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Cost of a DJ for a Wedding

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If you want a great wedding and the music is the last thing you need to book, you may ask yourself how much is a DJ for your wedding. 

Mostly during dinner or wedding reception, couples like to hire a DJ to enhance the atmosphere and make people feel great. You need to hire a professional for this job because you need a lighter atmosphere, especially after the morning solemnity of exchanging vows in a sober environment.

The easiest way to find the right wedding DJ price in your area is to give some of the popular ones a call and ask. Depending on their skills, the date of the wedding, and your wedding venue, prices could differ greatly.

How Much is a DJ for a Wedding?

The average cost of a wedding DJ’s services will differ based on several factors. The level of experience and the skills of the DJ you choose, where the wedding is located, and the package and overall services you need, are all factors that will influence the final cost you are bound to pay.

The average cost of an amateur wedding DJ is somewhere around $1,000 in the US. When it comes to professional wedding DJs, they are likely to charge anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on their overall reputation and credibility.

As inflation goes higher and higher and events are more common with the end of the global pandemic, DJs are nowadays charging considerably more than they used to. Replacing the usual live band with the right DJ can create a tone for people to feel more comfortable and as soon as they are ready, to create the environment for a great celebration party of your event.

The Average Wedding DJ Cost According to Location

A big factor that will influence the cost of the DJ and even the cost of your wedding as a whole will be the location where the event takes place. So let’s take use the section below to discuss the average costs based on location.

Rural Areas

As you’d expect, rural areas have the lowest average costs for DJs, with prices that are anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500 for the DJ services alone. Of course, in rural areas, you are likely to need to pay more for special effects and lighting, if these aren’t provided by the location.

Smaller Cities

If you live in a smaller city, then the average cost to hire a wedding DJ will be higher, anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000, for the DJ and audio equipment alone.

Metropolitan Areas and Larger Cities

For larger cities, professional wedding DJs will be the most expensive, with costs for their services between $2,500 and $12,000. This cost represents the average price of the services of a professional DJ that has a lot of experience and a great track record. This cost will usually include the DJ themself and their needed audio equipment booked for anywhere between three and six hours, although any additional equipment, services, or lighting won’t be included.

Professional Wedding DJs vs Budget-friendly Amateur DJs

Be careful about what you choose to compromise on when it comes to entertainment for your big day, as cutting corners can leave people disappointed, even though it is also important to save money when possible. Professional DJs will be a lot more than just the individual that presses play on a soundtrack or another, which is why, although you will save money with a budget-friendly DJ, using budget-friendly services is bound to make your wedding day a little duller.

Most professional DJs are experienced and talented and will use the best possible audio equipment. They are also very dedicated to the services they provide and will ensure your wedding will be something everyone remembers.

Even before the event starts, most professional DJs will waste anywhere between 10 and 40 hours preparing the music, which says a lot about the dedication they are willing to put into this work. Most DJs will also offer you the possibility to opt for additional services, services we are going to talk about below.

What Services Can a Wedding DJ Offer?

Before you shake hands with one DJ or another, it is vital you know what they can offer in terms of services both in their basic package and as additional services. As you’d expect, not every wedding DJ will be able to offer the same services for your event. This is why it is very important to talk about your expectations before signing the contract.

In addition to playing the music tracks that you like for your event, some wedding DJs can also act as the emcees of the day. This means that the DJ will also be in charge to introduce people that will offer toasts or speeches, make the needed announcements, and even manage the sequence of the events.

Great DJs will be dynamic and give out an enthusiastic vibe, while also having the ability to interpret the crowd playing the right song for the feel of the dance floor. You should expect the DJ to come with their own sound system, although this is something you should discuss beforehand. There are DJ companies that can offer additional services like photo booths, video displays, lighting, and other services.

What Are You Paying for?

