How Much Does an Eagles Membership Cost?

Last Updated on January 29, 2024
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Joining the Eagles fraternal organization can provide a sense of community, opportunities to help others, and access to social events and member discounts. But how much does it cost to become an Eagles member? Read on to learn about Eagles membership fees, annual dues, and other costs to consider when joining this longstanding club.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a non-profit social club that was founded in 1898. With over 850,000 members across North America, the Eagles offer friendship, community service initiatives, and social activities at local chapters known as Eagles lodges or clubs.


  • Eagles membership provides access to social events, discounts, community service, and facilities at local lodges.
  • Costs include a one-time initiation fee ($25-$50) and annual dues ($30-$100). Other membership tiers may be available.
  • The Eagles focus on friendship, fundraising, research donations, and volunteering.
  • There are over 850,000 members and around 1,500 Eagles lodges across North America.
  • Membership renewal is required annually before your expiration date to maintain an active status.

Joining the Eagles enables you to meet new people, enjoy member perks, and make a positive impact. The reasonable membership costs provide ongoing value and support community efforts.

How Much Does an Eagles Membership Cost?

While membership fees vary by location, most Eagles clubs charge an initiation fee and annual membership dues. Initiation fees to join typically range from $25-$50, while annual membership dues are often $30-$100 per year.

FOE3996.com provides information on the annual dues for Eagles membership, which are $40 for Aerie members, $32 for Auxiliary members, $10 for Eagle Riders, and $5 for REAC members. New members also pay a one-time application fee, which ranges from $16 to $35, depending on the membership type.

FOE882.com does not provide specific information on the cost of Eagles membership. However, it does list the benefits of membership, including access to discounted travel rates, funeral benefits, and access to Eagles Aeries and Auxiliaries.

Some lodges operate on a tiered membership structure with higher levels offering additional benefits for an increased fee.

What is an Eagles Membership?

The Eagles are best known as a social club and fraternal organization. Membership provides opportunities to connect with others, access member-only events and gatherings, and get involved with community service projects.

Eagles clubs operate locally but are part of an international network of lodges. The organization has a long history focused on efforts like raising funds to help those in need and supporting medical research.

Joining the Eagles connects you with a community of members across North America. It also gives you access to your local Eagles lodge and events. Membership terms and fees are determined individually by each club.

Types of Eagles Memberships and Fees

Most Eagles lodges have two main levels of membership:

  • Regular Member – This basic level of membership typically costs $30-$60 per year after paying the one-time initiation fee. Regular members can access the club facilities, attend meetings and events, and participate in community service projects.
  • Golden Eagle Member – For members who have belonged to the Eagles for an extended period, such as 25 years. Fees are often reduced or waived for Golden Eagles members.

Some clubs may offer additional membership tiers, such as:

  • Social Member – For accessing club facilities and events only. May have limited voting rights. Social membership fees tend to be $50-$75 annually.
  • Junior Member – Discounted rates for younger members, such as those under 18 or 21. Fees could be $10-$25 annually.
  • Lifetime Membership – One-time membership fee, typically $400-$1000, to become a member for life. Annual dues are waived.

Reaching certain membership milestones, like 25 or 50 years with the Eagles, may also come with reduced fees, special member status, or waived dues.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Eagles Club?

There are many advantages to becoming an Eagles member, including:

  • Social Events – Such as dinners, dances, karaoke nights, holiday parties, and other member gatherings.
  • Discounts – Many lodges offer special rates to members for things like food and drinks at the club bar or restaurant.
  • Community Service – Participate in fundraisers, charity events, volunteering initiatives, and more.
  • Leadership Opportunities – Take on club officer roles or get involved at the state, regional, or national levels.
  • Scholarship Programs – Some chapters offer academic scholarships for members and their families.
  • Access to Facilities – Enjoy member privileges at Eagles lodges, such as bars, restaurants, pools, and meeting spaces.

Joining the Eagles enables you to take part in an established community group that gives back locally and internationally.

What Are Eagles Club Facilities and Amenities Like?

Eagles clubs vary in size and offerings, but most have a lounge or bar and gathering spaces for events. Other common facilities can include:

  • Restaurant or Dining Area – For member meals and hosting events.
  • Pool Tables or Shuffleboard – Games and recreation areas.
  • Dance Floor – For dances, live music, karaoke nights, etc.
  • Banquet Rooms – For dinners, ceremonies, meetings, and private events.
  • Outdoor Areas – Such as patios for relaxing and outdoor games.
  • Gym or Fitness Room – Exercise equipment for members.
  • Kitchen – To accommodate member meals and cooking for events.
  • Lodge Office – For administrative needs and officers.
  • Parking Lot – Convenient parking for members and visitors.

