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LaRosa’s is a well-known pizza restaurant chain with locations in various states of America. The restaurant serves delicious Italian dishes like pizzas, various types of pasta, calzones, sandwiches, and many more.

The prices charged by the LaRosa’s restaurant are fair and affordable, with more than 40 food items you can choose from. In order to get a better idea about how much you should budget for eating there, in the table below you will find their latest menu prices.

Food Size & Price


Spinach Rondos $7.09
Pepperoni Rondos $7.09
Cheese Rondos $7.09
BBQ Pulled Pork Rondos $7.09
BBQ Pulled Chicken Rondos $7.09
French Fries $2.99
Garlic Fries $3.99
Traditional Wings 5 Wings – $6.89
10 Wings – $11.59
20 Wings – $20.69
50 Wings – $49.49
Boneless Wings 5 Wings – $6.09
10 Wings – $10.19
20 Wings – $17.59
50 Wings – $39.49
Celery Sticks $1.99


Create Your Own Small – $6.59
Medium – $11.89
Large – $13.99
Extra Large – $16.99
BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza Small – $7.99
Medium – $14.49
Large – $17.19
Extra Large – $19.99
BBQ Pulled Chicken Pizza Small – $7.99
Medium – $14.49
Large – $17.19
Extra Large – $19.99
Sicilian Pizza Small – $6.59
Medium – $11.89
Large – $13.99
Extra Large – $16.99
Original Deluxe Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Meat Deluxe Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Veggie Deluxe Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Buddy Deluxe Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Double Pepperoni Small – $8.39
Medium – $15.09
Large – $17.69
Extra Large – $21.49
Chicken Bacon Ranch Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Hawaiian Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Zesty BBQ Chicken Small – $9.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79
Focaccia Roma Small – $9.69
Medium – $16.49
Large – $19.39
Extra Large – $23.79
Focaccia Florentine Small – $8.69
Medium – $17.49
Large – $20.39
Extra Large – $24.79


Steak Hoagy $7.29
Baked Buddy Hoagy $7.29
Meatball Hoagy $7.29
Baked Royal Hoagy $7.29
Deli Royal Hoagy $7.29
Fried Cod Hoagy $7.29
Chicken Hoagy $7.29
Turkey Hoagy $7.29
Veggie Hoagy $7.29
Double Steak Hoagy $10.79
Double Baked Buddy Hoagy $10.79
Double Baked Royal Hoagy $10.79
Double Deli Royal Hoagy $10.79
Double Turkey Hoagy $10.79


Create Your Own Calzone $15.99
Three meat Calzone $15.99


Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce $7.99
Spaghetti and Three Meatballs $9.79
Lasagna with Meat Sauce $10.29
Meat Ravioli $9.69
Cheese Ravioli $9.69
Meat & Cheese Ravioli $9.69
Ziti Chicken Alfredo $10.29
Ziti with Pasta Sauce $7.99


Larosas Minestrone Soup $3.99
Baked Onion Soup $4.89

Fish Fry

Fried Cod Hoagy $7.29
Fish Dinner One Piece – $8.19
Two Piece – $9.99


Original Tossed Garden Salad $4.69
JoJos BLT Salad $5.19
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.89
Crispy Chicken Salad $7.89
Antipasto Salad $7.89
Tossed Salad with Turkey $7.89
JoJos Salad with Grilled Chicken $8.39
JoJo’s Salad with Crispy Chicken $8.39
JoJos Salad with Turkey $8.39

Kids Menu

Kids Pizza $5.39
Kids Tenders and Fries $5.39
Kids Spaghetti & Meatball $5.39
Kids Turkey Hoagy and Fries $5.39
Kids Ziti $5.39


Smashed Cannoli $4.79
Cinnamon Dippers $4.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookies $4.79


Coke 12 Oz – $2.99
20 Oz – $3.89
Diet Coke 12 Oz – $2.99
20 Oz – $3.89
Sprite 12 Oz – $2.99
20 Oz – $3.89
Coca Cola Zero 12 Oz – $2.99
Cherry Coke 12 Oz – $2.99
20 Oz – $3.89
Barqs Root Beer $3.59
Dasani 20 Oz – $2.89
Minute Maid 20 Oz – $2.89
Milk $2.59
Juice Box $2.09

Brand History

LaRosa’s Pizzeria was founded in 1954 by Donald “Buddy” LaRosa together with his partners Frank “Head” Serraino, Richard “Muzzie” Minella, and Mike Soldano. At that time, LaRosa was called the “Papa Gino’s”. The first location was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Boudinot Avenue.

