How Much Does Airsculpt Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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There is no doubt that physical appearance has an increasingly obvious importance in today’s society, not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. A study published in 2016 in “Frontiers in Psychology” shows that, for example, overweight people find it much more difficult to find a job, compared to normal-weight applicants, while top management positions in various corporations are held, according to some studies, more by tall people and less by those of medium or short height.

So the industry of beauty, medical aesthetics, or plastic surgery has flourished exponentially in recent years and the promises of spectacular effects regarding the retouching or remodeling of the external appearance, not infrequently, cause a stir among the aspirants to the much-coveted “red carpet” of the society we live in.

Today, smoothing and shaping the body does not only mean physical exercises and diet. Body remodeling thanks to the latest aesthetic innovations, defines and sculpts the body, removing excess fat and/or skin to give you the shape of your dreams.

How Much Does Airsculpt Cost?

The main factor that affects the cost of Airsculpt is the body area to be treated. In general, the cost for each body area is a few thousand US dollars, except for the torso, which is the most expensive. The price is justified by the large surface area that has to be treated.

The average cost of Air Sculpting is anywhere between $2,500 and $5,500 per body area. This makes it a little more expensive than CoolSculting, which costs anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. The cost of traditional liposuction is around $3,500.

For example, the price of Airsculpt for an arm is around $2,000, and as people have two arms, the price to treat both will be double, so $4,000. Below you can find a table with the costs of Airscuplt for different body areas.

Though the costs depend on the patient’s condition and price changes may appear as the specialist goes along with the procedure. So, before starting the treatment make sure you get a good estimate.

The cost will be based on the time needed to get the job done, the area that has to be covered, the individual, and other factors considered by the specialist.

According to a Hollywood singer, who treated his abdomen and chin with Airscuplt, the cost for each body area starts at around $5,000.

Another patient from Manhattan, New York had to pay $16,000 for a BBL Airsculpt treatment. However, she threatened to file a lawsuit because she was not happy with the result. Eventually, the company fixed the dents and lumps that she was complaining about, but charged an extra $10,000.

Cost of AirSculpt for tummy

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost for all types of liposuction surgery is around $3,600 and the average cost for removing tummy fat through liposuction is $5,200. Based on these, we can estimate that the cost of AirSculpt for the tummy is around $3,500.

There are clinics that take into consideration the weight of patients when calculating the costs. For instance, if you have a weight of 85 kg, you will be charged twice as a patient who weighs less than 65 kg.

Other factors that will affect the price are the expertise and experience of the surgeon. Expect to pay much more for a surgeon who has years of experience and performed thousands of tummy fat removal treatments.

Cost of Airculpt for Arms

The average cost of CoolSculpting is around $650 per arm ($1,400 for both). Considering this price, the average cost of AirSculpt for arms is $2,300.

In general, the arms and the tummy are the areas most patients complain about. No matter how much you work out, the problem is still there and this is normal because these body parts respond very hard to exercise and diets.

It takes 25 to 40 minutes to complete the arm AirSculpt procedure.

Cost of AirSculpt for thighs

Depending on the amount of fat in the thigh area, the cost of AirSculpt for thighs would be around $6,000. On the other hand, the costs of CoolSculpting are only $750 per thigh.

Cost of AirSculpt for chin

In general, the treatment with AirSculpt for the chin lasts around 35 minutes. Based on the current cost of Chin CoolSculpting which is $1,400, we can estimate that the cost of Chin Airsculpt is anywhere between $1,400 and $2,500.

One of the factors that may affect the cost is the amount of fat that the physician will remove. The more fat in the chin, the longer it will take to get the job done, and the higher the costs.

The cost of AirSculpt for fat transfer

The average cost of a BBL (Brazilian buttock lift) is around $6,000, while the cost of buttock implants is around $6,500. These costs are only for professional fees and do not include the expenses of anesthesia, hospital care, and aftercare.

Considering these estimates, the cost for a buttock AirSculpt procedure would be anywhere between $4,000 and $5,000.

Cost of AirSculpt for stomach

This type of procedure will help you target and eliminate the fat deposited in the lower or upper area of your stomach. In general, the lower stomach is prone to the fat formation, particularly in the case of mothers who just gave birth.