It’s not uncommon for couples to be rather surprised when they are given a quote by wedding DJs. What you should understand even before hiring your DJ, is that wedding DJs will offer a lot more in terms of wedding ceremonies and receptions, and they should offer a valuable boost to the events themselves. So here’s what you’re actually paying for when you hire a wedding DJ:


Although you don’t know this, DJs themselves will pay for the music they offer, and you want to make sure that the Dj you employ has a wide range of songs they can work with to make the event special.


The time that your wedding DJ will spend entertaining people at your event will influence the price you will be quoted. Aside from the time put into your event, the time required for the DJ to prepare for the big day will also be included in the price. Most professional DJs waste a lot of time creating a personalized script and a wedding playlist even before your wedding starts.

There is also the time your DJ will waste getting to the event, setting up the needed equipment, entertaining the crowd, and then packing everything up to leave. You should also consider any additional fees related to transportation if the DJ has to travel a big distance to get to your wedding.


You surely don’t want a wedding with average-quality sound and visual equipment. A professional DJ will most likely ensure well-maintained, reliable equipment using the latest technology. Professional DJs will also use a portion of the fee to maintain their equipment and buy new techs like speakers, microphones, and more.

Insurance and Other Costs

The cost of the wedding DJ will also include anything from marketing efforts, business licensing, renting office space, and any other related expenses they incur. Most DJs also pay insurance. This will not only protect the professional, but you and your facility as well if the DJ’s equipment will cause any damage or injury to your wedding or guests.

People’s  recommendation

A great tip that will help you to find a great DJ is to ask other married couples for recommendations. If you don’t have any close friends that have used a DJ at their weddings, try searching online. You will find a lot of websites that help you to pick the best DJ in your area.

Depending on how much money you can afford to spend on the DJ, you can be one of the many people that find someone for $950 or less, but with limited services, or you could end up spending $4,950 for a DJ with an MC, lights, snow machine and percussionist for 7 hours and have great music for your wedding. But remember that limited services mean that the DJ will only spin the records and announce the song.

Wedding DJ Cost per Hour

If you’re looking for a professional mobile DJ with a standard sound system, you should expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 and up per hour. Pick your wedding date carefully because peak seasons like holidays and weekends will have increased rates, not just for the DJ, but for all of the wedding arrangements. For a cheap DJ, this peak season increase can actually double the price, from $130/hour to $600/hour.

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If you plan your wedding outside of peak seasons and live close to the Baltimore area, then you could spend under $2,250 for a 6-hour gig from a professional DJ. Also, remember that you will have to pay for all the traveling fees for your DJ if you have a favorite one that lives far away from you. Book as early as you can, and you could be offered a discount. weddingDJ

If instead, you live in Easton PA, you could spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1,125 for the same 6-hour gig with a local DJ. You could find valuable information about local DJs and their services, including sound and light production on your local radio stations.

Pointers to low-cost DJ services

From the experienced consumers’ feedback, low-cost DJ services for a wedding can be secured more easily if:

  • You are OK with a newer, inexperienced, or even an amateur DJ
  • Finding other couples ready to book your DJ could help you receive a discount
  • Some DJs don’t charge extra for travel fees or other expenses
  • The number of service hours is low
  • You only need limited services from your DJ
  • Early booking is made on the preferred date
  • The wedding is held at off-peak seasons such as November

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DJ quality

Don’t forget that the quality of the deejay will usually be reflected in his gig price. You might think that it doesn’t make a big difference what DJ you employ, but in fact, it really does: an amateur could find himself going through some really bad picks for music for the whole night and he might even use some unfortunate phrases while doing the announcements.

If you really want music that makes everyone feel good and makes the event go smoothly from the beginning till it’s finished, hire a professional DJ. They will most likely make people dance the whole night.

Is a professional DJ the best choice for our average working Joe?

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We believe it is. Usually, a professional deejay will be worth every penny you pay and he will know how to keep an eye on the crowd and play the exact songs people expect to hear. To get the best idea about the music desired by the soon-to-be-married couple, a professional DJ will usually offer some consultation sessions free of charge, to discuss the songs that will be played.

Are you still asking yourself if you want to pay for a DJ or not? Just have this in mind: Hopefully, you will only have one wedding!

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