How Much Does a Bagster Pickup Cost?

Last Updated on February 8, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Knowing the cost for a Bagster pickup is key when deciding if this debris removal service is the right flexible waste solution for your residential cleanup or home renovation cleanup project.

The Bagster pickup cost can vary based on your location, the amount and type of waste disposal you need, and additional service fees. This guide breaks down the Bagster bag price and pickup fees to help you budget for waste removal.

Bagster provides an alternative to renting a full-size dumpster for projects that generate lighter loads of trash, junk, or yard waste. The Bagster bag holds 3 cubic yards (about a pickup truck bed full) of waste and can be placed anywhere on your property without taking up your whole driveway or yard.

This construction debris bag solution allows you to simply order the bag, fill it up with debris, and schedule a collection. There’s no long-term commitment, and you only pay for one pickup instead of a weekly rental.

Bagster services are offered through Waste Management, so you get the infrastructure of a major waste collection service behind an affordable, flexible trash and debris disposal option.

How Much Does a Bagster Pickup Cost?

With Bagster pickup rates varying so much by location, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price, but the national average is $129 per bag picked up. Here are some general Bagster cost ranges:

  • Major Cities: $150 – $225 per pickup due to higher landfill/disposal fees and traffic congestion.
  • Rural and Suburban Areas: $99 – $175 per bag depending on region. Lower than urban areas.
  • Same Day or Priority Pickup: Expect fees of $20 – $50 for expedited pickup.
  • Additional Services: Overweight bags incur a $50 – $150 fee. Fees for spill cleanup or prohibited materials may also apply.

Bagster pickup is more affordable than renting a traditional 15+ cubic yard dumpster for smaller loads. Full dumpsters cost $350 – $750+ for rental and haul away depending on locale.

The main factors that affect cost is how much your local Waste Management franchise charges for pickup and disposal. This is driven by landfill and labor costs in your area. Areas with limited landfill access and high labor costs have the highest Bagster pickup rates.

At Trash Can Willy‘s, the cost of Bagster pick-up ranges from $119 to $199 per pick-up, with the bags themselves costing $29.99 and up, depending on the store.

The average cost to dispose of a pickup truck’s worth of junk and debris using Bagster is between $140 and $180, with pickup charges averaging $180. There are also additional fees such as a booking fee of $8.

The average prices for Bagster pickup service, at Sourgum, range between $100 and $300, with additional costs for picking up multiple bags. The initial price of the Bagster bag itself is $29.99, and the collection fees quickly add up, especially if multiple pickups are required.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bagster Pickup

Several factors affect what you’ll pay for Bagster collection and pickup:

Bagster Bag Price

The upfront cost is $29.95 per Bagster bag. This covers delivery of the empty heavy-duty bag to your home. There are no additional delivery fees.

Size and Weight

Each Bagster bag holds 3 cubic yards of debris, or about 3,300 pounds. As long as you remain within this weight limit and capacity, there are no overage fees. Exceeding either limit can result in additional pickup and disposal costs.

Waste Type

The Waste Management Bagster bag is designed for standard waste like DIY cleanup debris, home improvement materials, yard trimmings, and other bulk items. Hazardous materials, dirt, concrete, and liquids are prohibited.

Pickup Fees

This is where pricing varies the most. Waste Management bases pickup pricing on your location. National averages range from $99 to $199 per bag depending on where you live. Contact Waste Management for an accurate local pickup rate.

Additional Services

You may incur fees if you require additional services like overweight bag removal or cleanup if the bag rips. Always read the full terms to understand potential fees.

How to Schedule Bagster Pickup

Bagster BagScheduling Bagster collection is designed to be simple. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Purchase the Bagster bag through the website or by calling Waste Management. Provide your address for delivery (free for most areas).
  2. Once delivered, fill the bag with approved debris. It’s recommended to keep materials loose so contents can settle. Don’t overfill above the top.
  3. When ready for pickup, schedule online or by phone. You can choose a date up to 2 weeks out. Same or next day pickup may be available for an extra fee.
  4. Keep the bag accessible. Place it somewhere the collection truck can easily access on your pickup date.
  5. Your Bagster will be removed on your scheduled date during normal business hours. Check it’s empty before considering the pickup complete.

