How Much Does a Snake Bite Piercing Cost?

Last Updated on May 16, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With their bold symmetrical placement and eye-catching style, snake bite piercings have emerged as a popular facial adornment choice among fashion-forward youth and alternative culture enthusiasts. But what exactly can someone expect to pay to have this trendy “venomous” dual lower lip piercing done safely and professionally?

This in-depth guide examines snake bite piercing costs from every pricing angle – initial procedure fees, jewelry options, location differences, appropriate training credentials for piercers, what to expect during the process, essential aftercare following piercings, low-risk jewelry materials, warning signs of unprofessional studios, FAQs on pain and recovery timeframes, and tips for maximizing the overall investment made in this aesthetic yet risky enhancement.

How Much Does a Snake Bite Piercing Cost?

Average costs to cover the initial piercing session and quality jewelry selection generally range from around $50 on the very low end to as high as $120 or more at posh studios in major metro areas. Costs vary based on studio location and reputation, the piercer’s level of experience and expertise, jewelry material and style preferences, and additional factors.

Initial Piercing Session Fees

  • In the United States, average costs range from: $80 to $120 depending on studio location, piercer skill level, and consultation time involved. Having both piercings done together costs marginally more than a single lip piercing.
  • In the United Kingdom and other international markets, standard rates generally span: £40 to £60 (~$50 to $75+ USD)

Initial Jewelry Costs

  • Basic surgical steel or titanium stud/ring starter jewelry: $10 – $40
  • Solid 14k+ gold jewelry: $60+
  • Elaborate custom design pieces or gems: $100+ per piercing

The Ashley Piercing Jewelry website provides detailed information on the cost of a snake bite piercing in the US. On average, most snake bite piercings will cost between $60-$120.

The price range can vary depending on factors such as the choice of jewelry, the placement of the piercings, and the individual piercing studio. While the average price falls between $60-$120, some studios may charge more for this type of piercing. It’s important to consider additional costs such as the choice of jewelry and the amount of tip when budgeting for a snake bite piercing.

Iron Palm Tattoos & Body offers snake bite piercings in Atlanta for $85.00, which includes jewelry. Snake bite piercings consist of two separate piercings along the bottom lip, resembling snake bite impressions. At Iron Palm, these body piercings are typically placed symmetrically just under the curvature of the lower lips.

The website emphasizes the importance of choosing high-quality jewelry made of safe materials like titanium to reduce the risk of infection or allergic reactions. Walk-ins are welcome during business hours, and customers can call or visit for a free body piercing consultation.

Reddit also discusses the cost of a lip piercing, including snake bites, with users sharing their experiences. The thread mentions that $150 total for a lip piercing, including jewelry, may be considered expensive.

Users provide insights into pricing variations across different locations, with some expressing that $150 is too much for a lip piercing. The discussion highlights the importance of considering the quality of the piercing service and jewelry when evaluating the total cost of a piercing.

Snake Bite Piercing Overview

A snake bite piercing refers to:

  • The placement of symmetrical studs or rings, usually on both sides of the lower lip to mirror ‘fangs’ in appearance.
  • Most often done as a dual piercing, with both the right and left side completed together in one session using two separate sterilized needles. Some opt to stagger the process over weeks.
  • Typically pierced at a 14g or 16g needle gauge thickness to accommodate small starter hoop rings or labret studs.
  • Also frequently referred to by industry slang terms like a venom piercing, or simply snake bites.

While a bolder look than simple lip piercings, the coordinated symmetry provides an artistic flair when done precisely. Now let’s examine the typical pricing.

Factors Impacting Snake Bite Piercing Costs

Studio Location and Reputation Level

  • Urban shops located in popular downtown districts with high rental costs necessarily charge more for piercings than budget studios in rural small towns. Overheads impact rates.
  • Renowned piercing studios with long waitlists and celebrity clientele command a clear premium for their brand cachet and trendsetting status. Many view high pricing as a signal of quality.
  • Reputable studios with higher baseline rates often justify costs through stricter safety hygiene standards and employee training which protect the client’s health during a risky procedure. Peace of mind carries intangible value.

Individual Piercer’s Expertise and Experience

  • Respected veteran piercers at the top of their craft definitely earn their higher rates compared to novice piercers. Their depth of knowledge and thousands of past procedures completed translate into greater placement precision, gentler technique, and reduced risks. Worth a premium.
  • However, don’t equate a piercing session with a famous or “celebrity” piercer as necessarily better. Assess professionalism and safety standards first and foremost over branding.

Jewelry Material and Style Preferences

  • Solid yellow or white gold jewelry commands a sizable price premium versus economical surgical steel or titanium starter options. Platinum spikes costs higher still.
  • Clients desiring customized one-of-a-kind designer jewelry pieces embellished with birthstones, gems, engraving, etc. should expect significantly higher costs ranging well over $100 per piece. Intricate work means more labor time.

