How Much Does It Cost To Return A Uhaul At A Different Location?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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The U-Haul company is well-known in the United States, providing moving services and various rental service options for its clients. At U-Haul, you can choose between several rental services such as truck rental or trailer rental, and different storage units, and you can even purchase specific packaging and wrappings for moving your items.

U-Haul is popular among customers for its affordable and efficient services when it comes to moving or storing their goods. Their diverse services, frequently provided discounts, and the possibility to book their services online make them the people’s choice.

How Much Does It Cost To Return A Uhaul At A Different Location?

The cost of returning a U-Haul at a different location can range between $50 and $100, on average. The actual price will depend on the type of vehicle that you rent, whether it is a truck or a trail, the type of rental, the location, and especially the mileage. The costs mentioned above, might or might not include the costs for the fuel and other taxes.

An important thing to note is that the U-Haul company is able to provide deductions when one of its customers returns the rented vehicle to a different location. Depending on the type of contract that you initially signed, it is recommended to contact the U-Haul place near the return location, in order to receive an accurate cost.

According to a Reddit user, U-Haul has flat rates and for a one-way contract, for example, the company will charge $240 plus $0.40 for every mile above 120. He also stated, that the company even might make discounts if the traveling route exceeds 200 miles.

Another user of the same forum claimed that the U-Haul company quoted him $2,500+ to move from California to Texas.

HireAHelper.com, states in one article that the average cost of renting a vehicle from U-Haul will be around $136 for distances under 50 miles, $298 between 50 and 250 miles, and $1,131 over 250 miles.

U-Haul offers discounts for multi-day rentals and provides various special offers. Before booking, you should check the website for the latest deals.

How Much Does a Day’s U-Haul Truck Rental Cost?

The cost of renting a U-Haul for a day typically ranges between $19.95 and $89.95, not including fuel charges and other taxes. These costs will depend on the type and size of the vehicle rented, the location, and the traveled distance.

According to Move.org, the U-Haul company may charge anywhere from $90 to $110 per day for 50-mile travel for a local move, not including other taxes and insurance fees. For instance, a 10-foot rental truck for local moving costs around $90 per day, a 15-foot truck will be $100 per day, a 17-foot U-Haul truck costs $110, and a 20-foot or 26-foot truck $110. However, renting a truck for a long-distance move, for at least 1,000 miles, may cost anywhere from $495 to $1,040, depending on the size of the truck.

Take into consideration that these costs are estimates and may vary based on your geographical location and other taxes you might have to pay.

How Long Can You Rent a U-Haul For?

The U-Haul company provides its consumers with rental options such as per day, per week, and even monthly. Depending on your needs, you can rent trucks or trailers for as much time as you need them, as long as you return the truck on the exact date and hour that you agreed upon.

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Typically, renting one of their vehicles per day is the best deal for short or local moves. However, for extended moves such as moving to another state, weekly and monthly rental options are much more suitable.

Keep in mind that U-Haul is able to provide its customers with several discounts when renting for multiple days.

Why Should You Use U-Haul?

U-Haul Truck and Trailer RentalThe U-Haul company offers a variety of inexpensive rental options for moving and even for storing goods. They can provide vehicle rentals such as trucks or trailers, different storage units and even moving supplies such as packing boxes, bubble wraps, and many others. Offering such a complex rental service makes it easy for customers to find what they need, in just one place.

Aside from this, customers can book a U-Haul rental from the comfort of their homes through their official website and can easily contact customer service for any questions. Also, the company often provides different promotions and discounts.

The company is widely known for providing reliable and affordable rental services, which made it a popular choice for customers who need to move or store items.

Additional Costs to Consider

Not returning the rented truck or trailer at the agreed time will mean a late fee which is around $40 per extra day. U-Haul does not have a late fee, but it will surely charge you for being late.

When moving, you might want to ensure that your goods are secured while traveling. A-Haul provides furniture pads for rental, which may cost around $5 per half dozen, furniture dollies at $7 to $12, and appliance dollies for $10 to $15. Costs may vary by location, so contact your nearest U-Haul facility for accurate quotes.

Different types of insurance can be purchased to provide coverage for potential damages to the rented vehicle or devices, damages to your car while it is being transported through their auto transport service, and even for the driver and passengers in case of an accident. The insurance will be around $8 to $16 per day, depending on several factors.

Movers are also available at the U-Haul company, and generally, the cost for loading and unloading or packing and unpacking the goods will be around $160 per hour for two helpers.

Final Words

U-Haul provides convenient and inexpensive rental services, which has become very popular among its customers. At U-Haul, customers can benefit from various services such as vehicle renting, such as trucks, trailers, hitch renting, storage units, packing supplies, and even personnel to move goods.

As for the cost, U-haul renting prices may vary based on your geographical location, the type of rental, and the route distance, but on average may be anywhere from $50 to $100.

Besides the fact that they provide affordable costs for their service, U-Haul often offers special promotions and different discounts.

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