How Much Does it Cost to Install Coilovers?

Last Updated on September 6, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Although Coilover installation isn’t a job that should be done periodically, it will be very important to do this when it becomes necessary. So the first 20,000 to 50,000 miles, a car will run smoothly and without an issue. But then, you might have to install a Coilover on your vehicle to keep it safe and working properly.

So will this improve the quality of your ride? And more importantly, how much does it cost to install Coilovers? The short answer is that you will likely spend around $700 on the labor needed to replace a Coilover. This should include an alignment as well as any additional repairs you might need. And yes, this is bound to improve the quality of your ride. You will get a considerably better ride experience when you lower the car’s gravity.

If you understand how your car works and its general condition, the Coilover installation will surely be worth your while. So let’s dive deeper into Coilover installation, what it means, and how much it will cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Coilovers?

The cost of Coilover installation will be somewhere between $700 and $6,500, depending on several factors, such as your location and the mechanic you’re going to. As with other car repair jobs, the actual price of replacing a car’s coilovers can be split into a few different areas, like the Coilover suspension kit, the cost of labor, and taxes and fees related to the job.

Coilover Suspension Kits Cost

Although it does seem a little expensive, especially if it includes a combination of suspension kits for the rear, front, and align. Expect a cost between $300 and $5,000 for the kit alone, depending on its quality. Of course, according to experts, if you want to keep your car in its best condition, it is always better to opt for a Coilover kit on the expensive side of the price range.

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Labor Cost

A mechanic will spend roughly 3 to 5 hours installing a new Coilover. Expect your usual US car mechanic to charge somewhere between $90 and $150 per hour, depending on how difficult the task really is. This is why the labor cost will likely range between Therefore, the estimated labor expense would range from $320 to $520.


Taxes and fees related to installing a Coilover in a car in the United States can reach 7%. The amount you will go towards taxes and other fees will depend on the things you buy and will usually range between $20 and $390.

Estimated Coilover Install Cost

Segment Lowest Total Highest Total
Coilover Suspension Kits Cost $330 $5,500
Labor Cost $270 $750
Taxes and fees $22 $385
Overall Cost $704 $6,685

Of course, you should expect the price to differ based on your car’s make and model. This is just an estimation based on multiple quotes and prices we were able to find during our research. This means that your quote might be lower or higher. A Coilover for a truck, for example, might end up costing over $5,500, being also harder to install, which means more labor hours.

Will Coilover Installation Improve Ride Quality?

Install CoiloversYes, installing the Coilover will surely improve ride quality, as long as the installation is done properly, according to experts. This is because this kit acts like a performance enhancer, even though it was primarily made to support the wheels when the car is turning. It will improve the handling experience which in turn, will surely cause an improved weight distribution as well.

It will also improve the stability of the vehicle when reducing its center of gravity. The performance of both the acceleration and braking systems will also see an improvement. So even if you have a car that already provides smooth braking and acceleration, after installing this kit you will see an improvement in the riding quality, without shortening the life of other parts, like the struts.

Coilover Pre-Istallation Cost issues

When picking a Coilover to install, although the price should be important, make sure it isn’t the only factor you’re using. This is because the right Coilover will ensure that you will have the next 15 miles as comfortably as possible.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for a Coilover to install:

  • You should also make any needed adjustments when installing coil overs, like changing the bushings and bearings
  • You should only hire a skillet technician
  • Ensure proper Coilover arrangement
  • Always avoid Coilover kits that are particularly cheap or of poor quality

Most people consider that installing a Coilover is rather costly, so if you’re considering doing it, at least make sure you get something worth your money.


If you want to ensure that your car will still work properly, then you should consider installing Coilover. Coilover installation is well worth the money you invest as long as you do it properly. So make sure you’re not buying low-quality, cheap Coilovers from weird stores. This will ensure that you won’t face difficulties when going through the installation process or while riding the car.

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