Recycling Bin Cost

How Much Does a Recycling Bin Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

At the moment, a change is desired at the global level, which consists of better protecting nature. One simple thing each of us can do is to collect selectively. Thus, trash can manufacturers have created models that can have two or three containers to facilitate the waste recycling process.

The recycling bin is one of the elements that should not be missing from any household. There are many models to choose from like stainless steel, with or without a pedal, in different volumes, or with compartments for selective recycling.

How Much Does a Recycling Bin Cost?

A recycling bin costs, on average, anywhere between $15 and $200. However, you may get this for free from your garbage service provider or local city. For instance, in Mesa, Arizona citizens are offered recycling bins for free.

But if you still need to purchase a recycling bin, you can find a NINESTARS automatic touchless infrared motion sensor recycle bin with D shape silver/black lid and stainless base, 18 gallons capacity on Amazon at the price of around $75 to 170, depending on the current promotion/discount being held. On the same website, the popular Rubbermaid FG571873 18-gallon bin is sold for $40 to $70.

Another popular recycle bin designed for home use is the Simple Human recycling bin, that cost anywhere between $75 and $170, depending on the size.

In the table below you can find the average prices for some of the most common types of recycling bins.

Type of Recycling Bin Average Price
Recycle Bin Cart on Wheels $40.25 to $138
Trash Can Recycle Bin Combo $115 to $460
Classroom Recycling Bins $34.50 to $230+
Wall Mounted Recycle Bins $86.25 to $345
Event Recycling Bins $143.75 to $460
Larger Recycling Bins $143.75 to $575+
Deskside Recycling Bins $8.05 to $46
Cafeteria Recycling Bins $69 to $460+
Stackable Recycle Bins $46 to $115 each
Office Recycling Bins $115 to $345

Recycling bin overview

The specialty market offers you different types of bins for collecting waste suitable for any environment of use – internal or external. By putting waste separately in such trash cans, recycling will be much easier and, therefore, the level of water and air pollution will decrease.

There are bins for indoor and outdoor recycling, and some models are ready to be used in both situations. You should know that you will choose them depending on the place where you will use them, but for easy storage, buy the right colored bins and keep in mind that you have to store the garbage  according to the category.

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There are selective collection bins that are specially compartmentalized for all types of waste: paper, plastic, glass, and household waste. This will allow you to sort the organic waste from the rest of the recyclable waste. Thus, plastic, paper, and glass are sorted easily, efficiently, and in a healthy way for the environment.

Important things about trash collection and recycling

Recycling Bin for PlasticYou will choose the dimensions of the bin according to the needs you have for storing waste – depending on the space in which you want to place it, you will notice that you have a choice between different heights, depths, and widths. In terms of capacity, in specialized stores, you will usually find bins of 2.6 to 290 gallons.

You can choose solid waste recycling bins equipped with sensors, which allow automatic opening of the lids. In some models, it is the voice that determines the activation of the sensor, with commands like “Open can”. There are also models that open when you move your hands in front of the basket, or that open in both ways. Such bins work with alkaline batteries.

You can choose a luxury recycling bin brand to help you maintain hygiene in your home. For example, a stainless-steel bin covered with nano-silver will be protected from fingerprints and, moreover, will protect you against germs that can affect your health.

For comfort, go for a trash bin provided with special storage space to be able to store garbage bags, with metal support and adjustable legs.

If you choose outdoor trash recycling bins, they must be made of strong materials, resistant to all environmental factors, temperature differences, and strong sun or frost.

Tips for saving money

Call and ask your local city waste management representatives or garbage center if they can offer a recycling bin for free or for a lower rate.

Also, check if your local city recycling programs offer any additional incentives to those who recycle. There are some cities that offer points that residents can use at different local retailers.

In order to save on your monthly bills, take into consideration using a public recycling bin instead of using a service.

Keep track of how many items you are planning to recycle, so you will be able to know what size of the recycling bin to buy.

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