How Much Does Sylvan Tutoring Cost?

Sylvan Tutoring provides leading supplemental educational services. Through their cutting-edge computer-adaptive skills they are able to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Their expert tutors then evaluate the results and provide the necessary tutoring to help your child improve their knowledge.

How much does Sylvan Tutoring Learning Center cost?

The starting cost of a private tutoring session at the Sylvan Tutoring Center is $49 per hour, according to their official website. However, the cost will greatly vary depending on your geographical location, the center, the student’s level and expectations, the extent of the program, and also, on the chosen subject.

Also, they claim that they can provide affordable monthly packages for students who need supplemental help for their homework, or tests to sharpen their skills. This is known to be charged at a starting fee of $199 per month, depending on several factors.

Classes and tutoring camps are available at a starting cost of $199, while ACT and SAT Prep classes start at $999.

Keep in mind that these costs are subject to change, and we recommend visiting their official website or contacting your local Sylvan Center for more accurate costs.

There is a tuition option plan PDF on their website that provides several offers and payment plans at a local facility. Refer to the tables below to see their offerings:

Your Tuition Solution – Flexible Payment Plans
Extended plans

24 to 60 months

24 months $131-$308/month 36 months


48 months


60 months


No Interest Plans

6 to 18 months

6 months


12 months


18 months


Prepayment Plans
A discounted rate of $40/hour available for program prepayment
Tutoring Options
Description Subscription Fee
One-on-one tutoring Hourly Rate Standard Rate of Instruction $45/hour
Registration/Materials Fee Materials and Supplies $35 (one-time fee per student)
Sylvan Insight Assessment Lifetime Assessments $125 (one-time fee per family)
Math/Algebra/Geometry Edge 2 hours per week-6:1 Instruction $180/month
Academic Coaching 2 hours per week-6:1 Instruction $180/month
SAT/ACT Customized Instruction 3:1 instruction $45/hour
STEM Camps Robotics, Coding, Science, & More $49 to $249

These offers may have some requirements to be met in order for these costs to be available.

We were able to compile the table below with tutoring session costs that different customers had paid:

Baton Rouge, LA $65 per hour for a 5-hour program
Bloomington, CA $2,800 prepaid for a 43-hours program
Brooklyn, NY $85 per hour
Chula Vista, CA $116 per hour prepaid for an 200 hours program
Denville, NJ $58 per hour
Encino, CA $65 per hour for a 150 hours program
Evergreen Park, IL $58 per hour for a 60 hours program
Gobles, MI $80 per hour for a 52 hours program
Melbourne, FL $58 for evaluation and $230 for two hours
Niagara Falls, NY $4,900 prepaid for a 100 hours program
Oakland Gardens, NY $58 per hour for a 68 hours program
Rocky Mount, NC $4,650 prepaid for a 88 hours program
Santa Rosa, CA $3,450 prepaid for a 92 hours program
Sergeant Bluff, IA $47 per hour
Stratford, CT $1,150 for SAT prep program

According to, the average cost range of a personalized tutoring session at Sylvan Tutoring is anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. They also state that the average cost for academic coaching sessions will be around $299 per month, while advanced classes and camps can cost around $290 per month. However, for college test prep, you can expect to pay anywhere around $1,119, on average.

Sylvan Learning Center Overview

Sylvan Tutoring ClassAt the Sylvan Tutoring Centers, future customer students will first follow a diagnostic assessment. Through this procedure, he or she must complete a one-hour diagnostic assessment test on a computer for each topic.

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Next, once the testing is completed, the student will get a lesson plan with Individual Learning Objectives (ILOs) that are based on the official Sylvan databank.

During each tutoring session, your child will receive personalized, interactive lessons from a tutor, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience. Sylvan tutoring centers offer academic assistance to students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to college preparation. As your child learns, they can earn tokens to exchange for prizes such as Lego sets or gift cards.

The official website of The Center states that they offer assistance with reading, math, writing, homework, study skills, test prep, and college preparation.

What are the extra costs?

A registration fee of around $65 may be charged, depending on the specific Sylvan Tutoring location.

The skill assessment test will be another extra cost to consider. The cost range may be anywhere from $75 to $230. It is mandatory to take these skills tests to determine a learning plan for your child.

Additionally, Sylvan provides seminar programs, including SAT/ACT seminars costing up to $1,200 and 12-hour camps focused on writing, math, and reading for around $270.

Important things

To ensure progress, it is recommended to have two to three sessions per week. Additionally, the child’s attitude plays an important role in their ability to learn, so they must be willing to do so. It is a good idea to check for guarantees as some centers offer free hours if your child’s grades do not improve.

Saving money on tutoring sessions

If you plan on going to the Sylvan Learning Center, be sure you check their website for any available coupons or special promotions.

Consider paying upfront for bulk purchases to lower hourly rates.

It is possible to find centers that offer free consultations. You can take advantage of various programs by visiting a local center and exploring what they have to offer. This can help you determine whether their services are suitable for your child.

To make the high costs more manageable, Sylvan provides financing and payment plans. These can range from no-interest plans to low-interest monthly payment plans.

Consider seeking private help from local professionals or university students for better value, as these franchise tutoring centers can be expensive.

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