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Regripping Golf Clubs Cost

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on November 15, 2021 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Regripping golf clubs can be done to ensure that your shot maintains its precision and accuracy. It’s important for every golfer, regardless of skill level or experience, to do it to his golf club handles. Over time, the grip on your golf clubs can become hard and smooth at the same time. This makes it difficult to maintain optimal gripping force when swinging which in turn reduces accuracy. But, you can also regrip your golf clubs if you want a customized look. It is recommended by the experts to grip the golf clubs once per year or every 40 to 50 rounds.

The golf clubs can be regripped in many different ways, and the price depends on the materials and procedures used. Also, the costs for regripping golf clubs are influenced by factors like the type of club, the geographical location, and the professional doing this job.

How Much Does Regripping Golf Clubs Cost?

The average cost of regripping a golf club is anywhere between $2 and $6 per club, without the materials, which might cost another $6 to $12 for each grip, resulting in a total cost of $8 to $18 for a complete regripping of a golf club. For instance, you would spend anywhere between $7 and $9 for regripping a Callaway golf club.

In case you want to do this job yourself, be prepared to pay anywhere between $25 and $35 for a kit. For instance, with $25 to $35 you can purchase a Rexton Men’s Yellow Golf Grip Kit.

Some members of TexAgs said that the expenses could range anywhere between $5 and $9 per club, plus the expenses with the grips.

Regripping golf clubs details

The first step in the regripping golf clubs process involves removing the old grips and the tape, and as soon as these are removed, using double-sided tape that will cover the length of the grip, the outside will be wrapped. Once this has been done, a solvent will be applied in order for the grip to be applied to the shaft. After you align the grip you will have to let it dry for a few hours. Once it is completely dry you can use it on the course.

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In the price offers received by a professional all the expenses necessary for regripping a golf club will be included, such as the labor and materials.

What are the extra costs?

Golf Club RegrippingIn case you choose to regrip the golf clubs yourself be prepared to pay around $25 for extra materials like a vise clamp and tape if these are not included in the kit.

This service can also be provided by mail by some companies. You should budget for shipping the clubs to and from the company. Though, the costs per club are lower at these companies, so the final expenses might not be so high.

Important things to consider

The best sign that you have to regrip your clubs is the great amount of wear and tear. furthermore, you hand starts to slip on the club. You should know that even though you played less than 40 rounds, depending on the geographical location and the weather conditions, a little bit of wear and tear could still be seen.

How can I save money?

Usually, the company where you buy your grips from might offer reduced prices or even charge you nothing for regripping. For instance, according to some golfers, Golfsmith regrips clubs for around $3 during the year on special weekends/days. Also, Pro Golf offers similar types of discounts.

The majority of the golfers say that it is an easy job and you can do it by yourself with the help of an at-home kit and some YouTube tutorials.

It is recommended to regrip the golf club every 40 to 50 rounds, as we already mentioned, but if it is too expensive for you, then try to keep the clubs in a good condition by cleaning them with a mild detergent or soap.

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