Altitude Trampoline Park Cost

How Much Does the Altitude Trampoline Park Cost?

Last Updated on January 13, 2024
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With a surface of more than 15,000 square feet, the Altitude Trampoline Park is a trampoline center and an indoor park, that offers continuous trampolines, a rock-climbing wall, and foam pits. All of these are designed for people of all ages, from kids and teens to adults.

How Much Does the Altitude Trampoline Park Cost?

The average cost of a ticket for the Altitude Trampoline Park depends on the length of time jumping. For instance, a single jumper will have to pay $13 to $18 for a one-hour pass, while for a two-hour pass, you will have to get around $30 out of your pocket, and three hours of jumping will cost you almost $35.

For each extra hour, you will have to pay about half of this price. These prices are available for those older than six. The age of the jumper and the location of the park will greatly affect the prices. At most locations, children under two will not have to pay anything, while the cost of a ticket for children three to six would be around $12 for the first hour.

For instance, at a location in Nevada, a pass for 2 hours of jump time is sold for $20, while a one-hour pass is priced at $13. Access is free for children two years old and under. The price of a one-hour ticket for children who are under three years old is around $12. There are also passes for 3 hours or more. Tickets and passes can be bought either online or in park.

Also, the park offers party packages for up to twenty guests. These packages include beverages and pizza for all guests, plus a special gift for the birthday child and full access to the park for up to two hours. Parties for twenty people on a weekend can cost up to $570, while parties with up to ten people and two hours of jump time would cost about $225 on a weekday and around $285 on a weekend.

Altitude Trampoline Park Overview

The Altitude Trampoline Park is a trampoline parks franchise that offers some of the largest trampoline parks, that measure more than 30,000 square feet and have more than two hundred inter-connected wall-to-wall trampolines that cover about 15,000 square feet. Also, they offer many more attractions.

The park offers a wide range of indoor activities like a large main court, basketball dunking lanes, foam pits, 3D dodgeball, gymnastic tumble tracks, and a kid’s zone.

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Also, here you can find a rock-climbing wall and a battle beam, which is suspended over the foam pits for more entertainment. Plus, you can organize a special trampoline birthday party at the Altitude Trampoline Park. These parties can be customized according to your preferences and include a private room and pizza. Up to twenty guests are allowed, having access to the entire park for two hours.

What are the additional expenses?

Competitions and competitive jumping classes here are often organized, and for most of these, an entry fee will be charged.

In order to jump, trampoline socks are required regardless of your age, and these cost around $5 per pair.

Also, the Altitude Trampoline Park offers fitness class boot camps that cost around $12 for a single class and about $100 for a twelve-class pass.

Important things for jumpers

Altitude Trampoline Park InsideThe Altitude Trampoline Park is open to people of all ages.

If you are younger than 18 years, you will need a waiver signed by a parent/guardian. The waiver must be filled out and signed by all guests over 18 as well.

In order to save time, it is highly recommended to buy tickets from the park’s official website.

Both, the tickets and the waiver can be bought/filled out online. You should print them out before going to the park so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in line.

You won’t be allowed on the trampolines with any sharp objects or shoes, but you must wear socks. In case you don’t have socks, you can purchase them from reception for a small fee.

In general, the Altitude Trampoline Park is open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Friday to Saturday, they open from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Friday Night Friendzy and Other Money-Saving Tips

Check the official Altitude Trampoline Park website for special events and discount days before going to the park. There are discounts for specific groups, such as teens, pre-teens, and toddlers, on certain nights, like Friday Night Friendzy, for example. Also, there are family fun packs and early bird specials that may help you save money.

Usually, this park offers coupons that you can find in a local circular in the mail or on their official website.

If you know you’ll be spending several hours in the park, it is always worth it to buy a pass for as many hours as you plan to stay to get a discounted price.

Also, you should look on daily deal websites like Groupon because, from time to time, the franchise does advertise in these places.

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