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How Much Does a Lifetime Fitness Birthday Party Cost?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Planning a memorable birthday celebration for your child can be both exciting and stressful. If you’re looking for a fun, engaging party venue beyond the traditional options, Lifetime Fitness offers a unique way to commemorate your child’s big day.

With customizable event packages at their extensive sports and activity campuses nationwide, Lifetime takes care of the planning and logistics so you can simply enjoy quality time with your birthday boy or girl.

But hosting an event at one of these premium, amenity-filled fitness facilities does come at a cost. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of Lifetime’s party pricing structures, included amenities, tips for maximizing value, and hidden costs can help you make the best economical choice for your family’s budget.

How Much Does a Lifetime Fitness Birthday Party Cost?

The cost for a Lifetime Fitness Birthday Party starts around $250 up to $600 for up to 12 guests.

The base price of a Lifetime Fitness birthday party covers usage of a private party room, basic supplies and decorations, dedicated staff members, and access to most of the club’s recreational amenities during the party. Most Lifetime locations offer 2-hour base packages for kids ages 4-12 starting around $200-$400 for up to 12 guests.

For teens ages 13-17, the base package typically starts at $400-$600 since they often desire more premium amenities like spa services, indoor rock climbing, or athletic training equipment.

With the standard base package, kids and teens can enjoy activities like rock climbing walls, indoor basketball courts, lap pools, game arcade, and more during their birthday event. For an additional à la carte fee, you can add on extras like specialty themes, private swimming lessons, crafts or DIY art activities, group fitness classes tailored to the age group, gourmet catering, and any other amenities not included in the base price.

These customizable add-ons can quickly raise the total party budget to $750-$1500+, not including any outside entertainment or character appearances you arrange separately. But the costs reflect the broad range of activities, premium facilities, and services available.

Lifetime Fitness members often get 10-20% discounts off the total price, making these parties more affordable for active families. However, some high-demand locations only allow members to book birthday parties due to limited capacity, so check your local club’s policies.

Champagne and Coffee Stains writes that the base party package at Lifetime Fitness includes 12 kids and costs between $300 and $400. Any add-ons are extra, and additional kids attending would cost $25 each.

Accounting for Membership Status and Group Size

Two major factors that influence Lifetime birthday party pricing are your membership status and number of guests. The starting prices stated previously are for a non-member booking a party for up to 10 kids. Here are some ways those variables impact your overall event costs:

  • Members get 10-20% discounts immediately. On a $400 party, that’s a $40-$80
  • Larger parties mean paying a per-head fee beyond the minimum guest count. For every extra child, expect to pay $10-$20 more per guest. An extra 5 kids could be an additional $100+
  • Teen parties tend to be larger friend groups. A party of 15 teens rather than 10 can up the cost by $150+ when paying per-head overages.
  • Lifetime charges non-members a per-adult pricing fee as well, usually around $10 per parent attending with a kid. Keep headcounts reasonable.

When possible, aim to book during off-peak seasons for the lowest rates. And remember that the joyful memories made during the event are priceless, so focus on the experience over fancy frills when allocating the budget.

Amenities to Enjoy – And Their Potential Costs

One major perk of having your celebration at an expansive fitness campus is access to amazing recreational amenities and activities, including:

Pools – Both indoor and outdoor pools are available for pool party packages, often one of the most popular options.

Rock climbing – Rock climbing walls that provide a thrill for adventurous kids and teens. This amenity costs extra beyond the base package.

Sports courts – Professional courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more available for competitive play. Outdoor field space for soccer or frisbee can also be booked.

Fitness studios – Spaces for dance, yoga, cycling, or group fitness workouts. Adding a private class costs extra but provides a structured activity.

Game rooms and arcades – For electronic and interactive fun via simulators, gaming stations, and more.

Spa services – Such as manicures, facials, and hair styling primarily for teen girl parties. Spa time costs a premium rate due to the high-end amenities.

Café food and beverage – Healthy snacks, pizzas, cupcakes, and refreshments can be purchased from the Lifetime Cafe or other venue restaurants for a customized party experience.

Most Lifetime locations have private indoor party rooms accommodating up to 30 guests with basic decorations, tables and chairs included. Adding premium options like balloon decor, A/V equipment rental for slideshows or media, or crafting activities comes at an extra cost starting around $50-$100+ depending on customization and the offerings at your local campus.

For the party room component alone, expect to pay a rental fee of $100-$300+ per hour on top of the base price to cover occupancy and setup costs. But this grants private dedicated space for your celebration.

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Booking Logistics and Value-Maximizing Tips

Lifetime Fitness has an online party request form to submit inquiries about booking your child’s birthday event at your desired club location. You’ll select a date and indicate preferred activities and amenities to include. The sales team will follow up with a formal personalized quote outlining the tiered pricing options.

Packages are fully customizable, so feel free to ask about incorporating any special themes, entertainment, dining options, or facility access you want. But be sure to book early, as the most desirable weekend dates get reserved up to 6 months in advance.

