La Rinconada Country Club Membership Cost

How Much Does the La Rinconada Country Club Membership Cost?

The La Rinconada Country Club is located in the heart of Los Gatos, California, across more than 125 acres, and is one of the most stunning estates in the Santa Clara Valley.

The building of this country club began with several men who visualized the idea of a property built as a beautiful small golf course. The property construction took 9 years, between 1920 and 1929 and some of the founders were W.C. Sprague, W.B. Maxwell, Wendell C. Thomas, and one of the first Club Members, Senator Sanborn Young.

Sadly, this Silicon Valley private club had financial problems during World War II, which later led to its sale. In 1952, the new owner, Sol J. Leider, a golfer dentist, tenanted the property for the next 99 years to a group of local citizens. During those years, the La Rinconada Country Club grew into the thriving exclusive location that it is today.

The La Rinconada Country Club, even after all these years is still keeping its elegant design, with its narrow fairways and trees lined along them. Even though the greens are small but gracefully kept, the golf courses and its practice facility are thought to be one of the best in the Bay Area.

How much does a La Rinconada Country Club membership cost?

The estimated costs of becoming a member of the La Rinconada Country Club are between $50,000 and $250,000. These prices are just for the initiation fee. You will also have to pay annual dues, which will probably be somewhere from $5,000 to $25,000. However, depending on the type of membership you sign up for, the costs will differ.

According to some publicly available information, the La Rinconada Country Club may provide three different memberships, each with its own amenities and costs.

For example, the Full Membership comes at a $250,000 initiation fee with $25,000 annual dues, which is about $2,200 per month.

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The second membership is the Social Membership where in order to become a member, an initiation fee of around $100,000 may be charged with annual dues of $10,000.

The third and the least expensive is the Junior Membership, which has an initiation fee of $50,000 with annual dues of $5,000.

However, these costs are estimated based on online research and we strongly recommend contacting the La Rinconada Country Club for more accurate costs and information about each membership and its benefits. notes that La Rinconada Country Club has memberships with fees anywhere from $125,000 up to $195,000 with monthly dues of around $700. They also state that the cost may be influenced by today’s market.

Another online source stated that the initiation fee may be between $130,000 and $200,000, but be aware that these are only estimates.

Some online forum discussions revealed that to be a full member of the club, you may have to pay around $230,000, for the initiation fee alone.

Another user stated that besides the initiation fee and monthly dues, as a member, you are required to pay around $1,800 per year minimum, for food and beverage.

These costs are just estimates and are always subject to change. However, if you are interested in becoming a member of La Rinconada Country Club, we recommend that you contact their office at (408) 395-4181 or visit their website, They are able to give you accurate details about the types of memberships they provide, what amenities each includes, and costs.

Some active members said that the memberships are by invitation only and guests can visit the club only accompanied by a member.

The membership options

  • Full Membership – A Full Membership provides full privileges for spouses and children who are under 21 as well. They can enjoy unlimited access to the golf course, swimming pool, practice facility, fitness center, and dining locations as well. However, even though there may be an age limit for member’s children, the club provides the possibility for children up to 25 years old to benefit from the same amenities for a small annual fee. Full members who have been enrolled at the club and for more than 15 years are older than 85 can get the “emeritus” status.
  • Social Membership – The Social Membership also provides members and their direct families full access to the swimming pool, practice facility, fitness center, and dining venues. As per the golf course, they are limited and can be enjoyed only during the “open-play” hours and an additional two rounds per month.
  • Junior Membership – The Junior Membership is intended for individuals not older than 35 years old. Its members have unlimited access to the club’s amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, practice facility, and dining location. However, there is limited access to the golf course.

Extra costs at this Private Golf Club

Depending on the type of membership you own, green fees and cart fees may be additionally required.

La Rinconada Golf Club overview

La Rinconada Country Club Golf CourseLa Rinconada Country Club provides an exquisite par 70 course, with an 18-hole for golf enthusiasts. Also, members can enjoy two sets of tees, which are designed for different skill levels. This golf course designed by Bradford Benz, spreads over 5,500 yards of greens and was opened in 1929. Its rating is 69.8 and 131 slope rating on Rye grass. To get an idea about the golf course, visit the club’s official website.

The club also provides a practice facility over 300 acres, which features six greens that include sand bunkers and an elevated tee.

Also, members can enjoy amenities such as a heated spa, swimming pool, gym, yoga studio, and bocce courts.

The club provides its members with a high-end Golf Shop with equipment from the best manufacturers in the golf industry.

Besides sports, members can benefit from several dining venues and the clubhouse for special events, corporate meetings, celebrations, social events, and private luncheons.

Important things to consider

While not confirmed, it is speculated that the town’s ordinance may impose a cap on La Rinconada’s membership. However, it is said that the club was full a few years back. Mercury News stated in an article that the club may only have around 500 members signed in.

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