Copper River Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does Copper River Country Club Membership Cost?

The Copper River Country Club is a private club found in Fresno, California, on Sierra Nevada’s undulating terrain base.

This club was created based on the vision of Fresnan William R. Tatham Sr., which became reality when this community, planned close to perfection, became one of the most popular country clubs in California.

How much does Copper River Country Club membership cost?

The Copper River Country Club membership costs somewhere around $15,000 in initiation fees and around $1,400 in monthly dues for the full membership, based on the information publicly available online and the statements of several active members.

As the official website of the club doesn’t offer exact prices for its membership tiers, take the numbers with a grain of salt and make sure you contact the club directly for exact information.

An article from states that according to the club, the fees aren’t a lot more than membership to a fitness center in town.

Other online sources state that the cost of membership at Copper River Country Club will depend on the type of membership you want to register under. For example, the Sports Membership will be cheaper than the rest, with monthly dues of $260 and an initiation fee of around $2,500.

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Corporate Membership, on the other hand, will cost about $850 per month, with an initiation fee of $25,000. The most popular option, which is the Full Golf Membership, will cost $15,000 in initiation fees and about $845 monthly after that.

You can also opt for the Preferred Guest Program, which enables non-members to pay as they play. With this program, you will be allowed access on the course and you will play for a reduced fee, although it won’t provide access to any other amenities offered by the club.

Membership Options at Copper River Country Club

Copper River Country Club offers several types of memberships to suit different needs and budgets:

  1. The Sports Membership is great for people who don’t want to join the club for the golf perks. With this membership, you will get access to all amenities aside from the golf area. You can use the tennis courts and the fitness center, but you can still play golf as well for a reduced fee.
  2. Corporate Membership is another very popular membership at the Copper River Country Club in Fresno. This is perfect for individuals and businesses that want to entertain guests and clients with a golf game. Becoming a Corporate member will get you access to the course with up to three additional designated representatives, all of whom can bring guests for reduced fees.
  3. The Full Golf membership is the most popular, especially for avid golfers. It will provide access to all of the club’s amenities including the putting green, driving range, and unlimited access to the golf course. With a Full Golf membership, you can reserve tee times a week in advance.

Copper River Golf Club overview

Copper River Country Club ViewThe Copper River Country Club offers an 18-hole, par 72 golf course that was designed by David W. Pfarr, as well as other amenities, including the Restaurant at Copper River, a kid’s center, a spa, a toddler pool, a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool that is heated seasonally, a fitness center, a fully stocked professional tennis pro shop, and 15 lighted tennis courts.

You will also notice a great clubhouse which is set against the Siera Nevada Mountains, overlooking the vineyards, the lakes, and the rolling hills. Inside it, you’ll find an upscale dining room, a grill, a lounge, meeting rooms, and banquet halls, all of which are available to the club’s members.

What are the extra costs?

Leagues, clinics, programs, private or individual lessons, and tournaments will be charged additionally, on top of the price of membership. According to the official website, tennis programs, for example, are priced between $150 and $200 per month.

Members will also have to pay participation fees for most social events that are held throughout the year.

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