The average cost for liposuction would be anywhere between $3,800 and $8,000 for both lower and upper regions. So, the average cost of AirSculpt lower and upper stomach treatment is anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000.

Stomach AirSculplt treatment can be performed on people aged between 18 and 81 years.

AirSculpt Price List

Item Time (min) Price
Abdominal Muscle Sculpting 20 – 40 $9,000
Arms 20 – 40 $2,800
Chin 20 – 40 $2,800 (max. cost)
Fat Transfer 20 – 40 $4,400 –  $5,500
Love Handle 20 – 40 $2,600 – $3,800
Lower Stomach 20 – 40 $5,400 – $7,500
Stomach 20 – 40 $4,000 – $8,400
Thighs 20 – 40 $6,400 (both thighs)
Tummy 20 – 40 $2,800
Upper Stomach 20 – 40 $2,700 – $5,0400
Waist 20 – 40 $1,800 – $5,400

AirSculpt overview

Airsculpt TreatmentAirSculpt is a new industry standard with revolutionary technology for non-surgical body shaping and skin tightening on the face, neck, and body. In only twenty minutes you will achieve the desired results.

Before the procedure, the specialist will give you some meds to calm and relax your body. After that small incisions will be made on the surface to be treated and a numbing substance will be inserted through these incisions.

The localized destruction of fat tissue is achieved with the help of a laser, which breaks down fat cells into fatty acids, glycerol, and water, substances that will then be eliminated using a cannula.

The process is minimally invasive and you will feel only a small popping sensation on your skin. At the end of the procedure, it will not be necessary to apply any stitches.

The best part is that this treatment works on all parts of the body, from the face to the stomach and thighs, to lift and firm sagging skin. It only takes about half an hour for each area.

Recovery time

With the AirSculpt treatments you can return to your normal activities within 48 hours, but full recovery can take five to ten days, depending on how your body responds to the procedure.

Patients who don’t have severe body reactions can get back to work within three to five days.

You should expect a longer recovery period and a higher degree of swelling if a lot of fat has been removed from you. However, AirSculpt procedures are still some of the safest procedures available at the moment.

Tips for saving money

The main way you can save on the AirSculpt treatment is to work with your provider. Some of them may offer promotional discounts to new patients, so make sure you ask about these promotions.

Usually, clinics work with companies specialized in patient-associated financing. Thanks to this particular option, it will be easier for you to pay for your AirSculpt procedure.

If you have no idea about this special financing option, you can visit Medical Financing or Care Credit, which focuses on cosmetic enhancements and special situations. Also, this is a good option for all credit profiles.

AirSculpt FAQs

Is AirSculpt covered by insurance?

As the AirSculpt treatments are optional, the costs related to them are not covered by insurance. Cosmetic surgical procedures or elective treatments do not need immediate attention and are only performed at the patient’s request.

Though, the provider may offer a financing plan to ease your payment. You will not have to pay any interest if you fully pay for the treatment within six to twelve months.

Also, the patient is offered the possibility to choose a flexible payment period from 2 to 5 years.

Is AirSculpt cheaper than liposuction?        

As you could see in the table above, the cost of AirSculpt isn’t lower than that for liposuction. But this is not a surprise, as AirSculpt treatments are less invasive and more preferred than liposuction treatments.

Also, these are very popular among patients because they aren’t painful.

There is a cost difference of $500 to $1,000 between AirSculpt treatments and liposuction, with the last being cheaper.

Is AirSculpt permanent?

People who choose AirSculpt treatments are promised long-lasting results with no stitches and scars left behind at the end of the procedure. Compared to liposuction surgery, which usually takes around six months for inflammation, wounds, and bruises to heal, AirSculpt healing takes a short amount of time.

But it is very important to make some lifestyle changes to keep your body in shape. You have to exercise, go on a proper diet, get enough sleep and avoid vices like excessive drinking and smoking.

Final words

The cost of Airscuplt is in the mid-range when compared to CoolSculpting and liposuction. It is cheaper than liposuction and more expensive than CoolSculpting.

Airsculpt treatments don’t have as many risks as them, do not require anesthesia and the practitioner aims to minimally disturb the skin to achieve the desired results.

These treatments can be performed on any body part that has large deposits of fat. The cheapest airsculpt treatments are for the chin and arms, while the most expensive is for the stomach.

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