Club Z Tutoring Cost

How Much Does Club Z Tutoring Cost?

Club Z Tutoring is one of the top-rated tutoring services in the world. Through its in-home and online tutoring services, Club Z provides the most complex learning programs for children and adults. After 20 years of experience and with over 400 franchise locations across North America, Club Z helps its students succeed in numerous academic subjects.

Club Z Tutoring states that no other company will do for its students as much as they do. The tutors are available to fit your schedule whether you need help after school, during the evenings, or during weekends. Also, their tutors work one-on-one with their students, whether they do this at home, on school campus, or online. That is why the program stands out and is said to guarantee success.

The unique Z-Tutor Match System matches the best tutor for the student based on individual traits, learning styles, and academic abilities.

How much does Club Z tutoring cost?

The cost range for a tutoring lesson at Club Z Tutoring is anywhere from $50 up to $200 per hour. These costs will greatly depend on several factors such as the subject type, academic level, location, and number of sessions. However, for an online lesson, the cost range is $35 to $70 per hour.

Also, they provide tutoring packages that may cost somewhere from $200 up to $1,200, depending on how many hours you acquire. For an online tutoring package, you should expect to pay between $200 and $600.

For example, on their official website, they have an Online SAT&ACT Course package for $499. This package includes 12 hours of one-on-one online teaching by an expert SAT or ACT instructor., for example, states that Club Z has several packages of tutoring lessons, depending on your needs. In the table below we have listed the number of hours in each package and the average costs:

Tutoring Package (Hours) Average Cost (USD)
4 $231
8 $415
12 $554

Remember that the academic level, teaching subject, and geographical location have a great impact on the costs. claims that the average fee for in-home tutoring services at Club Z Tutoring is around $49.79 per hour.

Club Z tutoring overview

At Club Z tutoring, once you sign up and choose the subject where you need help, you will be matched with a certified tutor. Depending upon your academic level, he or she will compile an individual plan in order to attain your desired results.

Their tutoring system is complex and offers several plans such as K-12 one-on-one tutoring, Test preparation alternatives, and college admission assistance.

K-12 one-on-one tutoring – This program plan helps students to prepare for subjects such as math, English, science, art, music, and pre-k general studies. The tutoring can take place at home, library or anywhere the two parties agree.

Test prep programs tutoring – Students can take the lessons online, one-on-one, or even in small groups of students with the same academic level. This program is for attending students to prepare for the following tests:

  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • pre-ACT
  • PSAT
  • MCAT
  • SAT
  • GRE
  • SSAT
  • ISEE
  • GED
  • ACT

College admission help – This program is for students who want to get into college. The Club Z will connect students with college administrators in order to help them choose the right school, the best test prep program, and which courses to follow.

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Also, they have Club Z summer tutoring which includes:

  • SAT Test Prep
  • ACT Test Prep
  • Learning Built to Last – study skills for grades 5-12
  • The Power of Words – writing program for grades 5-12
  • High school reading programs for remedial and advanced readers
  • Let the Learning Begin Kindergarten readiness
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs
  • Foreign language tutoring

The option of online tutoring comes in handy for everyone, and people seem to like it. The Z Prep! Online is their online tutoring program which works through a specific virtual learning platform. After being matched with a qualified tutor, an online meeting will be scheduled in order to establish the program.

The instructor and student will work one-on-one via webcam. Also, the tutors are able to assist the students with their homework in order for them to understand and complete the assignment. During the tutoring, the two parties will have constant audio and video contact.

What are the extra costs?

New applicants will be charged an extra fee for registration, somewhere around $130.

Important things about online and in-home tutoring services

Club Z Online Tutoring PlatformIn order to get the best match based on their character and learning style, students are required to thoroughly define which are their goals and their usual learning methods. It is mandatory to know your preferences, to receive the perfect learning plan that matches you.

Besides occasionally tutoring, Club Z tutoring also provides a Homeschooling program. This is designed to fully replace school or act as a supplementary learning form.

Their tutors are highly qualified teachers, with university degrees or with a minimum of 60 college credit hours.

Club Z tutoring does not require any kind of long-term commitment.

As this is a franchise, it is best for you to check the reviews of your local facility before requiring their services. Platforms such as Google Reviews and Yelp can be a good place to start.

If you need to cancel a session, make sure you call 24 hours in advance, otherwise the tutoring session will still be charged.

How can I save money at this franchise?

Check on for possible lesson discounts at the Club Z tutoring. Many franchise owners post different promotions throughout the year. Make sure you check these kinds of websites before booking your first sessions.

Usually, acquiring multiple sessions at once will come with a discount. Contact your local franchise and ask if there are any rebates.

Opting for a 30-minute session rather than a 60-minute one will surely minimize the cost.

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