For the best value, keep these budget-conscious tips in mind while party planning:

  • Only add on the 1-2 premium activities the kids will be most excited about rather than every offering.
  • Avoid unnecessary extras you can DIY more affordably like specialty cakes, balloons, or goody bags.
  • Take full advantage of membership discounts and loyalty programs if you are a Lifetime Fitness member.
  • Ask about any seasonal or holiday promotional pricing specials during your date window.
  • Inquire about bundled packages versus paying à la carte pricing for every add-on.
  • Respectfully negotiate costs for premium amenities if the quoted fees exceed your budget.
  • Plan during off-peak seasons like weekdays or Sundays for lower rates. January/February also see fewer parties.
  • Get detailed quotes from multiple Lifetime locations in your region to price compare if feasible.

Most importantly, remember that the joyful memories made during the birthday celebration are priceless. Work closely with your Lifetime Fitness planner to create a well-balanced event focused on fun over lavish frills.

Anticipating Additional Expenses

When budgeting for your Lifetime birthday extravaganza, keep in mind additional categories of expenses beyond the base party package. You may need to account for:

Food and Beverages – If booking an open-house style party spanning mealtimes, you may need to order catering, pizzas, or refreshments beyond the standard cake to feed all guests sufficiently across a longer timeframe.

Entertainment – While Lifetime offers many built-in activities, bringing in specialty entertainment like magicians, DJs, or character appearances could add $200-$500+ for popular options.

Party Favors – Providing loot bags, gifts for guests, or prizes for contests will increase costs depending on scale. Keep favor gifts simple, buy in bulk, or make DIY goodies to save.

Decorations – If you want an elaborately decorated party room, buying premium balloons, banners, and decor could add $100-$300 to your total budget. Keep embellishments simple or stick to what’s included.

Travel and Accommodations – If booking a destination party at a Lifetime location far from your hometown, factor in travel and potential hotel costs for out-of-town families attending.

Creating a detailed budget breakdown and clearly communicating additional expense expectations with guests can help make the event seamless, enjoyable, and economically stress-free for all.

Comparing with Other Birthday Venue Options

Gym Lifetime FitnessHosting your celebration at an amenity-loaded health and fitness club provides unique advantages over both traditional and trending birthday party venues. Here’s how Lifetime Fitness party pricing compares:

Backyard parties – Hosting at home costs much less, with only expenses for food, entertainment, and decor. But you handle everything yourself and space is limited. Backyard parties work best for smaller groups.

Bowling alleys – Average around $10-$15 per child for 2 hours of play, shoe rental, invitations, and some refreshments. You can DIY add-ons to control costs. Good for active parties on a budget.

Trampoline parks – Popular with both kids and teens! Expect to pay $15-$30 per child for an open jump session plus a separate party room fee of around $100-$200. Lots of add-on options.

Bounce house venues – Also very trendy for younger kids. Typical costs are $100-$300 to rent out a private bounce house for a few hours, plus optional food and activity packages.

Children’s museums – Great for ages 3-10. Usually charge a flat facility rental fee starting around $400-$600 plus a per-child cost of $10-$25.

There may be time restrictions and minimal entertainment options.

Compared to these venues that each offer a more singular type of activity,

Lifetime Fitness offers amazing sports amenities, flexibility, and convenience for birthday events. While parties do come at a premium cost compared to basic at-home gatherings, the facilities, activities, and memories make the investment worthwhile for many families.

Use the tips provided to maximize value and create a party your child will cherish without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should guests pay for any part of a private birthday party?

It’s not customary to ask guests to directly contribute or cover charges for a private birthday party. The host family traditionally absorbs costs for venue, food, activities, entertainment, and decor as the party organizer and financial sponsor.

Outright obligatory fees for party guests should be avoided unless it’s a special celebratory outing with close friends where the birthday child plans to reciprocate. Focus on making the guest of honor feel special without social pressure.

How long should a kid’s birthday party ideally last?

For kids ages 4-10, a birthday party spanning 1.5-2 hours is usually ideal. Preschool ages may tap out after just 60-90 minutes of structured activity. For preteens and older groups, consider a shorter structured party followed by informal group hanging out or recreational activities.

If planning entertainment or events requiring extended time, keep the overall guest list more intimate versus prolonging festivities excessively for a large headcount. Observe the birthday kid’s energy level and adjust timing rather than rigidly sticking to a set schedule. However long your Lifetime party lasts, build in breaks to open gifts, eat cake, or just run around for optimal fun.

What is the average overall budget for a kid’s birthday party?

According to recent surveys, parents spend between $200-$500 on average for a child’s birthday party. But overall budgets range widely based on factors like venue, entertainment, age group, and number of guests. More casual, informal celebrations can cost as little as $150-$250 for basic refreshments, decorations, and a special gift.

Parties at public activity venues like Lifetime Fitness tend to run $300-$600 when you include facility rental, activity fees, food, and entertainment extras. Elaborate parties with theme décor, venues like water parks, or destination locations can skyrocket over $1000+.

Set reasonable spending limits aligned with your Lifetime party vision, use creative DIY touches to control costs, and focus more on celebrating your child versus blowing budgets.

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