Seabreacher Cost

How much does a Seabreacher cost?

The California-based company, Innespace Production designed and manufactured a semi-submersible watercraft powered by a jet ski engine, called Seabreacher.

This is a safe and stable watercraft, a unique mix between a two-seat mini-submarine and a jet ski, that can jump into the air doing great tricks, reach a top speed of more than 50 miles per hour and dive five to six feet for up to thirty seconds.

How much does a Seabreacher cost?

The cost of a Seabreacher starts at around $85,000 and goes up to more than $100,000, depending on several factors and features you go for.

Seabreacher overview

The Seabreacher is positively buoyant, an amazing vessel that looks like sea animals, but its heart is a 4-stroke, 1500cc, supercharged Rotax ACE engine. This machine has a standard engine of 230 HP, but it can be upgraded to 300 HP.

The engine is paired with a high-performance jet pump which uses an impeller and a ride plate. The pump creates the force that pushes the vehicle further under or in the water. Also, this pump is equipped with a reverse bucket for moving the machine backward.

When talking about the sizes, the Seabreacher weighs around 1450 pounds, has a width of only 42 inches, and a length of 190 to 200 inches. On the other hand, a regular jet ski has a length of 110 to 150 inches and a width of 45 to 50 inches.

Seabreacher’s airplane-like cockpit accommodates two bucket seats, one for a passenger and one for the driver behind or in front of it. By pressing a button, the enclosed cockpit can be covered with a hatch.

In contradistinction to regular jet skis that are made to run on the water surface, the Seabreacher is designed to move in three axes, similar to an airplane. To better understand, this vehicle can not only move left and right, but it can also dive five to six feet under the water, and even jump out of the water.

Moreover, it can do a full 360-degree barrel roll and various tricks such as yaws and rolls.

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You can control the Seabreacher by hand sticks and pedals. The hand sticks move the machine backward and forward. Though, these are connected to the front wings as well.

Also, there are two pedals in the cockpit that you can use to turn the machine left and right on a level axis.

This powerboat can be used both in fresh and salt water. It can be launched from a trailer on a regular boat ramp.

Types of Seabreacher

There are three different models of Seabreacher and we will discuss the specifics of each of these in the following lines.

Seabreacher Z Characteristics

As it comes with a fully retractable snorkel, the Seabreacher Z is the most advanced model in the fleet. It can even do 360-degree barrel rolls on top of the water thanks to this characteristic.

Moreover, it is available in three different designs, including Shark, Orca, and Dolphin.

Standard characteristics of the Z model include:

  • Fuel capacity: 14 gallons (52L);
  • Two seats;
  • Approximate weight: 1450lb (657.71kg);
  • Rotax ACE 1500cc 4-stroke engine;
  • Height: 45 inches (1.14m) *Snorkel Down;
  • 230 HP Supercharged;
  • Wingspan: 78 inches (1.98m);
  • Quiet, low-emission engine;
  • Width: 42 inches (1.06m);
  • Length: 192 to 200 inches (4.82m-5.08m).

Seabreacher X Characteristics

The Seabreacher X has a slightly long, shark-style body, with mouth-shaped underwater view ports and a pointed nose. Also, the sharp fins and the paint job of a Seabreacher X make it look like real ocean animals such as sharks and dolphins.

When talking about its characteristics, the X model is similar to the Y model, except the latter is ten inches longer.

Seabreacher Y Characteristics

The Seabreacher Y model is also known as the “orca model” and there is a good reason behind it. The sizes of this machine are similar to those of a real orca. Also, we should mention its functioning blowhole, rounded fins, and realistic paint job.

Standard characteristics of the Seabreacher Z include:

  • Powder-coated hardware (custom);
  • Redesigned Orca style body;
  • Fully upholstered interior (custom);
  • Standard Orca paint scheme;
  • Bluetooth Marine audio system;
  • Larger rounded wings and a functioning blowhole;
  • Tinted panoramic hatch;
  • Fully vectored jet nozzle.

