Lumosity Subscription Cost

Lumosity Cost

Last Updated on September 2, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on December 30, 2017 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

It’s 2020 already and many people already know what the world wide known game creation company Lumosity is. However, if you’re one of the few that hasn’t heard of this company, you should know that the people behind Lumosity are based in San Francisco and provide some of the most professional games to train your brain. When you get subscribed to Lumosity you can play about 40 different games that are proven to improve your problem brain flexibility, problem-solving skill, memory, and attention. Lumosity already has over 85 million players worldwide just on Android and the numbers are continuously rising. So how much would a Lumosity subscription cost?

Lumosity and Neuroscience

Lumosity is a game that is based on what’s known as neuroscience. This was stated right from their launch, in their first advertisement in 2013. One of the co-founders of this company is Michael Scanlon, a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the prestigious Stanford University in California.

The Lumosity website claims they are the best-known brain training game creators available online. According to its creators, if you set aside just a few minutes each day to play the Lumosity game, you will be smarter, sharper, brighter. Lumosity is based on the premise that the brain can be trained almost in the same manner as your body, through daily workouts. This means that just a few minutes of training every day could build up our IQ in a noticeable way.

So What’s The Cost of Building up Your IQ?

If you just want to check out Lumosity and try it for a few days, then you can opt for the free version, that opens up 3-4 games per day, randomly picked by Lumosity. If you’re not a subscriber, the games you are offered will be available in a loop. You won’t be able to pick your games and they will repeat frequently, but it’s what you have to suffer if you don’t want to become a paying customer.

Lumosity logoIf you want to take advantage of the more complex part of Lumosity, then you will have to subscribe and pay $14.95 each month. If you plan to play the games for a long time and want to get a better deal, a one-time payment of $299.95 can get you full access to Lumosity for a lifetime, but it won’t be completely free. Instead, you will still have to pay around 50% of the price, which is about $6.95 each month for year to year subscriptions or $4.99/month for every 2-year subscription.

These subscription prices haven’t stopped tens of thousands of players to get the full version, which means that the company reached millions of dollars in revenue within the first year. The company continues to grow at a steady rate of around 150% year after year.

But, does Lumosity really work?

The reviews found on game markets around Lumosity are a mix of positive and negative, with positive reviews being slightly more than the negative ones.

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When interviewed, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences from the Standford University, by the name of Shelli Kesler, said that the game is proven to work, based on her tests made with breast cancer patients. Chemotherapy is known to cause cognitive impairment, but she has seen an improvement in the brain activity of her patients that played the game. She currently asks all her patients that undergo chemotherapy to play the game for at least 12 to 15 weeks.

During the tests, the professor noticed her patients that played the game being able to find words easier and also noticed an increase in the processing function and processing speed of their brain.

Kesler’s research was countered by another research conducted this time by the neuroscientist Dr. Adrian Owen, that found completely different results. Based on 11.000 test subjects, Dr. Owen concluded that people aren’t really getting better brain activity, instead, they are simply getting better and the games played, due to getting used to the tasks.

This doesn’t mean that their brain activity hasn’t seen improvements, it just shows that the difference isn’t measurable.

Should the average working Joe pay for a Lumosity subscription?

Seeing that the game can be played for free as a trial if you don’t know if Lumosity is for you, give it a try for free and see if you can keep up with it for at least one month. If you get addicted to better brain activity and faster reactions, then you can become one of the Lumosity Subscribers. The game comes with no contract or coerciveness to play or pay, so whenever you want to quit, you can do so, without having to spend a dime more. It’s the best reason to go for a month to month payment rather than a yearly subscription.

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