Pro Tips:

  • Schedule pickup 1-2 days before completely filling the bag to allow for settling time.
  • Load heavier debris like concrete at the bottom for stability.
  • For yard waste, let materials dry out before adding to your Bagster.
  • Consolidate waste from smaller containers to maximize space.

Additional Bagster Fees

Aside from local pickup pricing, be aware of these other potential fees:

  • Overweight Fee – $50 – $150 if bag exceeds weight limit of 3,300 pounds
  • Prohibited Materials – Cleanup and disposal fees for banned waste like dirt, hazardous chemicals, liquids.
  • Pickup Reschedule – $10-$20 fee if you must reschedule inside 2 business days of pickup.
  • Rental Period – Storage fees apply if bag isn’t picked up after 2 weeks from delivery.

Always check Waste Management’s terms and pricing list for your area before using the Bagster® service. Make sure you understand any possible additional charges.

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Alternatives to Bagster

While the Bagster pickup service provides an intermediate option between DIY waste hauling and full dumpster rental, it isn’t the only choice. Here are a few other waste removal alternatives and when they might make sense:

  • Trash Collection – For homeowners who only have 1-2 standard garbage cans of waste each week.
  • Junk Hauling – For smaller loads of waste that would fit in a pickup truck or single trailer. More flexible than Bagster but may require more effort.
  • Full Dumpster Rental – For large construction, renovation, or estate cleanup projects generating over 3 cubic yards of materials. More capacity but also higher rental fees.
  • On Demand Removal – Service where you schedule on-demand pickup of individual items or bags as needed instead of a full container. More flexibility but potentially more costly over time.

Consider how much waste you’re generating, timeline, budget, and convenience when choosing the best debris removal services for your needs. Bagster can provide a nice middle ground option between DIY and dumpster options.

Final Words

The Bagster pickup cost offers an affordable and adaptable solution for small to medium home cleanup and renovation projects generating 1-3 yards of debris. With Bagster prices ranging from a low nationwide average of $99 per pickup to $225+ in some metro regions, it fits nicely between DIY waste hauling and full dumpster rental for many homeowners’ needs and budgets.

The exact rate you’ll pay depends primarily on local landfill, labor, and logistics costs where you live. But you’re likely to spend $100-$200 per bag picked up in most cases. As long as you follow loading guidelines and don’t incur any overweight or contamination fees, Bagster provides a convenient waste removal experience without rental contracts or hidden fees. Just order, fill, schedule, and simply pay one pickup fee to meet your debris disposal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far does Bagster pickup go?

Bagster pickup is available anywhere within Waste Management’s servicing area. They have over 250 different local and regional franchises across the US and Canada.

As long as you are within a WM service territory, they will deliver and pick up the Bagster bag from your home or business location. Specific service distances vary by location.

Can I put a couch in a Bagster?

Yes, a couch can fit inside a Bagster as long as you follow weight limits and loading guidelines. The Bagster dumpster bag holds up to 3300 lbs total. A typical couch weighs between 100-300 lbs.

To make it fit, try breaking down the couch into components (remove legs, cushions etc) and load it near the bottom of the bag so contents can settle around it. A good rule of thumb is if you can lift it yourself, it can likely fit in the Bagster. Just avoid overfilling.

How long does it take to pick up Bagsters?

Bagster pickup timeframes depend on your scheduled date. When you request a pickup, you can choose a date up to 2 weeks out. Same or next day pickup may be available for an additional rush fee.

On the scheduled date, the Bagster is usually collected sometime during normal business hours. So, most pickups occur within a 1-day timeframe after being scheduled. Overall, plan on 1-14 days from scheduling to collection depending on selected date.

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