Additional Service Fees

  • If opting to initially get pierced only and purchase jewelry separately afterwards, the second transaction adds extra costs rather than a bundled package rate.
  • Repeat sessions for re-piercings due to unsuccessful initial healing also rack up more expenditures in total for clients over time. Think long-term.

Now that we’ve reviewed the main pricing factors, what other costs may consumers need to budget for?

Associated Expenses to Anticipate

Aftercare Products and Supplies

  • Saline cleaning sprays or rinses: $5 to $15
  • Prescription oral rinse for infection prevention: $15 to $25 on average
  • Small weekly supply of disposable paper towels, Qtips, non-woven gauze, gloves, etc.

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Follow-Up Appointment Fees

  • Checkup visits a few weeks later to assess healing: $20 to $50
  • Repiercing down the road if the original puncture does not take properly: $40 to $100+

Potential Medical Intervention Costs

  • If a severe infection resulted: $100+ for physician appointments, antibiotics, draining procedures

Proper aftercare greatly improves results and minimizes risks of added expenditures. Now let’s examine choosing the right provider.

How to Select a Reputable Studio

Snake Bites PiercingChoosing an established studio with an extensively experienced piercer on staff provides the greatest reassurance of success:

  • Check state licensing status along with specific certifications in blood borne pathogen training, needle safety, and emergency response procedures. These are minimal qualifications to legally offer piercing services in most jurisdictions.
  • Tour studios being considered and ensure autoclave sterilization equipment for tools, needles and jewelry. Ask about standard sterility procedures. Assess visitor hygiene protocols.
  • Opt for studios using reputable medical-grade piercing brands like Medline, Fusion Ultra Safety Products or equivalent suppliers. No low-cost piercing guns.
  • Schedule an advance consultation with the prospective piercer to discuss technique, jewelry types, placement concerns, risks, and aftercare in detail. Assess bedside manner and knowledge.
  • When visiting a studio, trust your intuition. A quality piercer wants you fully informed and comfortable. A great studio vibe means a safer, more enjoyable experience.

A reputable studio values education, transparency, and achieving your aesthetic vision at the right pace. Complications should prove rare at a facility dedicated to excellence.

Final Words

While perceived as an edgy statement, snake bite piercings require careful planning and attention both during the process and weeks thereafter to properly heal. While certainly not the cheapest facial piercing option out there, selecting an acclaimed studio and qualified piercer is worth the slightly higher initial outlay to dramatically reduce risks, optimize placement, and provide reliable guidance.

The needle sharpness, jewelry quality, and aftercare regimen all contribute to results over time far more than bargain prices.

That said, some deal hunting for reputable studios offering promotions for new clients can certainly yield good savings off average rates through a bit of searching effort. Don’t equate cheap with value when it comes to body piercing.

Ultimately, take time to make a thoughtful decision – rushing into snake bite piercings risks buyer’s remorse if inadequate research is done beforehand. Weigh the costs against your goals and tolerances. Your comfort comes first at a studio truly worthy of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Typical Healing Process?

Healing fully takes persistence and patience. On average expect:

  • Initial swelling and tenderness lasting 1-3 weeks as puncture wounds seal up. Use ice to manage discomfort.
  • Potential bruising around the piercing area – usually resolves within a week.
  • Irritation bumps may emerge but typically fade with quality jewelry and proper aftercare diligence.
  • Full healing in about 6-10 weeks for most. Some may take up to 12-16 weeks if prone to slow wound healing.

What Precautions Help Mitigate Risks?

  • Closely follow provided aftercare instructions on saline solution rinses and cleaning. This is vital.
  • Avoid manipulation or picking at piercings which introduces bacteria into wounds. Don’t change jewelry too early.
  • Select high-quality hypoallergenic metals like titanium or niobium if prone to metal allergies that may cause rejection and increase infection risks.
  • Take care eating and avoid unnecessary trauma around the mouth like kissing or sharing drinks. Rinse carefully after meals.

Proper aftercare is imperative for minimizing problems and achieving the desired cosmetic results. Now let’s wrap it up.

How much does a snake bite piercing hurt?

Most clients report the quick puncture and jewelry insertion sensation as a briefly sharp pinch, sting, or burning feeling around a 4-6 level on the standard pain scale. Each side is done in rapid succession, so some momentary acute pain gets doubled.

Individual pain tolerance and adrenaline levels vary. But the lip area is highly sensitive. Having a friend along to hold hands can help!

Do snake bite piercings damage your teeth?

Yes, improperly marked or executed piercing angles and jewelry sizes that place excessive pressure against the inner gum line definitely pose a danger of damaging teeth or eroding gum membranes during initial healing if care is not taken.

A highly experienced piercer carefully plans placement and checks alignment to avoid direct jewelry contact with teeth themselves. Properly fitted lengths also prevent ends from rubbing aggressively along gum tissue.

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