How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

Golf is a great sport, especially once you get a hang of it. If you’re just starting, on the other hand, it might seem overwhelming and with a pretty steep learning curve. Most starter golfers have those days in which they leave the golf course sad, knowing that they are far from decent players.

The good news is that you can find a lot of help if you are a struggling golfer. Getting lessons from a certified, qualified professional, is usually the best course of action if you want to learn the ins and outs of the game, regardless of whether you are a lifelong player or just a beginner golfer.

And why would you avoid getting lessons as an amateur when even the best players in the world choose to use a golf coach to improve their game? Most people avoid coaches as they consider golf in general an already expensive sport. Paying a golf instructor is not seen as an investment in their game by many but as an added cost. But how much are golf lessons? And are they worth the price?

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

The average cost of golf lessons is anywhere between $50 and $100 per 30-45 minute session in the US, although this price will usually depend on the coach’s experience, your level, type of lesson, and your geographical location, among other factors. You will usually be charged by the hour by PGA Professionals and the more hours they will spend teaching you the more you will have to pay.

The Payment

When considering multiple lessons over longer periods of time, it is smart to ask your coach whether you can take advantage of lesson packages at a discounted rate. Most coaches have a type of discount they offer when you’re paying for five or more lessons in advance, like getting an extra lesson for free, for example.

Before considering a coach and paying upfront, make sure golf is for you and you’re fully committed when you’re just starting.

Golf Lesson Formats

Group lessons are a cheaper alternative when you just want to learn the basics of the game. These lessons are more affordable than private lessons because the cost of the time with the coach will be divided between all individuals in the group.

Private lessons are more appropriate for you if you’re more interested in individual lessons that would target your own golf game and correcting your own mistakes. Although they are more expensive than group lessons, you will have the coach all to yourself, which can be of great help when there are things you don’t have a strong grasp on and you want to correct them.

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Working under the supervision of an expert will help you not only identify but also correct your weaknesses, which is why private lessons would be better for someone thinking of competing in professional games of golf. It will probably be the best way for you to boost your game and shoot lower scores.

Clinics are another great way for you to learn. Although they are pretty similar to group lessons in format, they are less hands-on. They will be led by world-class coaches and golfers and will try to tap into the knowledge of the best of the best. These are usually much more expensive than regular group lessons, due to the reputation of the coach or player that will lead the clinic.

Experience of the Coach

The price per lesson will be higher or lower based on several factors. Among the most important ones are not only the coach’s playing experience but also their demand and who they have taught before you. Among the most expensive coaches are those who have taught the world’s best players and helped them win championships, and those that have played on tour themselves.

If you’re just a weekend golfer, getting just one lesson with a PGA professional might be great to give you an idea of how to move your game in the right direction. A single session with a club pro will usually cost anywhere between $100 and $150, or more.

If you’re a tour pro and you’re looking for a really talented coach, the expenses will go up considerably. Phil Mickelson’s short game coach, Dave Pelz, for example, charges around $20,000. But up to a point in your career, you probably won’t need a tour pro budget for your regular golf lessons and hopefully, when you reach a level that warrants this type of training, you will have the money needed from won tourneys.


Golf Game LessonsYou will also have to consider the cost of the equipment used in your lesson and the facility rental. If your coach has already made a considerable investment in equipment, then even though you won’t have to pay to rent it yourself, its price will be reflected in the higher rate per hour.

It’s always great to think about all your needs before you book your next lesson. The equipment you use should be appropriate for the lessons you’re planning so when you’re just learning the fundamentals, you shouldn’t rent the latest technology for the lesson.

But if you’re a high-level golfer, then you will probably need to see detailed data on launch angles and ball speed during training. It would be easier if you found a coach that already has this type of technology and equipment.

Always make sure you’re not overspending on equipment and technology rental outside of your needs when booking a training session.

Online Golf Coaching

You can also consider online coaching if you’re looking for a dedicated professional who offers flexible coaching sessions. Although this is a pretty new concept, golf schools are still a very effective way of learning the tricks of the game and offer excellent results.

One website that offers access to coaching done by top PGA professionals and can be accessed from anywhere around the world is Skillest. You can get access to lessons regardless of your location and without the need to travel.

To try it, just download its app and answer the starting questionnaire. This will help you to get paired with a coach that suits your needs and goals. Once you find a coach you like, you can get unlimited access to them by subscribing.

This means that you can ask your coach questions even outside normal training sessions.

Is The Cost of Golf Lessons Worth it?

According to experts, good golf lessons can take you above your current level faster than 1000 range balls could. If you play game after game but you feel stuck at a certain level and see no more improvements, then you might need a few lessons to improve your game.

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