How Much Does a Monarch Bay Beach Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on September 14, 2023
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Located in Dana Point, Orange County, Southern California, The Monarch Bay Club is a luxurious private resort. Members of the club can enjoy an exclusive beach and a great clubhouse. The club has full-service oceanfront dining, a golf course, a spa, banquet facilities, and many other amenities.

How much does a Monarch Bay Beach Club membership cost?

Being an exclusive club that offers many amenities, the Monarch Bay Beach Club has a variety of membership types with prices between $1,150 and $5,750 in one-time initiation fees, $3,200 and $21,500 in annual dues, and $430 to $2,000 in minimum quarterly expenses.

The table below will give you Monarch Bay Beach Club membership options, as well as their costs.

Membership Class One-time Initiation Fee Annual Dues Minimum Quarterly Spend
Elite $3,500 $21,500 $2,000
Single $2,500 $4,600 $610
Family $3,500 $10,100 $1,200
Wellness Single $860 $3,200 $430
Wellness Family $1,150 $5,500 $860
Unlimited Golf Weekday Individual $8,050
Unlimited Golf Daily Individual $10,350
Wellness Golf Individual $1,700 $10,600 $430
Wellness Golf Couple $3,500 $15,100 $990
Wellness Golf Family $4,000 $20,000 $860
Resort Golf Individual $3,500 $11,700 $430
Resort Golf Couple $5,750 $17,500 $860
Resort Golf Family $5,750 $20,900 $860

Important note: These costs may not be up to date. Use them just as an estimation. These fees were from an online official brochure, and at the time this article is written we can guarantee they are correct. However, we recommend you call the club for an accurate offer. Consider asking for a detailed pricing list. If you do not own a home in Monarch Bay, some of the memberships will not be available for you, be sure to ask which are those.

What type of membership should you choose?

  • Elite membership – This membership comes with a lot of benefits like discounts and multiple activities access. At Monarch Beach Resort, you can enjoy various food and drink discounts and have access to many activities such as the spa, pool, facility, athletic club, and access to the Monarch Bay Clubhouse. Also, with this membership, you can benefit from discounted hotel rooms, the green fees get reduced and you can get eight complementary guest passes in case you want to bring anyone. Aside from all these, you will also have two parking decals with complimentary valet parking and access to the private beach, and complimentary beach host service.
  • Resort – This is another type of membership and it comes with its own advantages. Being a Resort member you will have access to the resort, golf course, athletic club, and resort pools. In addition, you have several dining options, you can participate in their social events and you get access to the Miraval Life in Balance Spa as well.
  • Unlimited Golf – If you are a golf enthusiast, this membership may be the best option. As a member, you are spared green fees and cart fees and you can get as many as 14 days of advanced tee times. Accompanying guest fees can be reduced with the help of preferred Royal Club prices, as well as several discounts. You will be able to take part in tournaments and participate in a variety of social events. Regardless of your type of membership, individual, couple, or family, you benefit from all of these options.
  • Wellness – These members are all for relaxation. So, from this category, you have access to the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort and its restaurants and enjoy discounts on drinks and dining. Also, you get access to the fitness center and reduced prices on green fees.

Monarch Bay Beach Club amenity overview

The club at Monarch beach provides a long list of services. Services such as private beach access, a beach butler, a resort pool, spa access, a dry bar, and dining options. There are also several options for children such as beach toy rentals and access to the Caterpillar Kids club.

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If you are an active type, you can take advantage of the athletic club, a number of eight lighted tennis courts, personal training options, as well as fitness classes, golf lessons, and its famous 18-hole golf course. For your stay, you can opt for one of the many hotel rooms or cabanas. Even though these benefits are available at the resort, each type of membership comes with its own specific list of features and options.

What are the extra costs?

Monarch Bay Beach Club BeachAside from the price of membership, some other costs might pop up as well. According to the official website, accompanied guest fees will apply depending on the membership. The average guest green fee is usually between $80 and $185.

There are additional fees for things like tournaments, leagues, clinics, and private golf lessons, as well.

If it is not in your membership features, a personal trainer from the fitness club will also come at an extra fee.

Another additional cost to consider is related to the reservation and attendance at all kinds of social events hosted all over the year at the club.

Important things to consider

At the time this article was written, three-day passes were offered by the club on its official website. This is a good opportunity to check out this private beach club, in case you are interested in signing up for a membership. However, their passes are available for local residents and first-time visitors only. Also, there may be some restrictions with this opportunity. One of them is the lack of access to the beach, as is stated in the fine print.

If you are interested in these passes, the details on getting one are showcased by the club in an easy-to-read comparison table. All three memberships are explained in detail, to know exactly what each one includes.

Although the club has very high rates, especially for the golf area, the Monarch Beach Golf Links, it is known to be one of the best places for playing golf in OC.

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