How Much Does It Cost to Move a Gas Meter?

Oftentimes people find it necessary to move a gas meter for structural reasons, renovation, or accessibility considerations. But how much would it cost to move a gas meter?

This article will tell you all about not only the most important factors to influence the cost of the process but also the significance behind moving a gas meter.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Gas Meter?

Moving a gas meter will usually cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 or more, depending on several factors, including the necessary materials, labor, plastering and decorating needs, and whether you need meter housing or not.

Factors influencing the cost of moving a gas meter

The cost of moving a gas meter will be influenced by several important factors, among which are the type of connections involved, the time needed to have it relocated, as well as the distance it needs to be moved. Let’s go over other important factors that will influence the cost of moving the gas meter:

Location-Based Aspects

The price you will be charged by gas professionals will usually be affected by your geographical location. Cities where the cost of living is higher, like New York or San Francisco, will usually have higher labor costs as well. It is always advisable to get quotes from as many local tradespeople as possible, to make sure you get accurate cost estimates and you understand the highs and lows of the price range.

Labor Expenses

Another essential component is the cost of skilled labor. To make sure the relocation is not only accurate but also safe, you will have to get the help of trained professionals. Typical labor costs will range between $300 and $500 per day.

Cost of Materials

The cost of materials refers to the expenses related to new fittings, pipes, and other pieces of equipment necessary for the relocation. As each job comes with its own particularities depending on the complexity and length of the pipe system, the exact price for materials will vary considerably.

Meter Housing Considerations

A new meter box and housing might need to be installed if the existing ones can’t be relocated. Expect to pay between $200 and $1,200 or more for a new meter box. You might also have to spend additionally to have the old space left by the previous meter box filled.

Plastering and Decorating Costs

It’s very important to plan the moving of the gas meter so that you can use the space well after the job is done. To restore the area’s old appearance, you might be required to do some brickwork, painting, or plastering. The money you will spend will depend on local rates and the extent of the work that needs to be done.

The table below should give you a better picture of the average costs that go into moving a gas meter:

Cost Breakdown

Components Cost Range Average Cost
Materials $550.00 – $1100.00+ $880.00+
Labor Expenses $330.00 – $550.00/day $330.00/day
Location-Based Variations $50 – $300 $150
Meter Housing $220.00 – $1100.00+ $770.00+
Plastering and Decorating $100 – $500 $300

Make Sure That Moving the Gas Meter is Necessary

Gas Meter OutsideStart by evaluating the current situation of the gas meter and whether its location poses any challenges in terms of accessibility. You might need to move your gas meter to a more accessible place if you’re having trouble reading it or reaching it due to its placement.

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You should also consider the current position of the gas meter and whether it will hinder your construction in the event of structural changes or renovations done to the property. It becomes essential to relocate the meter if it does because it will facilitate your renovation work.

Checking whether the gas meter will interfere with structural work is also vital. This includes work done to change the property’s layout, the installation of new plumbing systems, or adding building extensions.

Moving Smart Meters and Electric Meters

Smart and electric meters measure electricity consumption just as gas meters measure gas consumption. Let’s go over some of the differences and similarities between the processes to be followed when moving these meters:

Moving Smart Meters

When moving a smart meter you will follow a similar process to moving a gas meter. It will also come at a similar cost. If you anticipate some more renovations or extensions of the building, then you should consider the placement of the new smart meter before the process begins.

Moving Electric Meters

The cost of moving an electric meter will be similar to the one of moving a smart meter and is influenced by similar factors as well. The most important factors are the person you hire for the job, the time needed for relocations and changing connections, as well as the distance it needs to be moved.

Gas Line Safety & Legal Considerations

Due to safety concerns, you will need specialized expertise and knowledge to move a gas meter. This is why it is not only very dangerous but also illegal, to try to move a gas line using force and with no professional help.

Professionals have to be qualified and approved by your gas supplier when handling gas meter relocations. Gas meters have complicated connections and use hazardous materials that need professional handling to avoid accidents like gas leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you relocate your gas meter for free?

Based on your individual circumstances, you might be eligible for free meter relocation. Some specific groups, including individuals with disabilities, pension recipients, and people on the Priority Service Register will usually have priority for fee waiting on this job. It’s best to consult your gas supplier as the exemptions and eligibility criteria will vary across the market.

How much will moving a meter take?

It will usually take about 4 to 6 weeks to move a meter if you account for the preparation time and the process of moving. Although this might seem a lot, it is advisable that you plan everything properly and allow enough time for a successful relocation process.

Can I move my gas meter outside? 

Yes, it is possible to move a gas meter from inside the house to outside. Keep in mind that this will come at a significant expense, especially if you want to move the meter to more than 1 meter away from its initial location.


Moving a gas meter from one position to another can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 or more. This will depend on factors like labor, materials, meter housing, plastering, and other location-based variations. It is illegal to move the gas meter without the assistance of a gas professional who can ensure a compliant and safe process.

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