How Much Does Hair Rebonding Cost?

Those who have straight and strong hair with a healthy appearance can be considered extremely lucky, as they don’t have to make efforts in this regard. However, these cases are quite rare, so it’s better for women to know exactly what it means to look for the care products and procedures, suitable for each type of hair.

Hair rebonding or thermal reconditioning, also called the Japanese method of permanent straightening, is a wonderful way to get rid of curly or unruly hair for a long period of time (until cutting the straightened hair). With the help of this procedure, the hair will remain perfectly straight, smooth, and silky to the touch, with an excellent appearance, even in the most humid climate.

How Much Does Hair Rebonding Cost?

Hair rebounding costs, on average, $370 to more than $1,000. As this procedure takes longer than others, it also tends to have a higher price. This price is usually influenced by several factors such as the hair salon you choose, the type of rebonding you want, and the length of your hair. Tough, the main factor that will affect the price is the length and thickness of your hair, so every situation will be different.

For instance, if your hair is slightly past the ears, you will have to pay $160 to $290, while for shoulder-length hair you will have to get $320 to $480 out of your pocket.

The hair rebonding price is anywhere between $750 and $800, according to the HairResources.com website.

Hair rebonding – short presentation

Hair RebondingThere are several types of permanent hair straightening, but all techniques consist of a two-step procedure:

  • a sodium-based product is used in the first phase, which will break the keratin structure of the hair, making it easier to tame;
  • then an antioxidant is used that contributes to the neutralization of keratin and keeps the hair fibers in the desired shape.

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that changes the texture of the hair by changing the internal structure of the hair for a long period of time.

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Japanese heat hair straightening, also called acid perm, involves a longer time spent in a salon chair (5 to 6 hours), but also claims to last up to 8 months. Rebonding hair is similar to straightening hair with a straightener, but here, chemicals are used to break the natural bonds of the hair cells and then they are rearranged to get straight hair.

This method of permanent hair smoothening is the only treatment that has the perfect straightening power for any type of hair, including curly hair and afro, because it works and straightens the hair inside its structure, not on the outside as keratin treatment does.

Which are the additional expenses?

Before starting this procedure, some hair stylists may want to shampoo, wash the hair and scalp and cut the hair. This can be optional at some salons, but you should consider this extra cost.

It is recommended by most salons that you visit them at least every three to six months in order to keep your hair looking wavy and shiny. It depends on how fast your hair grows, as the faster it does, the more often you will have to go to a salon.

You will need to use extra products for your newly rebonded hair. Depending on the brand you choose, these will cost you anywhere between $30 and $50.

Important things to consider

The hair must be kept straight for a week without being made in a tail and it is not recommended to dye it for 2 weeks in order not to intervene again inside the thread with another chemical procedure. While other home maintenance products are not mandatory, they are recommended because they perfectly complement the treatment and make the hair look gorgeous for a long time.

Can I dye my hair?

Of course, but two weeks before or two weeks after the treatment. Ideally, the hair should have one color from root to tip. It is difficult to perform this straightening technique on hair with curls or balayage because these sensitive areas must be protected in a special way, and if these areas predominate, or the hair is completely discolored, it is NOT recommended to straighten it with this permanent method, because a discolored hair has no resistant structure, being already attacked by another chemical technique.

Tips for saving money

Before deciding where to go for the hair rebonding process, shop around and ask for quotes from a minimum of three salons to see what prices they offer. You will notice that these will vary greatly.

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