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LaRosa’s is the exclusive pizza served at the Coney Island and Kings Island amusement parks, the Great American Ball Park, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the Perfect North Slopes, and the Riverbend Music Center.

In 2011 the company made plans to start expanding outside of Cincinnati. They aimed to open stores in Nashville, Columbus, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Lexington.

LaRosa’s started franchising in 2014 when it signed the first contract with Boudinot South, LLC to open a location in the Knoxville’s Cedar Bluff area, Tennessee.

Nowadays, there are more than 60 LaRosa’s locations all over the United States of America.

Our review

La Rosa's PizzaThe décor of LaRosa’s restaurants is simple, but appealing to the eyes. The dining area is well-lit and the setup is common in the majority of their pizzerias. So, the customers feel a familiar comfort.

LaRosa’s offers a few choices for pizza crust. Their sauce is not just another ordinary sauce, but well-seasoned and complete for every thickness of the crust. Also, it is sold separately.

It is recommended to try the Four-Cheese Flatbread Pizza which is made from a multigrain wheat crust, especially if you are struggling with what pizza to choose from LaRosa’s. Another favorite option is their Chicken Veggie.

Their signature pizza is prepared with a unique, sweet sauce and topped with provolone cheese. LaRosa’s menu also includes “hoagies” or subs with a large variety of condiments and fillings, but also salads, pastas, calzones, and many more.

This company has grocery stores in Cincinnati where they offer around 15 items with their brand name attached, including their pizza sauce, olive oil, frozen ravioli, and salad dressings.

The LaRosa’s staff members know how valuable the customers are and do their best to meet their needs, so the service in here is excellent.

LaRosa’s FAQs

At what time does LaRosa’s open?

Most of the LaRosa’s restaurants open every day at 10:30 a.m. But it may vary from one location to another. It is recommended to check this information on the official website of the restaurant.

At what time does LaRosa’s close?

In general, LaRosa’s restaurants close every day at 10:00 p.m. However, it depends on the day of the week and the location. You should visit their official website to check the operating hours.

Where was the first LaRosa’s restaurant opened?

The first LaRosa’s restaurant was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Who founded LaRosa’s?

LaRosa’s restaurant was founded by Buddy LaRosa. He opened the West Side pizzeria almost sixty-eight years ago.

How many LaRosa’s locations are there?

There are 66 LaRosa’s locations all over the United States and there are plans for more restaurants to be opened.

Does the salad dressing come on the side of salads?

When you order for delivery or carry out, the salad dressing always comes on the side of salads.

Does LaRosa’s offer desserts?

LaRosa’s provides a large variety of desserts such as Smashed Cannoli, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Hot Fudge Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sundae, and Cinnamon Dippers.

What is LaRosa’s focaccia sauce?

LaRosa’s sauce is a combination of garlic sauce and Aunt Dena’s red sauce.

Does LaRosa’s serve veggie lasagna?

Unfortunately, LaRosa’s does not have veggie lasagna. Their Family Recipe lasagna is prepared with meat in the sauce.

What are the cheeses used in LaRosa’s lasagna?

LaRosa’s lasagna is cooked with two types of cheese, ricotta, and provolone.

How much do LaRosa’s chicken wings cost?

LaRosa’s offers various options when it comes to chicken wings. These are:

Boneless Wings:

  • 5 Wings: $7
  • 10 Wings: $12
  • 20 Wings: $20
  • 50 Wings: $40

Traditional Wings:

  • 5 Wings: $8
  • 10 Wings: $13
  • 20 Wings: $22
  • 50 Wings: $50
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