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The US state of California is facing an unprecedented water crisis, which imposed severe measures by the authorities. Locals appeared to not fully realize how serious the problem is until their front lawns yellowed and the governor imposed restrictions on water use, for watering lawns and fines. So people had to resort to another method, in order to make them look “as before “- meaning they paint them green.

The drought that already lasts for four years has devastating effects on the state of California. The locals are through with the yellowish color of their lawns, and many of them have started to paint them, helping thus to the flowering of a new business, the lawn painting. At the initiative of the State’s authorities, the water should be rationalized, so people are allowed to wet their lawns only two times a week – the fine is around $500 if caught.

Lawn painters use non-toxic, emerald-hued paint, so they can make completely dead lawns lush like a golf green.

According to some lawn painters, people with brown yards that use their services are obviously concerned about the water or don’t want to pay a $500 fine. Lawn painters are cheaper than a ticket, otherwise, people would simply water their lawn.
Lawn painting isn’t a new business model, it is used for years by hotel resorts, athletic and golf fields. The only difference is that the drought created a bigger demand among homeowners and building owners.

Typical costs:

A square foot of lawn painting costs around 15 to 20 cents, and a lawn painting in a typical yard reaches about $150 to $200.
You shouldn’t have a doubt in the safety of the lawn paint because it’s not toxic for humans, pets, not even for the environment.
Usually, it lasts from three to six months. According to professionals in the field, it takes around one hour to dry and it doesn’t rub off on shoes or barefoot, not even when watered or mowed.
Another fact is that on a completely dead yard the paint lasts more because it is no longer being mowed.

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Another option would be to do-it-yourself. You can buy lawn sprayers and paint from online stores, but also from Home Depot outlets, under names like „Get It Green!”, „LawnLift”, „Natural Green Grass Patch”, and many others. A 16-ounce bucket of paint, liquid concentrate, costs about $26 and it can cover from 300 to 500 square feet of lawn.
With an average price of $120 every four months, you can always have a green lawn, and it costs less than a fertilizer service, the results are immediate, and most importantly, it doesn’t have a fake look!

What about starting your own lawn painting business?

The startup costs for this type of business are minimal, so you will need the sprayer and gallons of eco-friendly lawn paint.Lawn painter startup

It won’t take too much time for you to get your money back if you get a decent number of customers.

According to some locals, even though they water their lawn two days a week like they are allowed, they can’t prevent the appearance of brown spots and patchy spots. This is why lawn painters continue to stay in business.

Should the average working Californian paint his lawn?

If you have a tight budget, then you should think about simply ignoring your lawn until you cover any of the urgent expenses. Once you have enough money, it`s always a better idea to paint your lawn instead of watering it and risking a fine each time you do it. This service isn’t a must, so before painting your lawn be sure you won’t need the money for anything else.

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