How Much Does Comand Soil Cost?

Last Updated on February 4, 2024
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Comand Soil is an organic compost blend made from natural ingredients like yard waste and food scraps designed to provide maximum nutrients for optimal plant growth.

It contains a diverse mix of organic matter to enhance soil structure, fertility and microbial activity compared to bare dirt. Comand Soil gradually releases nutrients to provide plants with long-term nourishment.

With rising interest in organic gardening methods, many homeowners want to know – how much does Comand Soil cost compared to traditional soil products?

This article will cover Comand Soil’s features, benefits, price comparisons, and where to buy to help you determine if it’s the right investment for your lawn and garden needs.

How Much Does Comand Soil Cost?

Comand Soil costs between $10 and $200 per bag, depending on its size. Exact pricing varies by retailer.

Compared to bargain bulk soils or chemical fertilizers, Comand Soil sits at a premium price point due to its specialized organic composition. For gardeners seeking quality, it delivers meaningful benefits that may justify the higher investment per unit.

Comand Soil prices ultimately depend on the volume purchased. Cost factors include:

  • Bag size – Typical options range from 0.5 cubic feet bags to 1 cubic yard bulk bags.
  • Retailer – Big box stores, nurseries, and landscape suppliers offer different prices.
  • Quantity – Buying in higher volumes generally costs less per unit.
  • Shipping fees – Delivery costs may apply for bulk orders.

For rough estimates, here are some typical Comand Soil costs:

  • 0.5 cubic foot bag: $10 – $15
  • 1 cubic foot bag: $15 – $25
  • 1 cubic yard bulk bag: $100 – $200

The Big Earth Landscape Supply website provides Comand soil products priced between $15.49 – $175.

The Apenberry’s Gardens website mentions that a bag of Comand Soil Builder for Lawns costs $13.99 and that it covers 100 square feet.

Sod Depot Florida offers Comand Soil Products in 45lb bags at $12.99 each.

An Overview of Comand Soil

Comand Soil is an all-purpose organic soil amendment made from composted materials like yard trimmings, food scraps, and other natural ingredients. It contains a diverse blend of organic matter to improve soil texture, fertility, and microbial activity. Comand Soil aims to provide key nutrients plants need – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium – in a slow-release, sustainable form derived from natural sources.

Unlike chemical fertilizers that deliver a quick nutrient boost, Comand Soil promotes long-term soil health and plant vigor. It’s an ideal organic alternative for gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, and any landscape area. As interest grows in eco-friendly gardening methods, understanding Comand Soil’s value can help you make an informed choice for your soil needs.

Features of Comand Soil

What makes Comand Soil different than traditional bagged soils? Here are some of its stand-out organic features:

  • Diverse organic matter – Contains a mixture of compost, fertilizers, biosolids, and other amendments to add a variety of nutrients.
  • Natural composition – Made from organic waste materials like yard trimmings, wood chips, and food scraps without synthetic chemicals.
  • Slow nutrient release – Nutrients are released gradually over time to provide long-term fertilization.
  • Soil structure boost – Improves soil texture, aeration, and water retention capabilities.
  • Microbial inoculants – Contains beneficial microbes to promote soil biological activity.
  • pH adjusted – Balanced to an optimal pH for nutrient availability.
  • Odorless – Contains no foul-smelling manure unlike some organic blends.
  • Weed free – Screened to remove weed seeds and debris.

Compared to bare soil, Comand Soil offers noticeable upgrades. It has a loose, crumbly texture instead of compacted dirt. The rich organic matter provides food for helpful microbes. It has an earthy smell instead of a musty odor.

The focus on slow-release nutrition means plants get steady access to macronutrients and micronutrients. For gardeners seeking fertile, living soil, Comand aims to deliver quality results.

