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How Much Does Ace Hardware Key Cutting and Programming Cost?

Last Updated on February 20, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Ace Hardware provides convenient and affordable key cutting and programming services at stores nationwide. Getting new keys made or existing keys reprogrammed is crucial for accessing homes, cars, and other security systems.

With professional equipment and expertise, Ace Hardware makes duplicating and coding keys easy at competitive prices.

How Much Does Ace Hardware Key Cutting and Programming Cost?

The cost for cutting and programming keys at Ace Hardware depends on the key type and service required. Below are typical service prices:

  • Standard metal key cutting – $2-$4 per key
  • Transponder car key cutting – $10-$20
  • Car key fob programming – $30-$75
  • Smart key programming – $20-$50

The rates can vary slightly by location but remain very reasonable compared to dealerships or mobile locksmiths. Advanced services like programming smart keys for home security systems would be $40-$60 while programming transponder keys and key fobs for luxury cars would be $50-$100. There are discounts available for duplicating multiple basic keys.

According to Art of Lockpicking, for example, key cutting service at Ace Hardware costs about $5. It also mentions that car keys, including ignition keys, transponder keys, and key fobs, can cost between $10 and $300, depending on the vehicle’s make, model, and year.

A Reddit user shared their experience, stating that Ace Hardware charged $100 for copying and programming a key and fob, while the dealership quoted $60 for the same service.

Ace Hardware keeps their key cutting and programming prices affordable and transparent for consumers. The prices reflect the expertise and advanced equipment needed for different key types.

Overview of Key Cutting and Programming

Key cutting involves making duplicate keys from an existing key. The key is placed into a special cutting machine that traces the original key’s shape and cuts the new key blank precisely.

Programming takes electronic key fobs, smart keys, and transponder keys and codes them to work with the associated lock or ignition system. Programming requires advanced technology to sync the key with the right electronic codes.

Ace Hardware offers key cutting for standard metal keys as well as more advanced services for smart keys, transponders, and key fobs. With locations across the United States, Ace Hardware provides a convenient option for key services without the wait or high cost of locksmiths.

Ace Hardware Key Cutting Services

The key cutting machines at Ace Hardware can duplicate most common key types. Their machines can cut basic flat metal keys for homes and padlocks. Auto dealership keys and keys with more intricate shapes and grooves can also be copied at most locations. The key cutting machines precisely trace keys and cut new blanks from brands like Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale.

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For high-security keys like those with an internal microchip, Ace Hardware stores have specialized machines to ensure the key blanks are cut and formatted correctly. The essential key cutting steps are automated for accuracy while still allowing technicians to visually inspect keys.

Ace Hardware Key Programming Services

To program keys, Ace Hardware utilizes professional key programming equipment to sync key fobs and smart keys with the correct electronic codes. For modern transponder car keys, Ace Hardware can program the embedded chip which communicates with the vehicle’s immobilizer system. Key fob programming reprograms the keyless entry remote to work with the car’s locks and alarm system.

The technicians follow precise protocols from the auto manufacturer to connect the key and program it. The key is inserted into the programming device dock, and the equipment identifies the key type and model based on the transponder signal and reprograms it as needed. The technicians confirm the key works after completing the programming.

Accessing Key Services at Ace Hardware

Ace HardwareKey cutting and some programming services are available during normal store hours, typically 8am-8pm weekdays and 8am-6pm weekends but can vary. Making duplicate keys is usually a quick service that can be done while you wait with no appointment needed.

More complex key programming may require scheduling an appointment to ensure a technician is available. The service desk can advise you on the expected wait times or when to schedule an appointment. Many locations also have self-service key kiosks for simple key cutting.

You can check for key cutting and programming services at your local Ace Hardware store by calling or stopping by the customer service desk. Make sure to bring your existing key or the vehicle make and model details.

Why Choose Ace Hardware for Key Services

There are many advantages to using Ace Hardware for key cutting and programming needs:

  • Convenience: With thousands of locations across the country, Ace Hardware shops are conveniently located in many neighborhoods.
  • Expertise: Store associates are trained to operate professional key cutting and programming machines properly.
  • Efficiency: Appointment options, quick key cutting, and on-site services mean you won’t waste time driving across town or waiting.
  • Affordability: Key costs are very competitive compared to locksmiths or dealerships. Discounts are available for multiple basic key copies.
  • Reliability: You can count on Ace Hardware to accurately cut and program all standard key types as well as more advanced transponder and smart keys.
  • Customer Service: Knowledgeable staff provide guidance on the key copying or programming process and pricing.

For essential services like key cutting and replacements, Ace Hardware is a trusted local provider known for value, expertise, and convenience.

Alternatives to Ace Hardware for Key Services

Ace Hardware is not the only option for key cutting and programming services. Below are some alternatives to consider:

  • Local hardware stores: Stores like Home Depot or Lowes may offer similar key services. Pricing and availability may vary.
  • Locksmiths: Professional mobile locksmiths can cut and program keys on-site but usually at a premium.
  • Dealerships: The dealership can program new car keys but will charge much more compared to Ace Hardware.
  • Online services: Third party websites sell key blanks and programming instructions but you must cut and program keys yourself.

For advanced key programming, locksmiths may be required. Ace Hardware covers most common key copying and programming needs conveniently.

Choosing the Best Key Service Option

When deciding where to get keys cut and programmed, consider factors like cost, convenience, types of keys, and customer service reputation. Ace Hardware hits the sweet spot between affordable pricing and professional service quality.

With accessible store locations across the country, they are a solid choice for most basic and even advanced key cutting and programming needs.

Final words

  • Ace Hardware offers convenient key cutting and programming for standard and high-security keys.
  • Their stores use professional equipment to duplicate keys accurately and program transponders, fobs, and smart keys.
  • Pricing is very reasonable compared to alternatives and discounts are offered for multiple basic key copies.
  • Most stores provide key cutting during normal business hours, with appointments needed for some programming services.
  • Choose Ace Hardware for reliable, affordable key services with locations nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ace Hardware clone keys?

Yes, Ace Hardware can copy most standard metal keys and some high-security keys. Their key cutting machines precisely trace the original key and clone it onto a new blank of the same type.

However, Ace Hardware does not duplicate restricted keys like those marked “Do Not Duplicate” without proper authorization.

How much does it cost to program a key fob at Autozone?

AutoZone charges $75-$150 on average to program a new key fob. The cost can vary depending on the vehicle’s year, make and model. More complex keyless entry remotes for luxury vehicles may cost more.

Ace Hardware typically charges $30-$75 for key fob programming, making them a more affordable option.

Can you program a key fob without going to the dealership?

Yes, you can get key fobs programmed at many auto parts stores or hardware stores like Ace Hardware, without needing the dealership. Their professional technicians have the equipment to program key fobs as long as you have the replacement fob.

Going to the dealership is only necessary for ordering and obtaining the new, unprogrammed key fob in some cases.

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