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LensCrafters eye exam cost

Last Updated on February 26, 2023
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Ophthalmological consultation is recommended not only for people who wear glasses but also for those who want to check and protect the health of their eyes and ensure the best possible vision care. With this examination, you can discover minor vision disorders, which, when treated in time, save you from further complications. The first ophthalmological examination is done at birth, then periodically, if there are no ophthalmological disorders.

There are over a thousand locations and retailers in the United States where you can get your eyes examined at LensCrafters. Many of them will test you and offer prescription glasses, contacts, or other solutions right there on-site with an Independent Doctor of Optometry (DO). If they don’t have one nearby, for most states they’ll work up appointments via phone to make sure that eye care is accessible when necessary. So how much does an eye exam at LensCrafters Cost?

How much does a LensCrafters eye exam cost?

The cost of an eye exam will vary depending on which LensCrafters location you visit since each one is operated by an Independent Eye Doctor. For detailed pricing, the company suggests that you call or visit a specific local eye doctor to know what costs they work with.

The price range of the eye exam is dependent on location, type of test needed, and any promotions in place during that time. According to the people who shared this information online, the average cost was $35-$120 for a contact lens and fitting exam, while you may pay nothing if you purchase frames as part of a promotion at your chosen clinic. Inside the table below you can find the prices paid by individuals in different locations from the United States.


Price Quoted/paid Location
$70 for basic eye exam Surprise, AZ
$85 in cash for contact lens exam Scottsdale, AZ
$100 for optical exam Scottsdale, AZ
$190 for contact exam and fitting Mission Viejo, CA
$55 for eye exam Las Vegas, NV
$175 for contact exam and fitting Mission Viejo, CA
Free with promotion but ended up paying $378 for the frames, lenses and exam in total Kenner, LA
$125 for eye exam Redondo Beach, CA
$75 for eye exam Redondo Beach, CA

Note: This is the price for an eye examination only, and it does not include prices for lenses and frames. Use this information as a general estimate. Accurate pricing can vary depending on your location’s LensCrafters store.

Jennifer Riley writes in the Christian Post that she got her eye exam at LensCrafters for free because of her Aetna/EyeMed insurance.

Type of Service Average Price Reported
Eye Exam $85
Eye Exam + Contact Lens Fitting $175
Retinol Photo $50
Visual Field Testing $30

Does LensCrafters accept insurance?

The FAQ section on the official website states that LensCrafters accepts a number of vision insurance providers, including EyeMed, Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Humana. Going to one of their vision centers for an eye exam without insurance will cost you more, of course. For more information about accepted healthcare and vision insurance plans visit the official page.

What to expect at your eye exam

Optometry at LensCraftersFirst of all, it is important to know that a correct ophthalmological examination begins with a dialogue between the doctor and the patient, in which the doctor finds out the purpose for which the individual requested the consultation. It can be a routine check-up, periodically, to prevent certain eye diseases and check the health of your eyes or it can be about certain vision problems that you want to solve.

You might also like our articles about the cost a comprehensive eye exam at Sam’s Club, VisionWorks, or Walmart.

The anamnesis (discussion between doctor and patient) is the first step of the consultation, in which the doctor finds information about your pathological and heredo-collateral (family) history, associated diseases, treatments performed, possible allergies, and symptoms that bother you (if they exist).

After the anamnesis, the actual examination will follow. Usually, a complete eye examination lasts an average of 20–30 minutes but may take longer if you need additional tests.

How can I save money?

LensCrafters discounts and deals

AARP membership

LensCrafters can save you money on eye exams and prescription costs. So, if you’re a member of AARP, then check with LensCrafters to see how much they’ll reduce your total costs.

AAA membership

For eye exams, AAA members can save 30% off at the participating LensCrafters locations.

Official website

To save money, visit the Savings and Offers page on LensCrafters.com before your appointment to see if any current promotions are available for you. To make things even cheaper, talk with a local representative about whether or not they can give you additional discounts based on what is listed online.

Check out websites like Groupon

Check Groupon.com and similar websites before you visit the optometrist to see if there are any deals on eye exams and eyeglasses/eyewear that can help you save a few extra dollars.

Other Lenscrafters Eye Exam Cost Discounts & Savings

LensCrafters is very inclined to offer its customers the best deals and lots of savings. That’s why they almost always have different discounts and promotions in-store and on the official website. They promise to offer the highest quality products, an agreeable price for your budget, and top service, because your vision is one of the most important investments you can make. Here are some examples you might be able to take advantage of:

  • when you purchase the frames (prescription sunglasses, no lines, or bifocals) you will get 50% off on lenses
  • Any additional pairs will be charged at 40% off
  • Kids’ eyeglasses are almost always 50% off
  • All lenses will usually be 20% off their list price

They also accept several different major insurance providers, LensCrafters credit cars, and account options for flexible spending.

Shipping costs and policies

  • Next day air: the fastest option, incurs a $9.99 shipping fee
  • 2nd-day air: This will have a $7.99 shipping fee
  • Free shipping: Shipping will depart 5-7 business days after the frames are made. The ground orders will be free

You should know that the shipping won’t start until the frames are available, and this will differ depending on their type.

  • Non-Prescription eyewear: processed in roughly 2 days
  • Contact lenses: processed in roughly 2 days
  • Prescription eyewear: processed in roughly 7 days

Important things to consider

Finding a LensCrafters location near you is easy. The official website has an online search tool that allows users to schedule exams and find the nearest location easily.

With same-day and walk-in appointments available at most locations, LensCrafters is ready to help you with your eyeglasses needs. To confirm the availability of an appointment time that fits your schedule best, call for more information.

The new CLARIFYE℠ digital eye exam at LensCrafters allows your optometrist to gather five times more information about your eyes than ever before.

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