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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Door Frame?

Doors are very important items in a house both in terms of design, and safety. But most people fail to realize that the door frame is what keeps the door stable and secure. Over time, door frames are prone to deterioration. Eventually, these may start to stick, bulge, rot, and even droop.

How much does it cost to replace a door frame?

The cost to replace a door frame can be somewhere from $50 up to $890. This cost greatly depends on location, the size of the door, the material, and the type of closing-opening system. These costs are estimates and for your particular problem, you should ask an expert for a more accurate quote.

Also, there is a cost difference between an exterior door and an interior door. The average cost for purchasing a new frame for an exterior door is anywhere from $115 up to $750. Depending on your contractor, these estimates may include the labor, the door frame materials, insulation, caulking, and other items and services, if needed.

There are companies that prefer to charge by linear foot, so the cost in this case will be somewhere between $8 to $23. As we stated above, the type of material and system used has a great impact on the cost. Below, you will find a table with the average expenses of various types of systems and materials.

Frame Door Type Average Costs
Wood Door Frame & Trim $115 to $325
Aluminum Door Frame $150 to $240
Composite Patio Door Frame Kit $195
Sliding or Hinged Patio Door Frame $350
Security Steel Door Frame $180 to $890

For security reasons, most of the exterior door frames are more solid. Another important factor that can influence the replacement cost, are the locks and deadbolts that will provide extra safety.

However, interior door frame replacement costs are a little lower. For example, an average cost you can expect is between $115 and $300, or $7 to $15 per linear foot. Use the costs listed in the table below as an estimation.

Interior Door Frame Type Cost to install
Barn Door Frame $170 to $300
Sliding Door Frame $270
Pre-Hung Door Frame $120 to $340
Pocket Door Frame $190 to $340
French Door Frame $180 to $250

Replacing a door frame can take an experienced contractor one to three hours. So, expect to pay an average of $50 up to $180. Some contractors may charge per hour, so an average cost can be between $40 to $110.

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Keep in mind that these costs will greatly depend on your particular issue. Labor, material, and size will influence your final cost. Also, we should remind you that these estimates are only for the door frame, as the door itself is not included.

We strongly advise you to contact an experienced company to provide a more accurate quote for the interior or exterior door frame repair. Also, try to get quotes from different local contractors, in order to get the best deal.

Several experienced contractors stated on Angi.com, that buying a completely new door, may be more convenient rather than replacing the door frame. They base this statement on the fact that installing a customized door frame and door into an existing space will take more labor time and will eventually lead to an increase in the cost.

Exterior and interior door frames overview

Handyman Replacing Door FrameExterior and interior door frames are built differently. For example, on average, an interior door frame is 30 inches wide, meanwhile, an exterior one is 36 inches in width. Also, an exterior door will need to be more solid than an interior one. The frame will be made from a strong material that resists harsh weather.

There are different types of door frame material, such as:

  • Wood – The most common type of door frame is made of wood. These are typically stained or painted and can be found in residential dwellings.
  • Metal – Usually found in corporate offices, these are made from steel or aluminum.
  • Composite – This material may be a less expensive and stronger alternative to wood while maintaining the same appearance.

Common problems (and repairs)

  1. Drafts – Unevenly installed frames may create a draft that allows air to enter the house. This can significantly raise winter utility costs for an exterior door. Contractors will have to replace the door frame and, in some cases, the door to stop any drafts. As a cheaper option, homeowners may apply weatherstripping.
  2. Split door jamb – This can be caused by different types of force and will prevent the door from properly latching shut.  To resolve this issue, the broken pieces will be removed and reglued in its place.
  3. Sagging issues – If the door appears to be drooping, the door frame is likely to blame because it will obstruct the door’s ability to swing open and shut.  As a solution, the upper part of the door will be sanded or the upper hinge will be repaired or replaced.
  4. Sticky door frame – This issue may appear as a result of humidity. In order to be able to shut the door freely, the frame and the door edges will be sanded.

Additional costs

Door frame insulation, may or may not be included in the replacement cost. If this is needed, it may cost somewhere between $150 to $500.

Some people choose to refinish their doors after replacing the door frame. For a fresh appearance, you should add $100 up to $400 for sanding and painting the door. For a cheaper option, you can choose to only paint it, and the cost gets somewhere between $125 and $150.

Save money on the door frame replacement cost

There are cases when the door frame does not need to be replaced. Some minor repairs can be done by a professional worker. So, in this situation, seek the advice of a contractor. Repairing will definitely be much cheaper.

Make sure you get multiple quotes and compare the costs to ensure that you get a fair price.

If you are a handyman and have the proper tools, you can turn this door frame job into a DIY project.

Many contractors offer discounts, so try to negotiate. If you have several quotes from different companies, use these as leverage.

Tips to know

Many contractors are ready to give a discount if you are willing to pay cash or in advance.

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