The Benefits of Using Comand Soil

Why should you consider using Comand Soil? Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • Enhances soil health – The organic matter boosts biological activity and long-term fertility.
  • Improves plant growth – The diverse nutrients promote bigger, stronger plants better able to resist disease.
  • Reduces waste – Uses composted organic materials to create a usable product.
  • Sustainable nutrients – Provides slow-release fertilization instead of synthetic quick fixes.
  • Conserves water – Increased organic content helps soil retain moisture.
  • Suppresses weeds – Outcompetes weeds by fueling desired plants.
  • Environmentally friendly – Avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers protects ecosystems.
  • Odorless – Doesn’t contain manure that creates foul smells.
  • Easy to use – Can be mixed into soil or used as mulch around plants.

Comand Soil nurtures plants naturally with organic matter instead of artificial fertilizers. It’s specially formulated to support robust vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

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The focus on soil health provides ongoing benefits instead of short-term plant growth spurts. For gardeners seeking sustainable options, it’s an ideal organic amendment.

How Comand Soil Compares to Other Soil Products

Comand Soil CostWhen weighing the pros and cons of Comand Soil, how does it compare to other soil products on the market? Here are some comparisons:

  • Conventional garden soils – Comand has higher organic matter and more diverse nutrients tailored to plants.
  • Manure composts – Comand contains no manure so it has no unpleasant odor issues.
  • Peat moss – Comand is a renewable compost blend instead of mined peat moss.
  • Chemical fertilizers – Comand releases nutrients slowly unlike synthetic fertilizers.
  • Bare dirt – Comand has enhanced texture, fertility, and biology, unlike ordinary soil.
  • Mulch – Comand nourishes plants beyond just suppressing weeds and retaining moisture.
  • Other composts – Comand has a customized blend for optimal plant nutrition.

It’s clear Comand Soil is a premium product with significant advantages over bare dirt, mulch, and basic compost. For gardeners seeking the quality results of Comand’s specialized organic formula, the benefits may justify the higher costs compared to bulk options.

Where to Buy Comand Soil

Where can you purchase Comand Soil? As an organic specialty product, it’s available through select retailers:

  • Independent nurseries – Many local nurseries carry Comand Soil. Support a local business while getting knowledgeable service.
  • Online stores – National retailers like Amazon offer convenient shipping directly to your door.
  • Big box stores – Major chains like Home Depot often stock Comand seasonally.
  • Landscape yards – Bulk orders may be available through local landscape materials suppliers.
  • Direct from manufacturer – Larger orders can be placed directly through Comand’s website.

Shopping at local nurseries is recommended to inspect bags in person and get expert guidance. For bulk orders, work with landscape companies to arrange delivery. Comand’s store locator helps find retailers in your state.

User Reviews of Comand Soil

What are real gardeners saying about their experiences using Comand Soil? Here are some overviews of the reviews:


  • Produces great plant results
  • Convenient bagged product
  • Doesn’t have manure odor issues
  • Enhances soil structure and fertility
  • Easy to spread and incorporate


  • Higher cost than bare soil or basic compost
  • Need to reapply every 1-2 years
  • Can attract dogs who smell rich organic matter
  • May contain some stray debris

Overall, most users find Comand Soil worth the price for its stellar performance enhancing their garden soil health and plant growth vs basic composts. Results live up to the product claims according to the majority of reviews.


While more costly than generic soil products, Comand Soil’s specialized blend stands out. Investing in high quality soil now yields dividends through years of thriving plants and vibrant garden spaces. For many gardeners, the added investment brings welcome rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you water organic soil?

Organic soil should be watered whenever the top few inches become dry. Typically watering 1-2 times per week is needed for most gardens, adjusting for weather and plant needs. Deep watering encourages deeper root growth. Mulch helps retain moisture.

Does pH matter in living soil?

Yes, pH is very important in living soil. Nutrient availability is optimized when pH is in the 6.0-7.0 range. Test soil annually and amend with lime or sulfur to maintain the ideal pH zone.

Is living soil worth it?

Living soil is worth the investment for most gardeners. While more labor intensive initially, it pays off through healthier plants, reduced inputs, and sustained fertility. The rich microbial life builds organic matter and nutrient cycling over time.

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