The key specifications of the Seabreacher Y include:

  • Approximate weight: 1450lb (657.71kg);
  • Two seats;
  • Height: 58 inches (1.47m);
  • 4-stroke, 1500cc, supercharged and intercooled Rotax ACE engine;
  • Wingspan: 78 inches (1.98m);
  • Performance: 230 HP (300 HP – opt.);
  • Width: 42 inches (1.06m);
  • Length: 190 inches (4.82m);
  • Fuel capacity: 14 gallons (52L).

Customization options for a Seabreacher

In case you want to customize your Seabreacher, you can choose from the following options available for all models:

  • Portable Cooling Unit;
  • 300 HP Performance Upgrades;
  • Custom Airbrushing;
  • Custom Aluminum Trailer;
  • Lifting Cradle / Yacht Mount;
  • Depth Finder;
  • Custom Boat Cover;
  • LED Speaker Upgrade;
  • VHF Radio;
  • Waterproof headsets.

Seabreacher FAQs

What is the lowest price for a Seabreacher?

Seabreacher Ship OrcaThe cost of a Seabreacher starts at $85,000.

Can I purchase a Seabreacher?

Yes, you can buy your own Seabreacher. Still, you should keep in mind that it is not available for immediate acquisition because each machine is carefully hand built according to the client’s specific requirements.

Can I rent a Seabreacher?

Yes, you can rent a Seabreacher from many luxury holiday resorts across the world and from some rental stores across the states.

How much does it cost to rent a Seabreacher?

Plan on spending $100 to $220 for renting a Seabreacher for ten minutes.

Who manufactures the Seabreacher?

The Seabreacher is produced by Innes Production, a California-based company founded in 1997 by Rob Innes and Dan Piazza.

Where is the Seabreacher produced?

The Seabreachers are produced in Redding, Northern California.

How many Seabreachers are produced in a year?

You may be surprised, but only twenty machines are produced per year.

Can I purchase a Seabreacher outside of the USA?

Yes, you can purchase a Seabreacher anywhere in the world as this vehicle and its trailer can fit in a standard twenty feet container.

What size is a Seabreacher?

A Seabreacher measures 58” in height, 42” in width, and 190 to 200” in length.

When was the Seabreacher launched?

The Seabreacher was launched on the market in 1997. Though, the concept of the VASH (variable attitude submersible hydrofoil) was first invented in the ‘80s by Dennis Kaiser and Thomas Rowe.

How many people can fit in a Seabreacher?

A Seabreacher can accommodate two people as it has two bucket seats, one for a passenger and one for the driver.

What type of fuel does the Seabreacher use?

A Seabreacher consumes gasoline, but you can find more information about it in the operator’s manual.

What speed does a Seabreacher reach?

A Seabreacher reaches 20 to 25 mph underwater and more than 50 mph on the water’s surface.

Does a Seabreacher have speakers?

Yes, the standard Seabreacher comes with a complete Kicker Bluetooth audio system including four marine speakers.

Does a Seabreacher have AC?

Yes, starting with 2018 Seabreachers are available with an optional air conditioning (AC) system.

How can I drive a Seabreacher?

It will take you some time to get used to driving a Seabreacher. It is equipped with hand sticks for moving the machine backward and forward. Also, these are connected to the front wings.

When you push the hand sticks forward the center of the machine will be sucked underwater, while when you pull on both of them the machine will back up on the surface.

For rolling the Seabreacher you will have to pull on one stick while pushing the other one forward.

The jet nozzle is moved on a level axis with the help of the pedals. When you move the pedals right and left the jet nozzle will move right and left. Ultimately, this directed force will cause the machine to turn right and left.

When you push both pedals forward the jet nozzle turns downwards, which forces the Seabreacher to dive under the water. On the other hand, pulling the pedals back turns the nose up, which determined the vehicle to return from its dive.

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