feathers, you will have to pay anywhere between $8 and $17.

The cost of peacock feather items would start at around $7 and go up to $70, on the Featherstore.com website.

In the table below you will find the average costs of different types of peacock feathers.

Type of product
Price Range
Swords $30 to $75 per 100
Rounds $45 to $60 per dozen
Flue (Herl) $35 to $130 per yard
Plumage $10 to $30 each

Peacock feathers – short presentation

A peacock’s tail contains over 200 feathers, each feather being decorated with spots that resemble eyes. The male peacock has blue and green feathers on his head, neck, and chest.

On the other hand, the female peacock does not have feathers in bright colors like the male. It has a banal appearance, as is the case with many species of birds. The feathers of the female are brown, those on the abdomen being a little lighter in color, and on the neck, they have a portion of iridescent green.

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Peacock feathers can be used for decorative purposes, from decorating the house to the composition of floral arrangements, clothing creations, or jewelry.

Usually, you can purchase peacock feathers online via specialty craft stores, on Amazon, or on eBay. Before buying, just make sure you verify the retailer’s reputation and check the customer reviews.

Interesting facts about peacocks and their feathers

One Peacock FeatherThe peacock is a bird usually considered a symbol of vanity, just as its splendor is a clear reference to royalty.

The peacock is a bird that carries with it huge symbolism. Its large size, its beautiful shape and its wonderful colors directly represent paradise. Analyzing more deeply the symbolic meaning of the peacock, we will discover that its feathers symbolize the immortality of the soul, the triumph over death, the longevity of life, as well as the capacity for inner regeneration and astral transmutation.

Every year, during the winter, all the feathers of this bird fall, so that new and healthier ones are created.

in the spring. For this reason, the peacock has become a symbol of rebirth in the mysticism of many cultures, just like the famous Phoenix bird.

For Christians, the peacock has a very characteristic meaning. They see in the peacock’s tail the meaning of omniscience, that is, of God who sees all. The pattern of designs on the tail of these birds represents the stars, planets, and the universe.

In the Buddhist religion, the peacock signifies the purity of life and good luck. Its feathers symbolize the purification of the soul within Buddhist religious formalities.

In Hinduism, the image of the peacock is characterized as a deity that attracts prosperity. This bird is associated with the goddess Lakshmi: the feathers represent her qualities: kindness, patience, prosperity, and luck.

Which are the additional expenses?

Usually, peacock feathers are used as a decorative material for a piece of material or clothing. Depending on the type of job that you plan to perform, you may need extra patterns or materials.

Some types of peacock feathers can be used to create various hairstyles. In case you need a stylist to do this job, you will have to pay anywhere between $10 and $50 for it.

Tips for saving money

In general, the more you buy, the more you are able to save per feather. So, try to buy in bulk if you need more than one hundred feathers.

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