In addition to social events, clubs may host professional development workshops, health and wellness clinics, breakfasts with Santa, and other special activities.

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How to Join the Eagles Club

Here is a step-by-step overview of the Eagles membership application process:

  1. Contact Your Local Eagles Lodge – Find and get in touch with the Eagles chapter you want to join. Introduce yourself and request membership information.
  2. Attend an Orientation – Many clubs require potential new members to attend an orientation or open house to learn about the Eagles before joining.
  3. Fill Out an Application – Complete the membership application form. You’ll need to provide contact information and names of existing member sponsors.
  4. Pay the Initiation Fee – Make payment for the one-time initiation fee to officially join (typically $25-$50).
  5. Participate in Initiation – Take part in the new member initiation ceremony and oath. Then you’re an official member!
  6. Pay Annual Dues – Keep up with your ongoing annual membership dues, billed monthly or yearly (usually $30-$100 per year).

Getting involved right away by attending meetings and events is a great way to get the most out of your Eagles membership.

Membership Renewal Process

To remain an active member, you must continue paying your Eagles membership dues annually. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dues renewal notices are usually sent 1-2 months before your membership expiration date.
  • Membership periods often align with calendar years running from January to December.
  • Any increased dues rates are typically implemented with the new renewal period.
  • You’ll need to submit payment by your expiration date to avoid a lapse in membership.
  • Payment options usually include checks, cash, credit cards, ACH, and money orders.
  • If membership lapses, you may have to re-apply or pay a fee to reactivate your membership.
  • Remember to update your contact information with the lodge if you move or change emails.

Keeping current with membership dues allows you to continue accessing all the benefits of belonging to the Eagles clubs. Reach out to your lodge officers with any renewal-related questions.

Additional Costs to Consider

Fraternity of Eagles MembershipBeyond the standard initiation fees and annual dues, there may be other optional costs associated with active participation in Eagles clubs:

  • Event Fees – While many member events are free, some lodges charge fees for special dinners, dances, entertainment nights, fundraisers, etc. These are often priced affordably for members but help cover costs.
  • Food and Drinks – Members typically pay for any food, snacks, and beverages purchased at the lodge restaurant, bar, or events. Some discounts may apply.
  • Gaming – For chapters with casino nights, poker tournaments, or bingo, members may need to pay small participation fees to take part and have a chance to win prizes.
  • Merchandise – Some clubs sell branded merchandise like t-shirts, hats, jackets, and other items featuring the Eagles logo and name.
  • Travel – If participating in regional, state, or national Eagles conventions and events, members may pay for any related travel, lodging, and registration costs.

While initiation, dues, and renewal fees allow basic access to the Eagles, members can choose whether to take part in supplementary activities and purchases based on interest and budget.

Community Involvement and Activities

The Eagles have a long-standing commitment to making a positive community impact. All members are encouraged to participate in outreach initiatives, such as:

  • Holding fundraisers and campaigns to support local charities like food banks, children’s hospitals, veteran’s groups, and youth organizations.
  • Organizing community events, health fairs, blood drives, educational programs, and other beneficial activities.
  • Volunteering time and energy to worthy causes that aid families in need, the elderly, the environment, animal welfare, and more.
  • Donating funds raised by the Eagles to critical research programs for diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Collaborating with other local organizations on civic improvement, beautification, and development projects.

Giving back has always been a core mission of the Eagles. Members have ample opportunities to help other Eagles members and support important community causes.


What does it take to be an Eagles member?

To become an Eagles member, you’ll need to pay the one-time initiation fee, complete an application, participate in the new member initiation ritual, and begin paying annual membership dues.

You’ll also need sponsor members to support your application. Finally, be prepared to get involved in lodge social events, meetings, and community service initiatives.

What happens at an Eagles Club initiation?

The Eagles initiation ceremony is when new members take their membership oath and are officially welcomed into the club. Some key components may include reciting the initiation oath, receiving membership materials like pins and manuals, signing the club ledger, and socializing with other members.

Initiations often take place at lodge meetings. The process formally inducts new Eagles members and has remained largely unchanged for over a century.

Can Eagles members bring guests?

The ability for Eagles members to bring guests varies by lodge. Some clubs allow members to host a limited number of guests in the Eagles facilities on select days.

There may be restrictions such as requiring member hosts to accompany their guests at all times. Typically special member rates and discounts would not apply to guests.

For certain events, tickets may be available for non-members. However, access is generally limited for only Eagles members at club events, meetings, and community service activities. Members should check with their local lodge officers regarding specific guest policies.

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