Bagster Pickup Cost

Bagster Pickup Cost

The Bagster is a Waste Management product and can be described as an innovative, on-demand way to dispose of any type of waste. For DIY enthusiasts or professional contractors with large dumpsters that are too big for the task at hand, this cost-effective solution allows them to remove their wastes quickly and easily from anywhere they please.

The Bagster is an alternative to the large metal dumpsters that many businesses and homeowners turn to when they need a place for their garbage. A simple way of disposing of your trash, these bags are big enough to hold full-sized items like drywall or cabinets while still being flexible in form so as not to cause property damage.

How much does the Waste Management Bagster pickup cost?

Waste Management has created the Bagster, which is convenient for those who are too busy to keep up with their trash. With this service, you pay a monthly pickup fee and Waste Management will collect your bags at scheduled times of convenience. Most quotes range from $99-$129 per bag, depending mostly on your area.

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Before you can start the trash pickup process, however, there are a few steps to take. First of all, you need an official Bagster bag that will set you back about $30 and is available at the majority of big stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. It’s important to note here that Waste Management claims the average cost of cleanup starts at around $140 and only goes up from there.

Sherry at YoungHouseLove had a great experience with the Bagster bag and now says it’s worth every penny. With $20 off of her purchase, she was able to pay just $80 for pickup. This, nevertheless, didn’t include the initial expense for the bag itself, which was $29.

Bagster details

Rid your home of the trash, hassle, and cost that come with a bulky bin. The Waste Management Garbage Bag is easy to use: just buy it at any local retailer and fill it up with 3,300 pounds of waste; schedule pickups either online or by phone – they’ll be anywhere from 6-8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday; you won’t even have to be present when the truck comes.

One of the best things about The Bagster bag is that it has no time limit. This means you can collect your debris without worrying about a specific date for pickup. This durable bag made of woven material that comes in just one size, measuring 3 cubic yards worth of space. You will be able to fill it up with any type of debris.

Tips to remember

Bagster BagThe Bagster can hold one cubic yard of heavy materials (brick, rock, dirt, concrete sand, and gravel) that cannot fit in a standard dumpster. It is designed to be placed anywhere within 16 feet of the driveway or street.

Waste Management will come and pick up your Bagster bag using a large truck mounted with an overhead crane. This crane can reach 16 feet away from the edge of the street, driveway, or alley, even over five-foot fences. All you need to do is place your Bagster next to any side that’s close enough for our driver to easily access it with their hook.

Waste Management does have some exceptions for items customers cannot place inside the Bagster bags. These questionable materials include mostly toxic and hazardous substances such as paint, batteries, oil, fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts, electronics, appliances yard waste (in certain areas), railroad ties, tires, food, wastes, medical wastes, chemicals, pesticides, etc.

These helpful services are only available in certain areas. Waste Management has a list of zip codes on their website so you can see if they service your area. For safety reasons, they will keep the bag upon collection.

How can you save some money?

The Bagster company offers discounts for additional bags at pickup. A typical discount is about 40% off for all the bags, excluding the first one. You can usually find a $20 coupon online if you search on Google for “Bagster Coupon Code”.

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