How Much Does Flexogenix Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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Flexogenix® offers non-invasive joint pain solutions for active lifestyles, encouraging people to live healthy and full lives with innovative medicine and attentive care. Certified by radiologists and physicians, Flexogenix uses regenerative medicine and physical therapy, in order to assist patients in recovering their flexibility and strength and improve overall health.

They state that surgery, sometimes necessary, should be a last resort.

Flexogenix has three locations in North Carolina and one in Oklahoma. With customized plans, there are alternatives for both acute injuries and chronic overuse problems.

How Much Does Flexogenix Cost?

The average cost for treatment at Flexogenix clinics ranges somewhere between $2,500 to $6,000. There is no standard overall cost and every condition is uniquely treated with a customized plan. There are several factors that influence the cost such as the severity of your condition, the type of treatment, and the location of the clinic. Also, having or not having insurance can greatly affect the costs.

According to official Flexogenix statements, they follow a five-step protocol, and each step of the procedure has its own set of treatments.

During your first consultation session, ultrasounds and X-rays will be performed on the joint with issues. This will allow the doctor to determine the severity of your problem and develop a treatment plan accordingly. The average cost of the X-rays and ultrasounds will be around $350 without insurance and $0 with insurance. Keep in mind that depending on what kind of health insurance policy you have, the cost may be affected. A good thing to know is that most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare.

Based on the evaluation of the first visit, a customized treatment will be planned. The next steps are injections with stem cells and hyaluronic acid. Depending on your treatment plan, the number of shots can vary. However, for one stem cell injection expect to pay somewhere around $600 without insurance. If it is covered, the cost can vary depending on the type of insurance you have. For one hyaluronic acid injection, the average cost is $350 without insurance coverage. However, if you are covered by health insurance, usually the costs are closer to $0.

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These costs are sourced from different Yelp reviews. To get a more accurate price, we recommend contacting the Felxogenix facilities directly.

The braces that will be required to immobilize or fix the affected joint are another key stage in the treatment. The website doesn’t offer exact prices, but based on our research, a customized knee brace can cost around $1,200.

Take into consideration that you will see your doctor multiple times depending on how your therapy progresses.

As stated above, there is no exact price as each individual gets a unique treatment plan based on individual issues. However, considering the number of injections, ultrasounds, X-rays, customized braces, and regular visits to your doctor, the five-step plan can cost thousands of dollars.

For a proper treatment plan and a more accurate cost, we recommend contacting your nearest clinic and booking an appointment. Only a doctor is qualified to decide on a treatment plan, based on several medical investigations.

What happens during a visit?

Flexogenix Joint PainAs stated on their official website, your first visit to the clinic will not be charged. There, a board-certified physician will examine the joints with issues using advanced medical imaging technology. This equipment, along with the doctor’s knowledge, will assist in determining the state of your joint and locating the problem.

Only after this examination, based on the results, the physician can determine if you are a candidate for their pain treatment approach or not. If you are an eligible candidate, the Flexogenix clinic will compile a specific non-surgical treatment plan to follow. However, if the problem is too serious, they may recommend surgery as a last resort. In this case, you will not be a candidate for their clinic as they do not perform any kind of surgery. Either way, they will still help you find the appropriate doctor, if you need help.

The five-step Knee-Flex program

Flexogenix developed a unique Knee-Flex program that employs the most recent FDA-approved therapy alternatives to provide patients with a range of solutions

  1. The first step is to use modern imaging technology to assist in delineating the sensory nerves throughout the knee. Using cold therapy to numb the nerves, will subsequently prevent them from transmitting pain signals. As stated by the Flexogenix clinic, the pain relief is temporary and to have long-term results, restoring the damaged joint is necessary.
  2. The next step is to administer a dose of hyaluronic acid under strict guidance through modern imagining equipment. This hyaluronic acid injection will lubricate the joints and moderate the friction inside them to decrease the pain and restore mobility.
  3. The third step begins after the joint pain is suppressed. A customized reconditioning program will be compiled by the medical team of the clinic. During this program, they will evaluate the causal factors of your joint pain. Based on these facts, the medical team will process a particular conditioning formula. This formula will rectify the problem and prevent the pain from possibly appearing in the future.
  4. The next step is deciding what kind of customized braces are appropriate for your specific condition. There are two situations in which either a short-term or long-term brace is needed, depending on the severity of the problem. To determine which type of braces is needed, the medical team will examine the position of your joints. They claim to use cutting-edge technology in both bracing and therapies. These customized braces are designed to effectively relieve and reallocate weight from the damaged area, providing the patient comfort in movement.
  5. The last step is preventing any future degradation of the joints. For this to happen, the medical team injects an advanced formula. This formula also helps the body stimulate the natural healing process, assisting in joint regeneration. Kineti-Flex® and braces develop advanced plans to assist patients and keep the surgery as a last resort.

The non-surgical solutions and treatment options

  • Braces and Support – At the Flexogenix facility, you can benefit from the GaitSacn technology. This equipment scans your foot and maps pressure in order to design a personalized orthotic that will be placed in your shoe. Also, this advanced equipment can assist in customizing a knee brace. The knee brace helps diminish joint inflammation, which grants healing and prevents asymmetric alignment.
  • Physical Conditioning Program – The Kineti-Flex is a one-on-one treatment, that helps to support, realign and reduce the pain of the patient’s joint. Also, they have Zero G-flex Anti-Gravity equipment, to assist in decreasing the pressure on the joints. This technology is used to recover mobility in individuals who suffer from extreme joint or knee pain. The therapy is performed by a licensed therapist who will assist you in every step of the procedure.
  • Progeni-Flex – This is a revival medicine therapy. The medicine consists of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma, assisting in stimulating healing, reducing joint pain, and restoring the natural tissue. This type of therapy is recommended for specific conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic joint pain, ligament tears, rotator cuff injuries, and tennis elbow.
  • VisCare-Flex – A dose of hyaluronic acid under strict guidance through modern imagining equipment will be used for this process, as well as in the initial exam. The procedure is less complex and can be done within an hour. Also, the results come on the same day and the patient can walk home on his own without any help. If the treatment result is favorable, the patient may not feel joint pain for up to six months.

Flexogenix® reviews

The majority of patients who underwent treatment at Flexogenix stated online that they were really grateful to the medical team. On Yelp, the clinic has reviews from 3.5 to 5 out of 5 stars. Patients mentioned how much they benefited from their treatment method, the options available, and how respectful and professional de doctors and the medical team were. However, some patients stated the cost was too expensive and the treatment did not help them to ease the pain.

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