Koi Fish Tattoo Cost

Koi Fish Tattoo Cost

Last Updated on June 3, 2021
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Koi Fish tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. Koi fish represent perseverance and masculinity, which is why many people who know this choose to get the design as a way of honoring that form of strength.

This tattoo, according to the article on AWM.com, has a few meanings but is associated with power and perseverance because of its mythical origins. Also, due to its ability to withstand all odds like an ocean wave against rocks in the tsunami season, it represents strength as well.

How much does it cost to get a koi fish tattoo?

Tattoos come at different price points and there’s no set number for what each should cost you. The size of your design as well as the number of colors that you want to add to your design will influence just how much you will spend on your tattoo. Some tattoo shops will also charge by the hour, with more complex tattoos taking longer to complete and being charged accordingly.

A Koi Fish tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $300. Depending on the size, color, location, and reputation of the artist, a standard design will range in price between $50-$100, while custom designs could be as high as $300. This is all assuming that you’re getting an hour-long session. A complete sleeve could start at 400$ but it really depends on how much time it will take for the artist to finish the job.

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A recent article on Tat2Duck.com discusses the average pricing of tattoos, stating that some tattoo shops charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. The rates are dependent upon a few factors like operating cost and expertise level of the artist.

The Alliance of Professional Tattooists at safe-tattoos.com advises that you should not shop around simply looking for the cheapest tattoo when considering who is going to ink up your skin; instead, they recommend taking time out to see samples which will give you insight into what kind of style this particular individual has as well as how clean their tattoo shop is.

Factors that influence the price

The skill of the tattoo artist

Artists who have developed a reputation command higher prices. The same could be said if you wanted to hire someone famous or a tattoo artist that works with celebrities, for instance.

Tattoo size, design, and details

Koi fish tattoos are beautiful and intricate, often taking a skilled artist a couple of hours to finish. A single session may not be enough to finish the koi tattoo, with more sessions needed for large designs that take up an entire arm. Expect these pieces to be pricey because they require so much work.

Your desired location on the body

Artists often charge a premium for tattoos on the scalp, stomach, and feet. These areas are more difficult to ink and will usually take more time to complete.

Where you live

The cost of living greatly varies from state to state, which will in turn influence the price of all services, tattoos included. For example, residents in New York City could pay more than someone who lives on a farm somewhere like Iowa, because there are much higher costs associated with the city’s general economy.

Koi fish tattoo details

A small standard Koi Fish tattoo usually only takes about an hour depending on the size, color placement on your body, as well as what artist you work with. A large custom piece will take more than one sitting to complete but if done by someone who is skilled enough, it will be worth the extra time and money.

When you enter a tattoo shop, they will have pre-made designs that are ready to be customized. You can choose the placement of your design and whether it is on an arm, backside, or another part of the body.

Once you finish getting your tattoo, it’s a good idea to put some ointment or lotion on the site of the fresh ink. This will keep it from drying out or worse, getting infected.

Additional expenses to consider

If you’re not satisfied with the pre-made tattoo designs, why don’t you design something yourself? Artists will be more than happy to draw up a custom one for your liking. Depending on the artist’s policy and time constraints, they may charge an extra fee if the koi fish tattoo takes longer than expected.

A difficult part of the body like your foot, back, or chest will cost more than other parts (usually, it’s an additional 10% – 25%).

Some shops require a deposit of about 50%, especially if it’s your first time getting a tattoo.

Most artists expect a tip when you’re done with your tattoo. Actually, tips are usually in the range of 15 to 20% on top of your total price for an hour-long session. A standard tattoo plus tip can cost $50-$100 and custom work with the expected tip might set you back as much as $300 per hour.

Important tips

Koi Fish Tattoo SleeveIt’s important to visit tattoo shops in person and test them out. Make sure you look at the artwork, but also take note of cleanliness- no one wants an infection. Check online beforehand for reviews from past clients; it helps a lot with your decision-making process.

Avoid the temptation of haggling with a tattoo artist, as they will not be willing to work for any less. Instead, discuss what kind of design you are looking for and let them know how much money you have so that the artist can help you pick a design that works for you in terms of pricing.

Tattoo shops should be licensed and meet stringent health standards. Take a tour of the shop to observe their sterilization procedures, and make sure they are what you’d expect from a place that works with needles.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you want the best of both worlds: great artistry and safety. Make sure that before the artist commences with your ink session he washes his hands first and puts on disposable gloves. This way not only can you have top-notch work done but also make sure nothing pesky is spread around.

Tattoos can be a great way to express your feelings, and the color is vital in shaping the meaning of any tattoo. Red is associated with love and yellow can symbolize wealth, blue might represent change and black could be about overcoming something difficult in life.

You can find a few hundreds of designs of Koi Fish tattoos on websites like Pinterest or TheStyleUp.

Is there any way to spend less?

Getting a tattoo is an expensive pursuit for good reason. The process can be time-intensive and requires highly specialized skills, which most often means it’s not something you should take lightly or go cheap on if you want the perfect design. If money is an issue, then a simple solution would be to just save up. Or talk about affordable alternatives with your artist so they can point you to cheaper designs.

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