How Much Does Seattle Tennis Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on October 12, 2023
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The Seattle Tennis Club is one of the oldest private clubs in the city. It was founded in 1890 and is located in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

When it was founded, it was only a simple tennis-oriented facility, but over the years has grown, expanded, and transformed into a multi-faceted family club. The aim of this club is to offer its more than 3,000 customers dining, social, and athletic amenities.

How Much Does a Seattle Tennis Club Membership Cost?

According to the club’s official website, by the time it was founded, the initiation fee was around $10 and the annual dues were another $10. Over time these membership fees have increased considerably and by 2015 the initiation fee for Seattle Tennis Club was $30,000, according to the Comparative Cost Survey for Private Clubs article, published in the Washington Athletic Club Magazine, August 2015 edition. Also, the monthly dues for a family were around $220, the lockers cost $14 per month and the family food and beverage minimum was set at $90 per quarter.

Keep in mind that these costs are estimative and may have changed over time. So, it is recommended to contact the club directly to get an exact quote. However, it is said that there is a 10-year waiting list, so you have to be really patient if you want to become a Settle Tennis Club member. Moreover, in order to get invited to the club you have to know a minimum of seven members.

Seattle Tennis Club history

Seattle Tennis Club CourtsThe history of the Seattle Tennis Club starts back in 1890 with 39 young, leading citizens of this flourishing city. With only two clay courts located on First Hill, at the northwest corner of Minor Avenue and Madison Street, they founded the Olympic Tennis Club. According to the newspaper of the time, it was the only “large club” in Seattle city.

In 1896, at the annual member’s meeting, the name of the club was changed from Olympic Tennis Club to Seattle Tennis Club.

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Over time the people’s interest in tennis increased and the club’s members realized that they needed a larger facility. So, in 1919 they gave instructions to the Board of Trustees to get the Firloch Canoe Club grounds.

Even though the Seattle Tennis Club faced economic and social challenges such as the Great Depression, World War I, and World War II, it continued to expand and add new facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool and indoor and outdoor facilities. By June 1999 an $11.5 million renovation was completed.

The club invested another $7 million in 2014 to make the Indoor Court Building accessible to wheelchair individuals.

What are the additional expenses?

Throughout the year various tournaments are held, but these come at an additional cost that you need to budget for.

Guest fees are applied and these are $20 per day/per guest.

Amenities and other things to consider

The club spans approximately eight acres, and as a Seattle Tennis Club member, you will have access to various amenities including 19 tennis courts which include 6 indoor and 3 outdoor courts.  Also, you will be allowed to use the squash courts, sign up for tennis lessons, register for tennis events, the fitness center, a gymnasium, massage room, the Tennis Pro Shop where you can make court reservations, the swimming pool, private beach access, the boathouse, the various dining rooms, the boathouse, the locker rooms, event spaces, and the banquet facilities.

Seattle Tennis Club strictly adheres to a tennis dress code for all members and guests. All players must wear clean, white clothes in good repair, and full rubber-soled shoes made for tennis. Each article of clothing, including hats, must be at least 2/3 white. All players must wear shirts, and men’s shirts must have sleeves. T-shirts identified for tennis are acceptable as long as they otherwise meet STC standards.

Besides tennis facilities, this club offers catering services for different events such as weddings, banquets, and meetings. The available banquet rooms include the Bistro, the Fireside Room, the Gallery, and the View Room. These rooms are large enough to accommodate anywhere between 36 and 150 seated guests and anywhere between 30 and 65 guests for a reception.

The Ballroom has a sit-down capacity of up to 150 guests and 90 with a dance floor.

The North Lawn is the club’s outdoor location and is large enough to accommodate more than 350 seated guests.

Events organized at Seattle Tennis Club for its members would include gourmet cuisine, a fully customizable cocktail bar, bartenders, and service staff. Also, the banquet room reservations will include the use of glassware, table linens, votive candles, and silver service. Moreover, the Seattle Tennis Club offers the services of an event and wedding planning professional and a day-of-event coordinator, as well.

The Seattle Tennis Club hosts every year the most prestigious tennis tournament in the States of America, the Washington State Open, since its inception in 1890.

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